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We are 5 great old mates and doing this trek together is an act of love & friendship, motivated by our mutual enthusiasm to KICK BOWEL CANCER IN THE "ANOS"

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Jean McGann $100 So proud of the 4 of you, such a massive thing you are undertaking, but with friendship you can get through anything!
Matt Spokes $200
Caroline Rudd $50 Go girls! What an amazing thing to all do together xxx
Glenn Gillen $400 So glad you’re both working so hard to fight this for everyone. Thank you.
Roxy Betts $200
Laura Jennings $200 You got this Katie. Thinking of you, Sime, Isla and Tommy always. Xxx Laura, Tom, Lola and Arabella
The Eighth Letter $120 All the best Kato & team! Go TEAM ANOS! XXXX
Zaidee Waldron $40 Good luck!
Sarah Johnstone $50 Go team! X
Melissa Adam $40 You got this, babe! xo
Lauren Lake $150 Go you bloody legend! Sending all the luck and love with you on this one! The Lake-Allen’s: lol, grubby, Gracie, graham, Anne And Lauz xx
Miyo Fallshaw $50 Good luck!
Joseph Phillips $50 Have fun and enjoy. Great cause
Grill'd $100 Go girl. Great cause and a great trek. Wish i was walking with you. Come do the Tassie one with me?
Sam Smith $100 Lots of Love Hollie - All the best for the walk. I wish Julia and I were both with you xx
Pieta Jordan $50 Good luck Kate....not that you will need it. Px
Kate Bull $100 Go you gorgeous thing. Always thinking about you guys as you navigate through this difficult time. Sending love to you both. Kate, Nick Jack and Zoe xx
Bec Hyland $50 Super effort ladies xxx
Jade Irvin $50 Fantastic work Kate! And good luck girls. You will smash it, easy xx
Paul Howley $50 Go Team Anos!
Raph Touzel $200 Great work Kate
Chris & Mandy Blight $100 Thinking of you guys Xx
Anonymous $500 Amazing work x
Dean Pratt $80
Sarah & Joel Armitage $50 You too are a warrior Kate! Fantastic effort. All the best. Thinking of you and Simon lots xxxx
Julia van Graas $200 Go Wardy - If you can trek the Rwandan mountains searching for gorillas, I have no doubt you can smash out 80km walking in Aust! In a really shitty and difficult situation, am totally not surprised to see you doing stuff like this. Lots of love to you and Sime from me, Gaz and the kids. Xx
Betsy Anderson $50 Kate your energy lights up every room you enter. So proud to support that energy - and your wicked sense of humour - being devoted to such a great cause. All our love to you and Simon ... Betsy, Tom, Lucy and Dot.
Anna Carison $50 Such a worthy cause, thinking of you and sending you lots of love xxx
Olivia Martin $50 Good luck superstar! Sending you and Simon all my love xxx
Dan Clifton $50 Smash it Wardey! Much love, Webby, Legs and Zaza
Lucy Coulson $100 Proud of you! xo
Kate Elton $25 Go team! Xxx
Anonymous $120
Julie Georgiadis $200 Kate, just another thing to add to your awesomeness list. Go kick butt! Love you! Jules & Lucas x
Jessica Gabites $35 Best of luck Kate and friends. Enjoy that glass of wine at the end, you will definitely deserve it!
Josh Crosbie $200 Awesome guys- keep up the great work. Xx
Jacob & Chelsea Fitzgerald $100 Good Luck Kate! You are a superstar xx
Texagon $250 I would rather donate than walk !! So proud of you girls
Jacqui Duxson $100 You got this Kate! Xx
Karensa Menzies $150 What beautiful faces and beautiful people, how I loved seeing that pic of Team ANOS!! You guys will kick ass, thinking of you and sending big hugs - hope I can do this in person one day soon!! Karensa xxx
Kristen Thomason $50 Great stuff Wardy! Big love to you all xxx
Ali Fletcher $200 Amazing effort for such an amazing cause! Xxx
Jeannie Porter $50 Dear Kate and Simon Kick it in the ANOS. Live Jeannie, Luke & Tabitha
Penny Sloane $100 Go Kate!! Sending our love and support; you are an inspiration xxx
Rachel Stefaniak $100 Go Kate and team!! Lots of love.
Steph & Cam Woods $200 Sending you guys so much love and strength. Keep on fighting, we're all behind you. Love from Cam, Steph, Mason, Indie and Riley xoxo
Caroline England $200 A great cause, we will be thinking about you. Looking forward to the updates!
Libby Sangster $120 Good on you Kate ! You and Simon are so strong and courageous and an inspiration in the way that at this very stressful time you are bringing awareness of bowel cancer to so many . Thinking of you with the Walk and the operation . With love Lib Sangsterx
Clementine Bayvel $100 Good luck Simon
Gemma Croxen $100 Kate, Simon & family. Wishing you all the love, courage, luck and cancer-beating, kick ass vibes in the world as you continue through this treatment journey. You’re immediate desire to save others from going through this and your commitment to awareness alongside getting Simon better is truely inspirational. Thinking of you all, and good luck for the walk. xxxx.
Eliza and Rob Handbury $200 What an awesome effort Kate! You and Sime are in our thoughts - Rob and Lize
Mel Wallace $50
Sarah Bennison $80 Go girls!! <3
Daniel Ponton $50 Good Luck Kate and Team
Jennifer Bond $100 All the best! X
Claire Papaluca $100 Good luck team Anos - we will be thinking of you all and especially thinking of simon x
Gemma Rake $100 So proud of you Kate. You’re an inspiration to us all. X
Ashley & Marko O’Reilly $40 Break a leg! Love the O’Reillys
Jane Perry $500 We are in awe of you both. Hearts and souls forever in your debt for your strength and courage.
Jayson Ward $200 Good cause, great girls, a few blisters, but hope you have fun helping Jodi Lee and many important others
Charles Beaton $60 Awesome work. Let's kick bowel cancer to the curb. All the best to you and your family Kate xx
Lisa Mentha $500 Good on you Kate (and girlfriends). It will be hard but I bet you have fun. Sending my love and support.
Felicity Fitzgerald $50 Awesome effort Kate and crew, love the fitzgeralds x
Hannah and Strato Talimanidis $120 Go girls! You’re all amazing x
Rachael McDonald $50 Dear Kate and Simon and your gorgeous kids! I think of you guys all the time
Kirsty Wood $40 You’re an inspiration Kate Ward!!!


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Kate Ward $3,475
Hollie Magree $500
Libby McLean $100