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I wanted to do something positive after losing two friends to this disease in the space of a few months earlier this year. So I'm taking part to honour the memories of Catherine Ross and Kate Vincent, two beautiful young women who were taken from us far, far too soon.

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Anonymous $100
Andrew McCrossin $50 Well done Amy
Acacia Pyner $25
Anonymous $100 Proud of you Nathan Aunty D
Melissa McEwen $100
Lisa Clifton $40 Hope you survived Amy! Great work
Brooke McIlveen $40 What a champion you are! I’m sure Katie was with you the whole way. Brooke x
Anna Martin $30 Good luck Amy!! Take it easy and enjoy. What an inspiration!
Anna Osland $50 You're amazing Amy - good luck for the walk!!! I'll be cheering you on from afar!!
Anonymous $100 Go Amy
Anonymous $160 Go Henry
Andrea Wood $30 Good luck Amy, enjoy the walk :)
Geoffrey Bruckner $25 Good Job Henry Geoffrey and Debbie Bruckner
Bronwyn Glenn $50 Good luck Amy. xx
Direct star $120 Thinking of you and Kate and char xx
Ainsley, Kai, Harvey & Callie Bruce $100 80kms...walk in the park for you!! Go get em Nath! Kate would be so proud xoxo
Jane Raven $20 Wonderful Nathan xx
Melissa D'Amico $40 Well done for getting involved in this Henry. The team will be supporting you and cheering you and your family on from Canberra.
Brad & Erin Lockley $50 Well done mate
katelyn sutcliffe $100 Wonderful thing you are doing! Hope you have packed lots of band aids, good luck!
Carly Nikolic $30 All the best Nathan. Love to you and Charlotte xox
1982 $200 She will be with you all the way
katharine barrett $50 Go For It NV - so much courage and determination, but well aware that's how you roll! Katharine, Marcus and family X
Interface Research & Strategy $120 I so wish I could have met your very beautiful Wife, wish you well on the Trak, and send a big man hug. Chris MM
Lauren Grimes $40 Great work Henry!
Carolyn Holland $40 ❤️❤️
Emma Gibbs $40 Wishing you well on the trek Nathan! Such a great cause in memory of beautiful Kate xx
Mike Fletcher $40
Karyn Agland $10 All the best.... x
Meg/Colin Campbell $40 Well done Henry. Great cause.
Meg/Colin Campbell $40 Amy you are wonderful to be doing this in memory of Kate. Go carefully xx
Meg/Colin Campbell $40 Well done Henry. Great that you are doing this for Kate.
Jenny Harben $20 Go Amy!!!
Jared and Lauren Holmes $25 Great cause and best of luck Amy!
Jared and Lauren Holmes $25 Great cause and best of luck mate
Jared Holmes $25 Best of luck mate from Lauren and I. Great cause and hope you enjoy the experience!
Pauline & Rodney Doyle $100 A wonderful way to honour the memory of your dear friends. xx
Anonymous $100
Andrew Orenstein $100 Great thing to do mate. I hope you enjoy it.
Anonymous $40 Great cause - go Henry!
Theresa J O'Connor $40 Wonderful of you. Hoping for good weather! Cheers TJ
Laura Walsh $20
Anonymous $50 Good show!
Alexandra Phillips $50 Well done, Henry. Best of luck, you're doing a really great thing.
Sally Witcombe $20 Well done Henry, great cause. Sorry for your losses :(
Andrew Campbell $50 Good luck, well done.
Anonymous $40 Tip of the cap, squire.
Chanti Richardson $50 Best of luck Henry!
Matthew Coombe $200 For our friend Kate - never forgotten
Newcastle Middle School $200 In support of our beautiful colleague and friend, Kate. All our support to you Nathan, Charlotte and family. Much love all the staff at Newcastle Middle School. xx
Wade Vincent $200
Elizabeth Giannone $100 So much admiration for your spirit and efforts, Nathan! Good luck with the challenge.
Lyn & Bill Hennessy $100
Prue Mossman $120 I know Kate is so proud of you- she will be cheering you on and so will we. Good luck Nathan!
Tanya Deacon $15 Good on you
Rob & Virginia Sandell $50 Great cause Nathan. Thinking of Kate. Xx Rob & Ginny
Anonymous $80 $1/km
Jeanine Wilson $40 “Every step you make, every breath you take, I’ll be watching you!” And she will be so go hard.....go strong Nathan for a cure!!! ( Best wishes & Thankyou for your support for this necessary research
Di and Geoff Crossingham $200 Thank you Nathan for continuing Kate's legacy of fighting this horrible disease.
Belinda Ryan $40 Let’s find a cure! Miss you Kate xo. Go for it Nathan!!!!!
Gordon & Joy Hamilton $25 I am in awe of your courage and commitment Nathan, but I am not surprised, it is a great tribute to Kate who was an Inspiration to so many. Good luck with Everything.
Sharnie Cowburn $25 For beautiful, inspirational Kate! Happy Birthday! Great job Nathan wishing you the best with this big challenge x
Mark Chegwidden $100 Best of luck, mate! Love you Kate. Chegz.
Alison Dillon $25
Sally Pitkin $40 Hugs and strength Nath. Xxx
Alexia Galt $50 Happy birthday, Kate. Xx
Clare Hamilton $100 What an amazing thing you are doing Nathan, Kate would be so proud of you. I Miss you so much beautiful Kate Much love, Clare & Emma
Maxine Garson $50 We are so in awe of your strength and courage Nath! Smash it for our beautiful girl. Lots of love xxx
Sarah Williams $50 Well done Nathan x
Fran Tupou $50 Thinking of beautiful Kate on her birthday today. I think this is such an amazing, inspiring and worthwhile thing you are doing Nathan. Big hugs to you and Charlotte. X
Thomas Wade $50
Genevieve & Trent Walsh $120 Thinking of you all today and always
Dani Mason $25 Proud of you boss and Kate will be so much prouder xx
Ebony Schmarr $25 Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend Kate! What a beautiful hunsband you are Nath. Kate would be so absolutely proud of you! Lots of love xx
Natalie Tennant $50 WOW! Great work Nathan - and so inspiring, just like Kate. Happy Birthday beautiful lady. Miss you xxx
Mr $50
Amy Brosie $40 Happy birthday dear Kate xxx
Emily Carey $40 Happy birthday to Kate xx thinking of her everyday. We wanted to donate today for her bday as I know Kate appreciated practical gifts ❤❤❤ You've got this Nathan . You are a true warrior ..an amazing man and father xox So much love to you and Charlotte xxxxx
Kathryn Fox $100 Very proud of you Nathan. Your beautiful angel Kate will be with you every step of the way.
Jodi McCarter $25 Kate would be so proud . You’re amazing
Helen Wilson $100 Good Luck with it all Nath all the best.
Anonymous $1,000 Proud of you son.
Rosemary Wade $30 Good luck Nathan x
Warwick Scott $120 Haven’t see you since school, it’s the least I could do! Good luck
Clare Collins $500 a very worthy cause Clare and Rhys Collins
Debbie Allen $50 Good on you Nathan ...What a great thing your doing. So proud ..better get training
Shane Hatton $100 Breathe fire and spread those wings Dragon! Inspirational mate!
John Crowther $40 Hope the run goes well mate. Look forward to meeting up soon. John
Rhiannon Allen $40 Such a great idea! So proud of you.
Camilla Burgmann $50 Get it Nath! Proud of you.
Lee-Anne Dunne $50 Good luck Nathan!
Sarah Pullen $50 Go get em tiger! What an amazing thing you’re doing for Kate xxx
Joshua Sparks $100 Best of luck, mate. Proud of ya.
Cameron Mitchell $50 Great stuff mate! You’re a good man. Kunky.
Deborah Fletcher $100 Good luck Nathan. Wonderful tribute xx
Jennifer Allen $200 Very proud of you Nathan for this very worthy cause. Kate would also be very proud of you.
Peter Woodfod $50
Gavin Carrick-Allan $200 Always here for you my friend.
Vicki Rutherford $30 I’m sure Kate will be with you all the way. I’m so proud of you. XX
Gemma Kelaher $120 What a wonderful cause and Kate would be so proud of you.
Rachel Lenkic $50
Paul MacPherson $100 Good luck mate.
Jess Regan $25 kate would be so proud. Well done Nathan x
Karyn Agland $10 Goodluck Nathan, thinking of u all and what a beautiful dedication to Kate ☺️
Elise Skillen $50 Great work Nath, and an awesome cause. Kate would be so proud of you xx
Nathan Vincent $100
Eddie Page $50 As i’ve witnessed your cough after 500 metres of moderate running, under no illusions the task you’ve set yourself! Great cause - go well!
Eddie Page $50 Go well!
David Hennessy $40
Anonymous $200 Great effort Henry.
Henry Campbell $50


Name Total
Nathan Vincent $6,540
Henry Campbell $1,365
Amy Campbell $740