About the Trek


The JLF Trek Victoria
6 & 7 SEPTEMBER 2019 

Location: Daylesford, Victoria

Duration: 1 & 2 day options

Distance options: 80km | 25km | 10km

Entry Fee:

  • 80km $275 Friday and Saturday
  • 25km $185 Saturday 
  • 10km $25 Saturday
(entry fee includes all bus transfers)


This year we’re heading to the charming township of Daylesford, Victoria exploring the picturesque Goldfields Track and Hepburn Springs whilst trekking in the name of bowel cancer prevention. 

Gather yourself and your friends and test your fitness, enjoy the spirit of camaraderie in the great outdoors. 

The Trek ends with a celebration party at the finish line.

Places will be limited.

Catherine ‘Riney’ Ross

This year the JLF Trek Victoria will be in memory of Catherine ‘Riney’ Ross. Riney and her Research4Riney team have been incredible supporters of the Jodi Lee Foundation.

In January 2019 Riney lost her battle with bowel cancer. She was a part of our family here at the Jodi Lee Foundation and is greatly missed. Her fundraising campaign, Research4Riney, has raised over $250,000 for bowel cancer research. 'Riney' helped spread awareness of bowel cancer, and her dedication and commitment has saved lives. 

Riney's family, friends and supporters team Research4Riney are trekking again this year.

Read her story here


Choose your distance

Option 1: 80km – Friday and Saturday – Mollongghip - Fryerstown 

Friday route map

Saturday route map 

Option 2: 25km – Saturday only – Mt Franklin - Fryerstown

Route map

Option 3: 10km – Saturday only – Glenluce - Fryerstown

Route map


Please note for health and safety reasons it is a requirement for teams to have a minimum of two members.
If you register as an individual, you will be paired with another trekker or team. For teams, this may mean that you might have an extra team member.



Fees include water and snacks along the trek. You’ll also be given a bib to wear on the trek, a downloadable training and trekking guide, weekly trek training, fundraising resources and a finishing line party.


Raised of $160,000 Goal


Did you know that we rely on fundraisers like yourself so we can continue to raise awareness for bowel cancer prevention? And with bowel cancer still the second most common cancer in Australia we have a lot more work to do!

We have a set minimum goal for each group:

  • 80km – individual fundraising target $500
  • 25km – individual fundraising target $500
  • 10km – individual fundraising target $100

However, you can always set your own fundraising target!

You can kick off your own fundraising with a tax deductible donation when you register or do this later. Please note that your registration fee does not contribute to your fundraising goal.

When you log in to your profile you will find posters and social media images you can use to help your fundraising campaign.


You can log in to your profile here  




The JLF Trek VIC it is an endurance event. It will challenge you physically and mentally. But with the right preparation we know you will love it.

You are able to access our JLF Trek Training Guide from your profile page.

Join The JLF VIC trekkers group on facebook


View our JLF Trek FAQ 



Jodi Lee Foundation are the event organisers of The JLF Trek Victoria 2019. If we deem the route unsafe (due to but not limited to heavy rain, lightning, high winds, bushfire or ‘acts of god’) we may, at our sole discretion, re-route The JLF Trek, find an alternative shortened course, or cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund of registration fees, fundraising monies or transfer to another JLF Trek event will be made. Due to the nature of our events and the months of preparation involved, the event will not be re-scheduled to any other weekend. We also reserve the right to change the route or checkpoint locations or distances as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to participants prior to the event. Car parking will be advised closer to the event date. Entry permitted to ages 16 and over (participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times). 

supporting partners

event managers


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Annie mayfield $120 Continue the great fight dinga, Jamie and Susie xx
Annie mayfield $120 Continue the great fight dinga, Jamie and Susie xx
Georgie Mann $1,740 Georgie Mann Photography/Research 4 Riney more calendar sales..
Georgie Mann $2,160 Research 4 Riney/ Georgie Mann Photography calendar sales
Justin Vaatstra $120 Great cause Ted
Tierney Hernandez $100
Anonymous $75
Anonymous $65
Anonymous $100
MICHELLE LEAH ANDERSEN $50 Thank you Frank Fischer
Tristy Fontes $25 Kate I am sending you and Simon so much love and positivity! Congratulations on your trek and the absolute very best of luck with Simon's ongoing treatment. I look forward to hearing that he has come through it all with great success! Love Tristy xo
Georgie Mann $3,600 2020 Research 4 Riney Calendar profit so far..
Barry Fagg $100
Belinda Farinha $50 I’ve never met you Kate but I can see why Simon always spoke so highly of you when we worked together - your and Simon’s strength is amazing and my positive thoughts are with you and your family!
David Vu $25 I feel like I have a weird connection with you. I only met you once/twice back when we worked on that Sportsgirl gig... But I glad we are.connected in this weird digital world. You have an amazing family and I really am cheering you and your family on to kicking cancer in the ass!!!
Chiharu Yamagami $200 Love you both - best wishes
Bernadette Spiteri $50 Well done, Teddy! Very touched by your personal and sad experience.
Jim Bell $15
Rob Meek $120 Well done sorry it’s a bit late
Richard & Sophie Balderstone $100 Great effort Flip....and to remember such a great friend. It's just too sad losing a friend like this....
Lauren Nucci $100
Philippa Salewicz $100
Gerald Moses $100
Leanne McKenzie $1,500 Thanks for participating in a great cause and honouring my daughter Gemma
Eva Mihajlovic $40
Simone Maher $25 F**k off BC
Tony Ficca $85 Well done....
Stephanie Shannon $100
Kaye and Neville Jenkin $50 Kate you're an amazing woman, well done. The world is a better place with people like you in it.
Peter Lawson $25 Well done on the Trek Jamie!
Mr $40 Good luck Kate!!!
Anonymous $85 Good luck! :P
Piney Range Pastoral $50 Love you
Piney Range Pastoral $50 Love you
Anonymous $50
Nicola Quin $50 Hope it goes well Gabby!
Saltbush Stretch $67 Hey Taylor, Sending love to you, your sister and family! I often think of you :) Always here if you ever need anything! Love of Love Em Porter (Armstrong). xxx
MGGS $500 Fundraising from the MGGS community - WELL DONE PHOEBE!!!
Murray Lewis $20 Go get em Dave.
Maria Vakkas $50 Go Phoebe
Nicki Goodrich $40 Great work!
Lawrie Cole $25
Lindy Kulpa $40 Well done on your walk Kate and wonderful to see Simon walking out of the hospital!
Emma McConchie $20 Go Amy!
Tessa and Jack Mack $30
Ray Shorter $40 Great cause, Amy ... go girl !
Bree Marendaz $10 Awesome effort Carmel.
Janet McDonald $50
Eleanna Hingston $40 You girls are amazing! Well done!
Rory ODonohoe $40 Great work Amy
Emerson Satur $40 Great work Amy! All the best with the recovery. Emo and Caro
Nerida Evans $50
Adrian Murphy $40 Well done Hammer
Anonymous $50
Heather Roscoe $100 Well done guys, amazing work, thanks you!
Anna MacDonald $50 Great work Alex and Hame! Super effort - very well done. Anna and Will MacDonald
Jo’s Pantry $135
Susan Napier $50 It's a great cause. Well done Anne (and Phil!)
Tracey Ingram $40 Well done
Sue Oram $25 Fantastic Kim Jess and team for a worthy cause
Jen Schwarz $50 Yay! I can still donate all the way from Slovenia
gerard lethbridge $100
Jess Laurie $20 You should be so bloody proud of yourself Charbarr- I know I am of you! Amazing effort, amazing friend, all round good egg in this world. Love you so much!
Anna Anderson $40 Inspiring stuff Steph, Gus and Wally!
Stefan Valling $50 Good on ya darl
Sammy Harass $120 Fashionably late as usual but never too late to top up the support. Thanks for walking for our hilarious girl forever loved
Holly Eggers $100 Kate, you're a bloody legend. Well done for smashing this trek and kicking bowel cancer in the anos. Thinking of you and Simon during this tough time. xx
Goldman Sachs $100 Good luck!!
Dave Vyner $25 Good work amigo!
Dillon mckenna $50 Go girls!
Sally Upham $120 Well done you bloody legends! So proud of you xxx
Anonymous $100
Marie Elley $40 Thank you for honouring a special friend.
Briony Roberts $30 Well done Tash and Critty, legends xx
Anonymous $120
13th Beach Health Services $50 Well done!!
Karen Chittenden $25 Mwaaah!
Robert Scaturchio $100 Great work Kropp Lobster From Sal & Rob
Paige McCullougb $100 Your dedication and strength are amazing.
Laura Atwell $40 Well done such an inspiration, smashing it out like a champion. Good luck for your last chemo session. Big hugs ❤️ I’ll be checking my poo too
Chris Culross $50 Well done Tarsh & Paula- great effort XX
Anonymous $50
Michelle Andersen $70 From Drew Smith $50 cash and Ange MacDonald $20
Elly Millier $50
Possum Pete $40 Great effort Alex!
James and Caroline Christensen $200
Jenefer Staples $280 Congratulations on a great walk! Well done!!
DECD $25 Good work!
Sara Gallow $20
Leanne Mitchell $40 Well done girls
Molly Temay $40 Amazing! Proud of you Amy xx
Kylie Hunt $25 Go team Kim! Such a worthy cause that I know is close to your heart!
Laura Deveson $20 Well done Bec :)
Claire Grace $30 Great work Tarsh x
Angela Knight $20 You go girl!
Charmaine Monteiro $50 Beautiful Flippy. We are a bit late - sorry - but very proud of you and everything you stand for.
Matt Berry-Smith $40 Go you good thing! Sounds like a horse racing, but no, it's my daughter doing the right things for the benefit of others. She's a beauty Love you Phia - DAD
Ljubinka Berry-Smith $40 Well done!
Dan Bruty $50 You’re a bloody tough nut mate!! With everything you do you always have the most amazing positive attitude and this is no different. You’re the reason you a smashing this cancer out of the park, 10% chemo , 90% you’re attitude and mindset. Sorry we haven’t caught up of late , thinking of you all the time and always calling to check in . Keep smashing this out and let’s make sure we catch up for a vino when you are up to it. Lots of love Dan and Rach xx
Sammy Axford $20
Jaymee Goldsmith $285 Money tins from Bodega and Ballarat North early learning center :)
Jenni Sherlock $30 Well done Tarsh!! Xx
Maggie Bock $50 Well done to everyone on smashing it out for a great cause x
Andrew McCrossin $50 Well done Amy
Sarah Thodey $25 Bloody legends!!
Anonymous $50 You are always there to help out Michelle, congratulations.
Lauren Storay $40 Fantastic effort!! Sorry for the late donation Wonderful cause!!!
Chris and Phillip Hunter $120 Well done! Fantastic effort for a special cause from a wonderful family.
susan WebbTrethewie $100
Anonymous $2,025 Proceeds from The Peterborough Trekkers Volunteers & Supporters Morning Tea and Film Fundraiser, to honour Riney and hopefully one step closer to a cure.
Steven Smith $20
Gemma Chesson $120 Wishing you both the very best!
Cate Lane $25 Go Lozzie!!
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous sister Catherine. Best of luck for the trek.
Ria Barlabas $25
Robert and Hall Fashion $50 Well done Gaye! How were the feet and toenails????
Vicky Cassidy $50 Go get em Kim! ❤️
Vanessa Spaans $25 Well done Tarsh & co! X
Acacia Pyner $25
NM & JK Smith $50 Well done Tarsh a wonderful tribute to Jodie, a beautiful woman and friend xxx
Sophie Russell $50 Well done, Michelle. Gemma would be proud of you.
Jarred Holt $20
Anonymous $100 Proud of you Nathan Aunty D
Cheryl Evans $40 Brilliant effort Michelle!
Eric Fisher $40 Onya Hammer
Laura + Bert Kilpatrick $80 Well done Gilmore! We’re in awe of your walking efforts for Caty and raising awareness of bowel cancer. Love Lau and Bert
1985 $120 Awesome stuff Zac and Em, a great cause. Pete and Michaela
Alice Irving $20 To one of my most beautiful friends, in memory & honour of one of your most beautiful friends xx
Kz Software Consulting $120 Great effort girls! I wish I could've been out there with you!
Tahlia Gough $100 Lots of love xxxx
Goldman Sachs $100 Great effort guys
Melissa McEwen $100
Jess Owen $40 So impressive Lauren! A great effort for a great cause x
Matt Goldsworthy $100 Great stuff team
Nadia Jansons $20 Great work raising awareness and funds to help fight this disease!!
Garry Belford $120 I great effort Steph xx
Henry Weddell $40
Lisa Clifton $40 Hope you survived Amy! Great work
Vanessa Schernickau $25
Henry Weddell $40
Jeremy Waanders $20 Amazing effort guys, and sending love to Jaymee. You are all amazing. Love Lyss xx
Candy Dashwood $10 Well done Tessa! Xox
Julie Gentle $50 Well dome Dayle and team. Bowel Cancer has affected us too - Steve’s Dad lost his fight in 2011 and our best friend is fighting it at the moment.
Tamara Hayden $25 Good on you Carmel - great cause !!!
Andrew Starkey $40 Good job bob
Raquel Stephenson $50 Well done Kim & Jess xx
Hayley Allen $50 Well done guys on an amazing effort! You all killed it! Sending lots of love to Jaymee and family - enjoy your celebrations in Sydney gals, so very well deserved xxx
Chris Parker $40
Charles Dimmick $40 Hope it was a great trek Jamie! You’ve been in my thoughts and hope everything is going well. Great work in getting the message across for awareness xx Sylvia
The Ten Mile Cafe $317 In loving memory of Catherine. The Ten Mile Café Staff have donated their 'Tip Jar' money to a very worthy cause. All the best to the Ross Family for the Trek.
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous sister Catherine. All the best for the walk.
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous daughter Catherine. Good luck for the walk.
Roger Harbison $500 Supporting your walk in memory of your courageous daughter Catherine and her wonderful charity Research4Riney.
Courtney Wall $20 Well done!
Selman Family $25 Fantastic and inspiring effort, well done and well said.
Holbrook District Fundraising Committee $11,687 Money raised from a community event 'Don't Drop The Ball On Health' held at Holbrook NSW in memory of Catherine Riney Ross and the amazing charity 'research4riney' raising awareness and vital funds for Bowel Cancer prevention.
Sue Buckley $50
Aimee Dowling $50 Well done Lizey! Love Aims and Lach
Jeff Ryan $50 Good job Lize & Bob. Apologies it’s a bit late from us x
Emily Geaham $20
Mouppa Enterprises Pty Ltd $25 A fantastic cause and close to my heart.
Lisa Trayhurn $30 Go Steph!
Anna Perera-Cameron $40
Megan Quinn $10
Megan Crawford $25 Congratulations on a fantastic effort in tricky conditions.
Anonymous $40
Ric Roberts $10
Emma Lingham $20
Ric Roberts $10
Erin Haskins $25 Amazing Effort Kate!
Hugh G Rection $25 Hugh G Rection loves your work, mate.
Anonymous $20 Well done Clauds !
Ashleigh McGrath $25 Well done Kimbo! x
Shaylee Walkenhorst $40 Awesome work Gab xxx
Emily Matheson $40 Great effort team! Your strength is inspiring! Lots of love going forward xo
JR Clark $20 Great work!!
Emma Lake $120
Brooke McIlveen $40 What a champion you are! I’m sure Katie was with you the whole way. Brooke x
Kerry Bridges $50 Great Job
Rachael Barron $25 Well done!!!! Xx
Mike Martin $25 Awesome work mate!
Nick & Cat Goldsworthy $120 Go get em gang!
Sam Johnston $120 An awesome effort by a super human for an important cause. Well done Wardy!! Luv SJ & Grets xoxo
Jane Heazlewood $100 Great effort Jen
Natalie McDonald $40
Jim and Susie Balderstone $200 Good on you, Flip.
Robert Barby $25 Great work Kaycie!!! Mr T is most proud!!!!!
Jess Schwidlewski $25
Robert Barby $25 Great Job Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!! Favorite color Yellow!!
Barry Plant $25
Collene Wright $40 Well done Gaye! Zero training for the win!
Leon and Candice Duncan $50 Great work Lizey and Rob!
Rachel Williams Hairdressing $25 Go girls!
Anonymous $120
Megan Goulding $120 Great effort Michaela!
Sue Robertson $20 Fantastic effort Margot.
Olympia Bills $25 Well done everyone & Bob & Lize! Xx
Tayla Wilson $50
Sarah Sullivan $40
The Waggery $160 Thank you everyone for your kind generous donations!
Chris and Heather Linklater and Kane $40 Well done Rob and Lize x
Lisa Mack $40 All the best in raising lots of funds for a great cause, Brett would be proud Kim x
Bridget Kirby $50
Janelle Diery $50 Well done again Rosie and team. Such a worthy cause in honour of Riney xxx
Elizabeth Macgugan $120 Great effort
Tim Hutton $120
Ebony Coppock $25
Wayne Rothery $50 Congratulations on completing the 2019 VIC Trek. Your support and contribution to the JLF is tremendous. Well done Jane. Marlene & Wayne
Sue Pickering $50
Joanne Seidel $50
Natalie and Jorjesen Demetrios $25
Arzu Dogan $100 Amazing work Fi, lots of love xx
Anonymous $50
Jane Carney $50 Well done Sophie and good luck on the walk
Anna Handberg $125 GOAL REACHED. Well done guys, absolutely superstars. ❣️
Jessica + Jake Clark $100 Amazing effort Kate! We are so proud of what you have achieved!
Jacqueline Scarlett $50 Congratulations Gen. Great cause. Jac xx
Anna Loughnan $100
Mandy Caplan $25 You blooming legend. Hope you're not too crippled by the end... Love Mandy and Simon xx
Sophie Bason $150 Amazing work Nicko. So proud of you and all of the Research for Riney team honouring Catherine’s legacy. Time to put your feet up now! Soph and Ches
Jamie Taylor $50 Great work james you hot stud. You are a better fly fisherman than me and a much better bloke. I love you
Robyn Cannizzaro $30 Top effect Shells
Susan Bosch $50 Well done Claudia. Hope you get to enjoy a restful day tomorrow. Xx
Kate Zabakly $25 Amazing effort, Gen and co. Sending healing vibes to all aches, pain and blisters!!
Jane Richmond $50 Amazing Deb....well done to you and everyone who walked!!!!
Gem plastering $50
Jacqui and Lachlan McCallum $100 Amazing effort! So proud of you Kate. Thinking of you, Sime, Tommy and Isla and sending lots of healing vibes. xxx
Natalia Pye $30 Awesome work lovely! Big kisses xxx
Bob Thomas $50
sandy McLeod $50
Melanie Alafaci $20 Amazing effort Steph! xx
Tara Hill $40 Go Jando!!! Such an amazing woman you are!!!
Ben Waller $120
Sarah Jeffreys $20 You are amazing. Huge effort for a worthy cause xx
Andie Austin $20 Great work girls :)
James Cody $120 Well done mate, couldn’t think of a better cause to contribute to
vicki haralabakos $50 Well done girls
Paula Skidmore $25 Get them old lady legs a shufflin ;) hope you can walk again in a few days chick... awesome job!
Georgie Morrison $50 Well done honey!
Bodies by Ryan $100 Well done on raising the money! All the best to your sister mate.
Bodies by Ryan $100 Well done on raising the money! All the best to your sister mate.
Tom Crocker $50 Congrats Guys - epic effort!
Pat and Maddy Miller $500 Always thinking of you mate. Great work on pulling this together
Patience Weston $25 What an achievement Jess and team! And what a great cause too. Well done, Pxxxx
Benedict Tivisini $30 now you’ve hit 500 ;)
Amanda Whomsley $25 Go Girl!!
Emily Devitt $25 Well done Katie ❤️
Danni Morrison $10 You are a super mum. We are proud of you!! Lots of love xxx
Vanessa Cook $50 Great Effort Ladies - hope you’re celebrating with some bubbles and foot massages
Anonymous $20 Well done Cam! 80km walk is crazy. Next time you take the car xo


Name Total
Research for Riney $100,668
TEAM ANOS $17,845
Team Goldsmith $14,433
Judy Ross $12,432
Kate Ward $10,190
Name Total
Judy Ross $12,432
Kate Ward $10,190
Georgie Mann $7,500
Nathan Vincent $6,540
Richard Herd $5,105
Name Total
Research for Riney $100,668
TEAM ANOS $17,845
Team Goldsmith $14,433
Something for Kate $8,865
The Gems $6,230