Raised of $1,000 Goal

I'm taking part in this event in the name of bowel cancer prevention and to raise essential funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation. I wanted to do something positive after losing two friends to this disease in the space of a few months earlier this year. So I'm taking part to honour the memories of Catherine Ross and Kate Vincent, two beautiful young women who were taken from us far, far too soon.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Acacia Pyner $25
Melissa McEwen $100
Anonymous $160 Go Henry
Geoffrey Bruckner $25 Good Job Henry Geoffrey and Debbie Bruckner
Melissa D'Amico $40 Well done for getting involved in this Henry. The team will be supporting you and cheering you and your family on from Canberra.
Brad & Erin Lockley $50 Well done mate
katelyn sutcliffe $100 Wonderful thing you are doing! Hope you have packed lots of band aids, good luck!
Lauren Grimes $40 Great work Henry!
Meg/Colin Campbell $40 Well done Henry. Great cause.
Jared Holmes $25 Best of luck mate from Lauren and I. Great cause and hope you enjoy the experience!
Andrew Orenstein $100 Great thing to do mate. I hope you enjoy it.
Anonymous $40 Great cause - go Henry!
Theresa J O'Connor $40 Wonderful of you. Hoping for good weather! Cheers TJ
Laura Walsh $20
Anonymous $50 Good show!
Alexandra Phillips $50 Well done, Henry. Best of luck, you're doing a really great thing.
Sally Witcombe $20 Well done Henry, great cause. Sorry for your losses :(
Andrew Campbell $50 Good luck, well done.
Anonymous $40 Tip of the cap, squire.
Chanti Richardson $50 Best of luck Henry!
Eddie Page $50 Go well!
Anonymous $200 Great effort Henry.
Henry Campbell $50