Raised so far

Research for Riney is a fundraising body set up by Catherine Ross and her husband Jamie.

Catherine sadly lost her courageous 4 year battle with bowel cancer in January 2019 after being diagnosed at age 28.

The team will aim to continue Catherine’s amazing work to raise important funds for this fantastic cause.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Georgie Mann $1,740 Georgie Mann Photography/Research 4 Riney more calendar sales..
Georgie Mann $2,160 Research 4 Riney/ Georgie Mann Photography calendar sales
Justin Vaatstra $120 Great cause Ted
Georgie Mann $3,600 2020 Research 4 Riney Calendar profit so far..
Barry Fagg $100
Bernadette Spiteri $50 Well done, Teddy! Very touched by your personal and sad experience.
Rob Meek $120 Well done sorry it’s a bit late
Richard & Sophie Balderstone $100 Great effort Flip....and to remember such a great friend. It's just too sad losing a friend like this....
Tony Ficca $85 Well done....
Stephanie Shannon $100
Peter Lawson $25 Well done on the Trek Jamie!
Mr $40 Good luck Kate!!!
Anonymous $85 Good luck! :P
Piney Range Pastoral $50 Love you
Piney Range Pastoral $50 Love you
Nicola Quin $50 Hope it goes well Gabby!
Nicki Goodrich $40 Great work!
Nerida Evans $50
Adrian Murphy $40 Well done Hammer
Anonymous $50
Heather Roscoe $100 Well done guys, amazing work, thanks you!
Anna MacDonald $50 Great work Alex and Hame! Super effort - very well done. Anna and Will MacDonald
Jo’s Pantry $135
Susan Napier $50 It's a great cause. Well done Anne (and Phil!)
Jess Laurie $20 You should be so bloody proud of yourself Charbarr- I know I am of you! Amazing effort, amazing friend, all round good egg in this world. Love you so much!
Anna Anderson $40 Inspiring stuff Steph, Gus and Wally!
Sammy Harass $120 Fashionably late as usual but never too late to top up the support. Thanks for walking for our hilarious girl forever loved
Briony Roberts $30 Well done Tash and Critty, legends xx
13th Beach Health Services $50 Well done!!
Anonymous $50
Possum Pete $40 Great effort Alex!
James and Caroline Christensen $200
Jenefer Staples $280 Congratulations on a great walk! Well done!!
Charmaine Monteiro $50 Beautiful Flippy. We are a bit late - sorry - but very proud of you and everything you stand for.
Chris and Phillip Hunter $120 Well done! Fantastic effort for a special cause from a wonderful family.
susan WebbTrethewie $100
Anonymous $2,025 Proceeds from The Peterborough Trekkers Volunteers & Supporters Morning Tea and Film Fundraiser, to honour Riney and hopefully one step closer to a cure.
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous sister Catherine. Best of luck for the trek.
Eric Fisher $40 Onya Hammer
1985 $120 Awesome stuff Zac and Em, a great cause. Pete and Michaela
Alice Irving $20 To one of my most beautiful friends, in memory & honour of one of your most beautiful friends xx
Goldman Sachs $100 Great effort guys
Matt Goldsworthy $100 Great stuff team
Henry Weddell $40
Vanessa Schernickau $25
Henry Weddell $40
The Ten Mile Cafe $317 In loving memory of Catherine. The Ten Mile Café Staff have donated their 'Tip Jar' money to a very worthy cause. All the best to the Ross Family for the Trek.
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous sister Catherine. All the best for the walk.
Roger Harbison $500 In memory of your courageous daughter Catherine. Good luck for the walk.
Roger Harbison $500 Supporting your walk in memory of your courageous daughter Catherine and her wonderful charity Research4Riney.
Selman Family $25 Fantastic and inspiring effort, well done and well said.
Holbrook District Fundraising Committee $11,687 Money raised from a community event 'Don't Drop The Ball On Health' held at Holbrook NSW in memory of Catherine Riney Ross and the amazing charity 'research4riney' raising awareness and vital funds for Bowel Cancer prevention.
Aimee Dowling $50 Well done Lizey! Love Aims and Lach
Jeff Ryan $50 Good job Lize & Bob. Apologies it’s a bit late from us x
Erin Haskins $25 Amazing Effort Kate!
Anonymous $20 Well done Clauds !
Ashleigh McGrath $25 Well done Kimbo! x
Shaylee Walkenhorst $40 Awesome work Gab xxx
JR Clark $20 Great work!!
Emma Lake $120
Nick & Cat Goldsworthy $120 Go get em gang!
Jane Heazlewood $100 Great effort Jen
Jim and Susie Balderstone $200 Good on you, Flip.
Jess Schwidlewski $25
Leon and Candice Duncan $50 Great work Lizey and Rob!
Sue Robertson $20 Fantastic effort Margot.
Olympia Bills $25 Well done everyone & Bob & Lize! Xx
Chris and Heather Linklater and Kane $40 Well done Rob and Lize x
Bridget Kirby $50
Janelle Diery $50 Well done again Rosie and team. Such a worthy cause in honour of Riney xxx
Elizabeth Macgugan $120 Great effort
Tim Hutton $120
Ebony Coppock $25
Sue Pickering $50
Joanne Seidel $50
Natalie and Jorjesen Demetrios $25
Arzu Dogan $100 Amazing work Fi, lots of love xx
Sophie Bason $150 Amazing work Nicko. So proud of you and all of the Research for Riney team honouring Catherine’s legacy. Time to put your feet up now! Soph and Ches
Jamie Taylor $50 Great work james you hot stud. You are a better fly fisherman than me and a much better bloke. I love you
Susan Bosch $50 Well done Claudia. Hope you get to enjoy a restful day tomorrow. Xx
Jane Richmond $50 Amazing Deb....well done to you and everyone who walked!!!!
Gem plastering $50
Natalia Pye $30 Awesome work lovely! Big kisses xxx
Sarah Jeffreys $20 You are amazing. Huge effort for a worthy cause xx
Tom Crocker $50 Congrats Guys - epic effort!
Pat and Maddy Miller $500 Always thinking of you mate. Great work on pulling this together
Emily Devitt $25 Well done Katie ❤️
Elaine Haw $50 Well done Kate
Mim & Andrew Collier $100 Best of luck Gab, Kenno & Lize
Anonymous $200 Good Work Tom, best of luck with the navigation
Lara Capper $40 Good luck Suze, amazing cause Tom and Lara xx
Richard & Susie Mills $50 Have a great day!
Anne and Jason Sprague $100 Well done Tommy
Anonymous $80 Go Charlie in the wind and rain!
Kate Wallis $40 Good luck and have fun Jo and team
Jack and Jill Boxes $50 Great job guys.
James Newton $100 Great work team! Hope Tez doesn’t count these as strava kms
Five Point ag $120 Go Dearsie
Monique Perry $50 Well done Kate! A spectacular effort for a very worthy cause. Love the Perry Family
Will Castleman $200
Amy Ryan $50 Keep going dude, you’re doing amazing!
Josh Friend $50 Great stuff mate
Isabella Moffatt $50 Awesome effort guys!! Xx
Lyle Murdoch $50 Great stuff Bec!! We're super proud of you! Love Lyle, Liv and Jude
Brian Lynch $100 Great cause and great effort. Go girl
Anonymous $10 Well done darling - you are an inspiration Love Jan and Vince x
Brooke Coghlan $25
Brooke Coghlan $25
Sarah Newton $40 Good luck Flippy! Hope there’s lots of good memories formed and laughter along the way xxx give Stepho and Wally and Gus a hug from me.
Brooke Coghlan $25
Brooke Coghlan $25
Brooke Coghlan $25
Emma Myers $40 An incredible effort Marnos! Well done. Love ya x
Tom Crowhurst $50 great effort mate, good luck!
Jess Eltchelebi $50 Awesome effort Kate kick ass! xo
Tanya Hawkins $25 Go Net & Rob, great cause. Good work.
Nick Rule $280 Cos we live you
Stace Kwok $50 So proud of you Temby!
Dan Parry $50 Onya Marnold
Al Hall $500
Charles Lie $40
Angela Lyon $100 Go Rob Christensen. U will romp it in. Great cause. Xo Ange & Andrew
Stephanie Burton $100 Halfway!!! So proud of you. You have got this tomorrow. Sending you loads of love and strength.
Holly Manley $50 Well done! Joe and Holly
Terri Troup $25
Margaret Hogan $30 Go gab
Lime Creek Trust $300 Git er done
Sarah Reichert $40 Good luck Ms Jo!
Nick Rule $50 One more from the b’day lunch boys
Madeleine Hunter $40 Well done Em! Such a great cause x
Lucy Faulkner $25 Great work rose!
Catherine Faulkner $25 Well Done Rosie x
Madeleine Hunter $40 Well Done Marni xx
Rosie Weatherly $25 Well done Luce!
Rosie Weatherly $25 Well done!
Rebecca Cortorillo $25 Great work Marni! Good luck for day 2 ❤️
Maria McCaig $100 Great cause Fi! Enjoy your walk.
Elizabeth Macgugan $120 Keep on keeping on
Sam Abbott $25 Go Jess!
Mr $25 This will show John.
Casey Ringin $100 Well done guys! Love the Ringins x
Megan Harrison $50
Anonymous $500 Go Liv!
Matthew Bourchier $120 Good luck mum, from Arya, Nicholi and Cleo. We’re so proud of you.
Lucy Cammiss $100 Thinking of you all this weekend Rose, so sorry we can’t be there to honor Riney. Sending much love. Luce, Simon, Bailey, Charlie and Louis xx
Sophie Taylor $50 You're a legend char barr Love crapper and bushy
Nick Rule $500 Donation from the boys at the 60th lunch
Kate Bucknall $50 Good on you Kate, happy walking for a wonderful cause X
Berrick Wilson $120 All the best Ted.
Jacqui Snow $40
Darcy Keir $50 Onya Alex !
Anonymous $25 You go you good thing: 80km, you'll do more than ok :)
Kappa Jane Pipdog Freyzie Hynes Currie Clan $100 Woot!
Leonie Enbom $25
William Robertson $280 You go girl love Will and Frankie
Justin Clark $25 I hope the legs and back are holding together!
Owen Harris $200
Erica Patterson $10
Anonymous $30 Good luck Jo
Nigel Alderton $40 Good Luck!
Phee Barr $120 Great cause, good luck and have fun.
Alex Cartel $120 Go well Zac and Em!
Bridget Montague $50 Good luck Judy, Russell, Alex, Claire and Kimberley.
Webster Nolan $350 Any sister of Patches is a sister of mine. Good luck Jenny on the Trek and well done. It is a great cause . Dr
Anonymous $500 Go Julie !! Malcolm
Sheree Peterson $30 Good luck Felicity! x
Jake Burey $120
KordaMentha $30
Cody Beveridge $100
Sheridan Laing $25 Great work Flippy, look forward to the blister vids xox
Lauren Ryan $40 Good luck Claire, and well done on keeping Catherine's work going xx
Sheridan Laing $25 Walk on G-unit xo
Peter Mackay $100 Go Jen ... you will blitz the walk !!
Montague Park Foodstore $50 Fantastic effort hound xo
James Wagg $25 Great work Gerbil.
Georgina Hood $100 I am so proud of you! Sorry I’m not out there walking with you. Gxx
Sebastian Hams $50 go well buddy
Ben Bongiorno $50 Good luck guys!
Erin Finlay $40 Good luck to you all! Walking in support of a very special cause, much love from the Finlays. Xx
Rebecca Hull $50 Great effort for a great cause Alex!
KordaMentha $25 Great work for a really good cause Ted!
Georgie Ross $40 Good luck Liv!
Tom Hogan $40
Jacinta Begley $120 Amazing thing to do Bec! Good luck xx
Louise Gough $50 Good luck with the walk kateo. An amazing cause. Xxx
Jen Upton $50 Fantastic effort Jen x
Kris Fitzgerald $120
Research4riney Keep Cups Research4riney Keep Cups $585 Research4riney Keep Cups, for everyone to discuss Bowel cancer awareness over a coffee.
Keat Lee $50 Go Girl! Take the cash next time
Kate Cumming $25 Good luck Bec
Anonymous $500 Stay supple me boy! Riney was such a bloody rockstar as you know all too well, & so the hell are you. Love ya mate & trust those baby cows will romp through the 80km. So sorry I can’t be there. Have to work
Linda Chambeyron $50 You all have the power and the greatness within. Thank you for taking every step on this big journey and raising funds to help eliminate this world of cancer
Janet Hicks $100 Good luck Fi, wonderful effort for a wonderful cause!
Kade Collins $101 Happy trekking for a great cause guys! Well done!
Lucy Alic $10
Maddy McMahon $20 Well done guys!
Renee Rich $100 Good Luck
Richelle Vickers $50 Go you good thing! Xxx
Annabelle and Hugh Macgugan $100 Good luck Philly xx
Elizabeth Macgugan $120
Penny Walker $120 Great cause to support Bec ! Good Luck x
Georgia Mackie $60 Great work Bec!
Phoebe Palmer $10 Great work Tash!
no excuses fitness & bootcamp $25 such a wonderful cause you are raising money for
Alex Gilbert $25 Good luck guys!
Susi Harriott $20 Great work, Kate. Best of luck xx
Mario Goebl $41 Good luck!
Garage Ocean Grove $50 Proud of you. Go girl xxx
Edwina and Tom Waters $120 Go team!
Adrian Lee $100 Great effort mate enjoy.
Stewart McCallum $120 Happy walking Fresh. Great work!
Danni Barr $40 Shred it!
Carla Klein $50 From mum
LEGOE. $500 Great work Katie xx
Karen Walsh $40 Good luck! Very close to my heart this cause
Bryan Webster $120 Well done Ted, all the best
Anonymous $100 go well & enjoy
Mario Papaleo $40 Good luck Ted
Lesley Connell $200 Go Bec .... don’t forget your rain coat ❤️
Anonymous $100 Go you good thing
Nicola Carter $50 Good on you Bec- happy walking!! Xx
Tom Davis $250 Great cause Teddy.
James Bowes $25 Just remember - keep the soldiers dry
Kate Deppeler $290 Stage Two fundraiser
David Leahey $25 Good luck, Ted!
Madeline Haynes $10 Good luck Ted - wear thick socks!
Sarah Scott $50 Sending 80kms of good luck Bec x
Shirley Glover $50 All the best for a great cause
Lydia Cappadona $50 Happy trekking
Alexandra Kent $40 Good luck!
Rai Kurul $40 Well done Bec and good luck on the day xoxo
The Well State $50 Good Luck Bec!! X
Alex Herd $500
Melanie Cotter $55 Go Kimberly! X
Melanie Cotter $25 Go Claire! Xx
Zachary Pearson $40 On ya Teddy
Ailsa Hooper $50
Anonymous $15 Good luck Jo!
Margaret BL $380 For Riney!!
Haydn Law $40
Paul Cooper $15
Gary Glover $200 Go guys, a great cause and best of luck. Go Pies
24 Langtree Parade, Mildura $100 A fantastic cause. :)
Jayne Thorn $50 Good on you Bull, a great cause xxx
Jenni Ham $100 Happy walking!
GS $73
Giuseppe Esposito $25 Happy trails and be safe!
Maree Vincent $50 All the best on your trek Super Mum xx
Sarah Smith $40 Beautiful way to remember your friend. She looked so beautiful in that wedding photo. <3
Nima Alexander $40 Good stuff Zac & Em - stay warm!
Sarah and Angus Martin $50 All the best Philly! Sarah and Ang xxx
Lauren Klomp $50 Go you good thing! Hope your boozzies don’t weigh you down
Susan Collins $50 Good Luck Annette and Rob! A wonderful cause
Bianca Kilpatrick $50 Go Kathy! Good luck for a very special cause xx
Susan Collins $100 Good Luck Kimberly and Alex... Such a wonderful cause
Annabelle Dent $40
M C Herd Pty Ltd $1,000
Beth Crompton $40
Frank Herd $500 Go Bec
Ben Goldsworthy $50
Adelaide Smith $40 Amazing effort guys, well done!
Bostock House GGS $32 Good Luck Deb!
Kim Hamilton $10 Go Deb!
Birregurra Medical Centre $250 Well done & good luck James. Remember the pain in your feet will help to ease the pain of those affected by bowel cancer. I salute you.
Elizabeth Balderstone $100 What a great cause, Flip. Thinking of you and all Catys friends and family. Well done to you all. Love Dub xxxx
Alexander Boyle $25
Alex Boyle $25
Anonymous $184 Money raised from a bake sale at The Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Anna Mckinnon $40 Go you good thing go!!!! What a great cause.
James Glover $30 Good luck guys!
Jane Cayzer $100
Jane Henderson $50 Good luck Daya! Don’t forget to pack your scroggin :)
Tom Calvert $200 Donation from Neil Everett. Thanks Taddy.
Anonymous $50 Well done Lucy! Good luck!
Sarah Perkins $50 Great work team, and for such a good cause. All our love Tim, Sare, Bella and Bea xx
Kathryn and Keith Prest $150 Well done Nick. A very worthy cause.
Susannah Nyariri $50 On behalf of Pam Glenane
Scott Hives $50
Kris Hendrata $120 Go well. (OGC 93)
Anonymous $183 Money raised from a bake sale
Austin Lee $25 Well done!
Sian McConnell $50 Good on you Felicity xx
Eddie Coates $25 You kick that bowel cancer in the ass, Lucy!
Helen Still $50 Special day for a special foundation
Amanda Manifold $100 You’re a beautiful generous person who I’m so privileged to call a friend xxxxx
Sophie Faulkner $50 Well done mum! x
Tom Blackford $50
Lucy Faulkner $25 Good work mum
James Still $50 Have a great day out for a great cause.
Donnie Byrne $100
Anonymous $40 Good luck guys! Amazing effort xx
Grace de la Lande $25 Great work Gabs! x
Annabelle Morrison $800 For Riney xx
Maddy Fox $20 Get it, girl!
Stride Media $100 Great Cause! Best of luck Fiona!
The Fresh Food Merchant $25
Siobhan Daysh $25
Clare Burton $50 You go gurl! #blistersisters ✌
Angelo Abbattista $50 Great work Fiona X
Margot and Dennis Mills $50 Wonderful cause Walk well Liv Love M & D x
Erin Parker $20 Well done Jess. This is a great way to honour your friend. I hope you enjoy the walk.
Margot and Dennis Mills $200 Great cause. Have a good walk and we send our love. M & D x
Louisa de Kievit $50 You can do it!
Teghan Johns $25
Grant Stoeckel $250 Great Cause - Have a great walk.
David Howley $25 Great effort again this year Hamish!
Jim and Penny Daish $200 Keep your Bowles clean and walk !!!
Michael Allford $50
Kyle Gallichan $25
Anonymous $200 Good luck Philly and congrats your commitment & support will make it a breeze Margot & mark xx
Edwina Lidgerwood $25 All the best for your hike. Missing beautiful Catherine. A fantastic cause. Happy hiking from The Lidgerwoods
Tim Ladlow $25
Jason Kane $50 Good Luck and a great cause
Lachlan Joyce $50 Amazing work Iz! X
Claire Sheed $100 A worthy cause to be pulling on the trekking boots for Mrs Devilee! All the very best for the event. Love Claire and family xxxxx
Anonymous $500 Wish we were home to participate. Will be thinking of you all.
Phoebe Aloise Steinfort $25 Go Luce!!
Marina Deppeler $20 Your effort & commitment is inspiring - all the best.
Marina Deppeler $20 Your effort & commitment is inspiring - all the best.
Rod Watkins $100 Good luck Tom, and I’ll double it if we beat the Poms
Kaela and Trav Beckley $30 Yeeeeww! Nice work Tash!
Mark Lewis $100 Go Hammer!
Ruth Jude $100 Fantastic Gab’s, a great cause Love M & R Xx
Alice Shepherd $100
Carolyn Scott $40 An amazing effort for a great cause, well done xx
Anonymous $184 Money raised from a bake sale
Leighton Kidman $50
Leighton Kidman $50
Mary Amato $100
Mary Amato $100
Kate Wallace $10 Proud as punch! xo
Kate Neville $40 Go Tashy, what an amazing girl you are. Good luck for the training and the trek!
Anonymous $183 Money raised from a bake sale at The Royal Children's Hospital.
Judith McGillivray $280 Good Luck for the trek Nic - hope the sun shines over the weekend. Rineys spirit & endeavours for bowel cancer will never be forgotten ... x Jude & Ace
Jude McGillivray $280 Good Luck for the trek Nic - hope the sun shines over the weekend. Rineys spirit & endeavours for bowel cancer will never be forgotten ... x Jude & Ace
Annie mayfield $120 Hope you can keep up with your great mate dinga. So proud of you.
Annie Mayfield $120 Good on you Nicko, Riney was a great mate x
Anonymous $20 Good Luck!
Courtney Aquilina $50 Awesome work Lize and Rob xx
Caity Aldridge $10
Anonymous $500 Go Fi!
The Montague Hotel $180 Friday night meat raffle from The Montague
The Montague Hotel $120
Athol-Mary Mahoney $100 In memory of a wonderful girl.
The Montague Pub $65 Friday night meat raffle from The Montague
The Montague Hotel $120 Friday Night Meat Raffle from The Montague Hotel
Richard Midgley $50 Good luck with the walk. Helen & Richard
Rachelle Bryant $50 Good luck Felicity xx
Eliza & Jack Eastman $100 Go Suze! Will be thinking of you and gorgeous catty
mike Howell $300 Very inspiring!
Anonymous $75 Very tragic Flip. Love, Gerald
Edwina Strange $50 Go Thumbies!!
Earth Covers $10
Lucy Mulligan $25
FloorCOM $100
Anonymous $25 Well done Jen am so proud of you and this cause you are supporting
Ed Ryan $50 Good luck Flippo. Thinking of you and your friends. Ed and Morgs.
Rockgedgiel P/ship $500 Good on you Col, go well!!
Natasha Toholka $40 Go Ted!
Barb and Dave Ramsden $100 Go Granddaughter. Man and Pop xx
Barb and Dave Ramsden $100 Have a good day Tom. Barb and Dave xx
Leanne Deahl $50 Go Iz.
Rosie Mercer $100 Go Jen go, great cause, we send our energy. Rosie and Gus
Rosie Mercer $100 Go Jen go, great cause, we send our energy. Rosie and Gus
Angela Logan $40 Good luck Flippy and team!! xoxo
Trent Aston $100 Good luck Richard - Donation in memory of Jayde's Grandma
Nick Martin $75 Go Aunty Dot!
Kerry Goldsworthy $500 Good luck Kate and Joel. A great cause
Rachael Skowronski $30
Shannon Pinney $50 xx
Melissa Barnes $40
Angus Smith $25 Great work and good luck Al!
Sophie Beggs $40
Pardoo Cattle Company $60 Walking with you in spirit Tom. Good effort
Rowan Russell $200 Go Babes Best of luck Russ and Susie
Peter Bowden $50 Best of luck, Ted. I am sorry about the passing of your friend. Best, Pete
Heidi Astbury $50 Good on you Tommy! Love you
Georgia Lillie $500 Go Tommy. We love you all xxx
Sam McIntosh $35 Smashing it Izzy! ;D
SHELLEY WHITE $50 Love your work Flip! Everything counts. All the best for the event & in memory of your amazing and committed friend, in Caty. X
Nick Pringle $20
Paul Conway $50
Anonymous $50 Great cause Meg. Happy trekking
Anonymous $50 Great cause Meg. Happy trekking
Rachel McGrogan $50 Hope you raise lots of money xx
Penny Davis $40 Beautiful tribute to a generous, kind soul x
Rebecca Crimean $25 A great effort for an important cause, best of luck Felicity!
Peter Funston $25 Go well Teddy!
Sutherland Farrelly $200 All the best Ted for a good cause. Cheers Grant.
Sharp & Carter $50 Well done Kate! Good Luck! xxx
Anonymous $100 Great work team
Anonymous $15 Trek well
Louise Epthorp $50 Go Alex and Hamish. Love ❤️ Lola snd Eddy
KordaMentha $50 Good luck Ted. A great cause cuase. Enjoy the walk
Corinne Hough $40 Proud of you Alex xxxx
James King $40 Go well, Teddy. Great cause.
KordaMentha $100 Good luck!
Miranda Gaze $20 Stay fresh cheese bags!
addy bucek $25 Go Izzy!
Jen Cooper $20 Happy trekking cheesebags
Anonymous $50
Angelo Lauricella $50 Best of luck Richard
Ebony Steele $20 Enjoy the trek, I'm happy to support such a great cause.
Andrew Campbell $50 Good luck. Safe trekking
Anonymous $380 Calvert House Rfaffle
Anonymous $380 Calvert House raffle
Mikaela Whitson $20 Love your work Gabby, great cause <3
Anonymous $20
M E Barr Smith $50 All the best Kimberly and Research4Riney Team. Amazing effort
KM Property Funds $50 well done Ted
Project Hutton $50 Good luck Ma! Catherine would be so touched by your effort. x
Ms $25 Great stuff Gab! All the best with the walk xx
Anonymous $100
Project Hutton $100 Good luck sister! Catherine would be so touched xxx
Angela Barbato $100 Good Luck Will x
Anna Kennedy $20 Best of luck Gab
Charlotte Geddes $40 Great cause Flip - good luck x
Michelle Cooper $50 Go well my friend, amazing work (as is your standard).
Judith Lee $100 A wonderful cause Meg! Get those legs pumping!! Xx Judith and Dennis
Sarah Carter $50 Great cause Flip - best of luck!
Dee Kerr $20 Go Kate, Charlotte, Sarah and Jules, well done on walking for a great cause.Good luck
Kalpana Ramani $50 Lovely way to honour your friend Flip
Miss $25 What an event for a great cause. Gooo Casper! xxx
Zoe Lewis $30 You go girl! Cheers to Catherine and you!
Michael Watson $50 Great work team - Jess and Mike
Caroline Walker $40 Well done Flipster. A great cause xx
Missy & Charlie McDevitt $40 Great cause Flips - we are cheering you on. Love Missy, Charlie, George & Milly Moo
TJ & Nat Chapman $50 Great work guys
Sue Ryan $50 All the best Flippy - your dear friend Caty is in my thoughts. Love Mum
Anonymous $40 Good on you Flip! So sorry for the sad loss of your friend... She will be so proud of the loved ones she left behind xox
Georgia Rankin $25 Great work Gabs!
jennifer Porteous $40 I am sure you will make the distance!
jennifer Porteous $40 Just keep walking!
Jennifer Porteous $40 You can do it!
Penelope White $40 Will be thinking of you all xx
Penelope White $40 Will be thinking of you all xxx
Anonymous $50 Go Jen
Maddie Foster $50 A great cause x
Beryl Stean $25 Good luck Russell, love Beryl X
Beryl Stean $25 I'll be thinking of you, love Mum X
Beryl Stean $25 Good Luck on the trek Kimberly. Love Beryl X
Beryl Stean $25 Good Luck on the trek Jamie. Love Beryl X
Beryl Stean $25 Good Luck on the trek Claire. Love Granny X
Beryl Stean $25 Good Luck on the trek. Love Granny X
Paul Hurley $120 We are all behind you! Great Effort
Ken Mackinnon $60 Go Kate
katrina Bailey $280 Great effort Kate. Good luck. Sorry not to be with you. Ank and Trine xxx
Benjamin Roufail $40 Go Jane! All the best
Sue Fisher $100 Great stuff , Matt. Good luck Love M & S
Sarah Parry $50 All the best gorgeous x
Kasi & Drew Campbell $25 Great work Rob & Lize! xx
Christopher Lee $100
Jeremy Newland $100 Well done to you & Em, and all the other walkers.
Nicholas Brooks $50 Huge effort for a great cause.
Sarah Hooke $50 Proud of you Claire! Wish I could be there to walk with you x
Juzz And Madz $100 Good work Al!
Jenni Smock $200 Well done Jan. Such a wonderful cause.
Gerald Irvine $100
Gerald Irvine $100
Alice Bayley $50 What a great cause, we’ll done you guys! X
Gerald Irvine $100
Cam Prosser $50
Elizabeth Crothers $40 Go Jen!
Graeme Betts $50 Well done Sarah.
Megan Reith $50 Go Braddy!!
Jan Roberts $200 Well done Lauren and R4R team , a very worthy cause and honouring a very courageous young lady xx
Sarah Collins $50 Do it!
Nanette Allen $50 Go Jen! Great cause and great thing to do x
peter blackall $20 Good on ya Deb
Jade Grenfell $40 Love your work Sezzi bear. All my strong thoughts will be sent your way on the way! Xx
Lauren McGill $100 All the best Sizzle! Love Lozzy and Tom
Jono Pruden $100 Smash out the KMs, Al and Comish
Sophie Faulkner $25 Good job!
Louise Loughnan $150 Well done em!! Xxx
Gabrielle Lauder $50 With much love, Gabes & Matty
Anonymous $100 Go Cats
Marie Merriman $100 Well done Nick. A great cause in memory of a very courageous young woman! The Merrimans.
El Presidente Plum $40 Great work BA. A worthy trek, for a very worthy cause.
Yvonne Hort $75 with love
Yvonne Hort $75 walk with love
Anonymous $25 Thanks legends for getting your trek on!
Deb Fisher $200 Good luck Deb. Thanks for the morning tea. Chilwell PS
Helen Jellett $10 Go get em Deb! You are amazing.....
Bethany McCarten $25 Goodluck Nick & Sammi for a great legacy and cause
Kerry Betts $300 Good luck Nick . Catherine’s bravery touched us all and this cause was so dear to her heart . What a wonderful legacy . Hope you keep up with Jamie and enjoy a few beers together afterwards . Love mum xx
CR Scott Properties Pty Ltd $40
Anonymous $25
TW Projects $100 Well done mate!
Muirfield Financial Services $300 Taken too soon. Great to hear you're honouring her legacy and surrounding Dinger with love and support in the process. Hats off to you all and best wishes for the Trek XO Torns, Em, Ella, Lucy and Mia.
Kate Hardman $25 Go cuzzy you little legend!
Jimmy & Sarah Legoe $50
Colby O'Brien $250 Great cause mate. Good luck. Tell Dinga not to handball out of the square could you.
Clare Dowling $40 Amazing effort Jane of a cause very close to you. Good luck!!
Atkins Electricians $100
Patricia Lake $40 Behind you every step of the way.
Kara Liu $50 Wooooo! Happy Hiking!
Christine Clough $250 Good luck Babes.
Donna Cross $40 Great effort Jane.
Anna Sandiford $120 Go Em and Zac. Love you!! Xxx
Libby Henderson $40
Hammonds Paints $250
Jenian Pty Ltd $500
Jane Bell $25 Wonderful cause, happy hiking Em
Western Victoria PHN, Ballarat $65 Good luck for your trek, from the WestVic PHN Ballarat crew
1974 $50 Go Jen - Hope you work out those poles
Ann Sutherland $100 Jen you will do it easily, just get those poles working. Excellent cause well done
Colac bake sale DELWP $269 Go R4R!!!
Bronwyn Peart $40 Well done Cheryl Bron and Chris x
Anna Glynn $50 What a great initiative and cause! Enjoy the trek! X
Jill Heinz $50 Happy to support such a good cause. Happy trekking
Laura McCormack $50 Awesome effort Em.
Victoria Prowse $50 Good luck Sissy and Alex. Amazing effort x
Justine Nancarrow $275 Go girl! Wish so much I could be there with you all so this is my registration fee. xo
Anonymous $500 Wonderful cause ... happy hiking
Mussina J A $50 Amazing effort for a great cause. Good luck Urq & Zan! Jimmy and Alex
Sarah and Cameron Jeremiah $40
Sarah and Cameron Jeremiah $25
Sarah and Cameron Jeremiah $25 Good luck Ginge, hope you’re not too sore the next day?!
Prue Mckechnie $50
Prue Mckechnie $50
Peter Carah $250 Go Jen Go ! ! ! From the Trustees of the R.C. Carah Philanthropic Fund
Peter Carah $500 Go Sis & ?? Go ! ! ! From the Trustees of the R.C Carah Philanthropic Fund
Elizabeth McKew $100 Good on you, Rosie!
Peter Carah $500 Go Alex Go ! ! ! From the Trustees of the R.C Carah Philanthropic Fund
Clare Morris $50 Good on you Lizey!
Clare Morris $50 Good job little bro!
Carmelina and Dale Walshe $50 Well done Lize and Rob. All the best for the trek xx
Tom Irvine $100
Tom Irvine $100
Anonymous $100
Louise Gough $100 An amazing cause, in honour of an amazing human. Xx
Elizabeth O'Brien $50 Awesome effort Jane for a great cause
Jessica Patti Sole Trader $100 Good work Ingrams! We might join u next year!
Rosie Perkins $50 Well done Sissy. Riney would be so proud; what a special woman she was.
Belinda Williams $50
Sophie Ahern $40 Go sissy!!! You are so amazing for doing this. Much love xx
Anonymous $100 Great work for a great cause Sis xxx
Tanya Speakman $50 Great cause. Good luck
Anonymous $100 Go Alex.
Anonymous $100 Go Sis.
Liz Hogan $50 Go Gabbs! Best wishes to you and all x
Robyn and Ian Bayley $50 A worthwhile cause.
Sally Robertson $50 Go Jen!!
Lill Reid $50
Muhor Environmental P/L $250 Good luck Jane - this time don't get lost and do those extra km's!
Charles Baulch $25 Commitment to the cause missing first pies final - hope they have wifi in Daylesford.
Gina Livingston $120 Good luck Jen, Great cause ! Love Gina Pops x
Fiona May $40 Good luck Matt!
ACE TRADERS $100 Good Luck! We'll be thinking of you - Ace Traders
ACE TRADERS $100 Good luck Rob you can do it - Remember don't overthink it!!! Ace Traders xxx
Australian Visa Assist $100
Tim Fisher $100 Go get 'em Matt. Great cause
Pat and Jess McNulty $40 What a lovely way to remember Catherine, Lize! I hope this goes towards more work to save the lives of others.
Anonymous $25
jack king $20
Jo Cowling $50 For a truly great cause - well done Lizie and Rob
Anna Kelly $25
Jane Macdonald $40 Good Luck Neighbour!!
Salky Cullen $100 Good on you Deb!!!! Great effort for a great cause. Xxxxx
Joy Craig $50 A great effort for a great cause, Jen. JB and D
Sally Whiting $50 Fantastic Jen hope the sun shines x
Joy Craig $50 A great effort for a great cause, Jen. JB and D
Rose and Dazz Goodall-Wilson $100 You are a star Deb! Go girl!! XX
Lachlan Bell $30
Anonymous $200 Go Rob...
Alix Kelly $50 Good luck Jen - you’ll nail it! Here’s to finding a cure asap! With love kk & Lex
Antonia & Patrick Ferguson $50 Great Cause Guys xx
Jane Horne $50 Well done Jenny - you’ll do this easily! A great cause.
David Littleton $50
David Littleton $50
Glenda Cookson $50 Great job. Best of luck. Sending love
Lachlan Kerney $50 Great work legends!
Chloe Boyle $100 Good luck with the trek Kate!
Schuuring Family $50
Angelo Van den Heuvel $40 Good luck mummy's and team!
Nicole Grenfell $40 Yew yew yewww yewwwww yewwwww
Anonymous $300
Tom Irvine $100
Sharon & Tom Herde $50 Go for it kiddo.xox
Corinne Beyer $25 You go girl
Peter O’Connor $40
Julie McDonald $40 Best of Luck and great initiative
Terrie Morgan $100 Great work Urq’s, keep it up! The Morgan’s X
Tom Naylor $25 Great work Critty.
Edgar Francis $280 Very happy to support a great cause. Good luck with the trek!
Laura Whitting $50 Such a worthy cause. I’ll be cheering you on from afar x
Sarah Green $25 Good luck Critty and Tash! X
Andrew and Tinks Urquhart $500 Welll done J and Z. Great cause.
Noel Passalaqua $200 Great effort Jimmy, well done
Anne Woollett $50 Good luck!
Mrs $500 Catherine's battle touched us all. We remember her smile, her love for her friends and her incredible attitude. Walk for all the Barr's Charzie All power to Jodie Lee Foundation
Emily McCormack $50 Well done Claudia! Such a great cause. With all our love, The McCormacks
Elsie McCormack $50 Good on you Clauds xxx
Alec Balcombe $100 Yeewwwwwwwwww bang fest.
Oakdale Meat Company $1,000 Best of luck raising much need funds Richard. Form the family and team at Oakdale Meat.
Judy Sedger $200 Great effort Hame. X
Judy Sedger $100 Wonderful work Char for a beautiful friend.
Judy Sedger $400 Proud of you Alex. From Ian Judy Jacob and Callum.
Emma Douglas $50 Go Claud!!! You are amazing
Anonymous $280 Great effort you 2.
Lauren Smith $25 The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Great work Alex!
Mary Urquhart $40
Penny Johnson $80 great work team Urquhart, such a beautiful legacy you are creating for Rinny
John Payne $50 Good luck 104 & Zan!
Tom & Lucy Lyons $50 Great cause - Good Luck!!!
andrew witney $50 Great work getting involved & best of luck! Tafty & Wippers
Anonymous $100
Grant McDougall $100 Well done Urq's a great cause
Sayuri & Luke Grady $50 Best of luck Sarah, looking forward to hearing how it goes!
Kate Greig $50 Nice work Jimmy and Doot!
Three Names Creative $100 Love your work Jimmy and Dootie. Amazing effort, amazing cause. Go get em! Gilby, Al, Matilda & Archie x
Heidi Astbury $50 Good on you Clauds!! Lots of love xxoo
Lach & George Herbert $50 Good luck. Great effort.
Hickey Removals $100 Great awareness raised Sizzle. Well done.
Freddie, Bella & Maggie Weatherly $100 Go dad!
Amanda Paterson $50 Best of luck! Xo
Mr $150 Good luck sizzle! Great cause.
Jess Bayly $50
Rob & Monica Montague $50 Good luck on the trek! We will be thinking of you all.
Andrew & Sally Reichel $50 A very worthy cause. Good luck on the trek!
Georgie Biggs $25 Xoxo lots of love claud
Isabelle Stewart $30 So admirable, all my love xxx
Kath Tanner $40 A worthy cause - sending my support and love. Xx
Heidi Templeton $15 Lots of love for you special girl xoxo
Georgia Seamer $15 go clauds, lots of love! XX
Maggie Astbury $20 Lots of love xox
Shona Williamson $30 You go Ninja
Matt Chandler $50
Colin Mandel $360 excellent cause Richard
EAS Pty Ltd $100 All the best with the fund raiser and walk - good cause
Des Munday & Son $200 From the Munday family
Samex Australian Meat Co. Pty. Ltd. $500 Great work Richard for a great cause. Hope the day is a huge a success.
Deb McGill $250 Sarah what a wonderful Foundation to support. It means a lot.. good luck x
George Johnstone $50 Great work Sarah.
Gilbert &Chrissie McGill $50 Great effort Sarah
Angela Wallis $100
BY Capital $40 Good luck mate and well done!
Charlotte Watson $50 Proud of you Sezzy! Walk like the wind!
Sophie Hickey $70 Such an amazing commitment Char. So proud! Love the Longs x
FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT PTY LTD $100 Thinking of you Jamie - go well and good luck on another hike that with honor Catherine and all those we have lost.
FOOD PROCESSING EQUIPMENT PTY LTD $100 One foot in front of the other Richard! From my family and all the team at FPE go well and good luck.
Pia Van Koeverden $25
Fayman International $1,000 Best wishes from everyone at Fayman
Josh Fayman $100 All the best mate, great cause
Matt Leahy $75
Anonymous $100
Kaye Blackburn $50 Well done to you
Mandy Bellman $50 Good luck Jo and team.
Richard Herd $100
Anonymous $100 Great you & Rob are supporting this important cause Well done
Olivia Beesley $120 Go Nut, you are Rob a legends for getting involved.
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $500 I am more then happy to donate so that there may be one day a cure for this horrible disease.I wish you all my support that many people will get behind you.
Ab & Joop Klein $50 From the grandparents, good luck
Elisha Jackman $25 Xx
Elisha Jackman $25 Xx
Stacey Stevenson $40 Good luck to you Jane and all involved.
Sophie Wilson $100
Lucy Michelmore $100 Maaaaate! Good luck for 6/7th Sept! Sending huge hugs from London x
Jane Lovejoy $40
Garryowen-Banool P/L $280 Jamie best wishes for the walk & we’re sure your training will stand you in good stead :) . In memory of Catherine . Xx Jude & Ace McGillivray
Lettie Thwaites $25 Go char!! Whoot whoot!
Katrina Macdonald $40 Great work Al! Xx
BY Capital $25 Well done mate and good luck!
Catherine Lumsden $50
Jo Wallis $25
Haxhi Abedin $50
Michael Merriman $100 Well done Tom! Michael and Marie x
Jill Davison $50 Good on you Anne - enjoy!
Stephen Carter $100 god work Tom, hope you are in training.
Phillip Butters $100 Go Tommy, Love Mum and Dad
Chrissie Fairbairn $40 Onya Cath
Chrissie Fairbairn $120 Have a great fundraiser experience with the fabulous team supporting darling Riney’s wonderful R4R charity, plus the JLF.
Matthew Plunkett $50 Good effort Thomas, best you get training
Renae Pleasance $20 You got this Thomas! Channel your inner Forrest... "keep right on going." – Forrest Gump
Anonymous $40 Remember bicycle shorts are your friend
Kaye Blackburn $50 Well done Cath!
Kathy Kidman $50
Kathy Kidman $50
Katrina Weatherly $100 Good luck Rosie.
Rohan Eves $50
Find The Pipes $25 Great work Sedge
Shae Mcdonald $40 Go get em Natash!!
Anonymous $30 Good Luck Tom great job !
Hayley Allen $20 Good luck buttsack!! You will smash it.
Lee Hilton $50 Good luck Tommy Boy.
Makaela Noonan $20
Renee Doyle $40
Sarah Evans $25 Well done Alex, I’m sure your beautiful friend will be there along side you every step of the way xxxxx
Tony Ficca $250 Well done Jane...
Lyndal Geddes $50 Great effort Rosie x
Fruitta $25 Good luck!
The Woods $50 Pump those pins Tash! xxx
Megan Read $25
Ellie Molan $100
Tom Molan $100
Belinda Ryan $150 All the best for the walk Anne, a wonderful way to raise $'s and awareness of bowel cancer.
Warrnambool Races Girls $60 The table winnings going towards a great cause
Zena Kilpatrick $50 Go Margot!!!
Zena Kilpatrick $50 Wishing you all the best for the trek and hope Maggie doesn't get too heavy!
Zena Kilpatrick $50 All the best for your trek!
Nicole Haddow $20 Go you good thing! x
Lyn Spillane $60 Good luck Anne
Tipi Tribe $50 Go you good thing!
Jeanette Hetherington $50 Go Katie!
Jess Halstead $20
Anonymous $80
Richardson Caroline $100 Good on you Cheryl .Don't think I donated last year so this is for both years. And what a fabulous photo of a special person!
Kerry Betts $200 Hope the trek goes well Jamie and lots of money is raised in beautiful Catherine’s memory . Love Kerry x
Anonymous $50
Robyn Smith $50 Good luck Chez! Great cause!
Narelle Ward $40 Go Wen proud of you Relle xxxx
Anonymous $50 Go Wen
Julie Plante $50 All the best Wen.
Rob Goodwin $50
Julie Plante $50 Well done Annabelle. Love from Julie and Rob
Bell Hufton $50
Rosemary Billings $50 Go Chez! Will be thinking of you and Riney x
Margit & Henry Smith $100 Smith family wishes to contribute to jodileefoundation - well done
John & Jill Graham $50 Good luck Cheryl, a very worthwhile cause and good on you for giving it your full support.
Tom Ross $50
Alice Cooper $1,000 In loving memory of beautiful Riney who will always be in our thoughts. A collection of donations from friends who attended our fundraiser art night in Tungamah.
Tania Wettern $50 Great cause Claire and lovely for your family to do this in honour of your beautiful sister.
Keith Fagg $100 Good on you Cheryl! Sorry I cannot join you this year. Hope it goes really well.
karralee meyer $25
Kelly Boers $150 Love your dedication towards this very special cause Kimbo. Will be cheering you on and thinking of Catherine on this amazing trek. Xoxoxox
Kerrie Harrison $25 Great cause Claire!
Pip Boyle $25 Great work Kate. All the best for the walk.
Pip Boyle $50 Great work Coops! Good luck for the walk.
Freddie, Bella & Maggie Weatherly $50 Go Dearsy!
Anonymous $50 Gabby, you are one of the most giving people I know. You never cease to inspire me. Trek well.
Charles Atkins $25 Great work coops x
Kate Gibson $400 Money raised from a girls dinner in Lake Bolac.
Tom Lonergan $25 Great work Annabelle, Met Her a few times bloody sad. Cheers Tom
Marina Lyne $50 You’re a trooper with a wonderful and giving heart x
Annabelle Morrison $500 For Dearest Riney. Money raised from a fundraising art evening in Tassie.
Annabelle Morrison $500 For Dearest Riney. Money raised from a fundraising art evening in Tassie.
Annabelle Morrison $2,000 For dearest Riney. Money raised from a fundraising art night in Tassie for this great cause.
Janette Hahn $50
Tina Roworth $40 Go for it!
Lucinda Eulenstein $50
Jolonna Brand $25 Xx
Emily Davis $25
George O'Dwyer $100 I'll be away so all the best with the bake-off
Kate Fitzgerald $25
Fiona Devilee $200
Kim Wettenhall $50
Eliza Bayley $50
Lauren Conte $25 Well done James & Zanny! Amazing effort, you’ll kill it. Congrats on this awesome cause x
Kirsty Cayzer $250 A wonderful thing to do to support such a great cause! Plus I’ll even babysit the kids for you
Suzannah Urquhart $50 Go Mum and Dad! Love Ollie, Boh and Sammy x
Chris O’Connor $50
Natasha Kidman $50
Gabby Hogan $25
Emma Braun $25
Zoe O'Callaghan $200 Gooooo you great one
Ted Fitzgerald $100
Chloe Tewes $40 Good luck xx
Tom Betts $50
Eve Betts $50
Isabella Henricus $50
Rory O’Sullivan $40 Good luck on the walk Nick and everyone taking part!
Pam Hopkins $100
Jim Redfern $200 Fantastic cause....well done Nick and all the best for the stroll
Loop Recruitment $100
Tracy Strange $100 Good luck. Better get training xx
Tracy Strange $100 Good luck. Better get training xx
Rosalind Stansmore $100
Anonymous $223 Money raised from a movie night held on 20th June.
Adrian Robertson $50 Good work Philly , a great cause !
Catherine Herd $120 Well Done Lucy
Tess Beechey $25 Good on you Lauren ❤️
Frank Herd $500 Go Sarah
Frank Herd $500 GO PHILLY
Frank Herd $500 Go Lauren
Anonymous $223 This is money raised from a fundraising movie night held on June 20th.
Anonymous $223 This is money raised from a fundraising movie night held on June 20th.
Anonymous $223 This is money raised from a fundraising movie night held on June 20th.
Adrian Tan $50 good work guys!
Anonymous $32
Clare McKinnon $25 Good luck Charlotte
Elise Monahan $25
Jum Lamont $40 ❤️
Jordie, Fi and Tommy Barr $50 Proud of you Charzie!
Annette Schilg $120 You shall do Catherine's memory proud, I'm sure she walk beside you all the way xxxx
Karl Lawlor $25 Best of Luck!
Julia Menzies $50 Go Char. In memory of that beautiful friend of yours/ours. Not doing this one.... saving for Tas.... can you do that one too?
Briony Butters $100 Go Kiddo...you’re all amazing x
Will Allott $120 Good luck mate. Brookie and Will.
Wilhelmena McLean $25
Sarah McCarthy $25
Sophie Ayerbe $50
Tom Butters $50
Meg Campbell $25
Philip Smith $50
Anne Smith $50
Russell Ross $75
Rosemary Robertson $200 Good on you Philly! A great cause, close to your heart! X
Sandy Waters $50
Sophie Wood $50 Amazing effort guys! Love Soph, Woody and Henry xo
Will Strange $50 Good Luck Will & Sami
Seahaven Village $100 Lots of love Jamie
Jamie Bell $50


Name Total
Judy Ross $12,432
Georgie Mann $7,500
Richard Herd $5,105
Jen Hutton $4,645
Annabelle Morrison $4,600