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Our team has lost family and friends from bowel cancer. We are a group of Adelaide Unii friends (and a ring in brother) who will push ourselves to the limit and never give up.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Louise Eddington $100 Go Pones we love you x
Warren Sheetmetal $50
Carolyn Vigar $50 Good luck, safe travels and fine weather
Jo Podoliak $50 Awesome event and fundraising for a worthy cause! Have fun - you'll love every minute of it!
Therese and Ian Martin $40 Good luck.
Anonymous $50 Good luck.
Helene Bourne $50 Great, Leonie and team! With you in spirit... Helene and Les xx
Nicole Hodgson $45 Smash it out of the park!
Maz McGann $50 That is one looooooong walk but if there is one thing I know about you Leonie - not much stands in your way if you want to achieve something. Go well team!
Ben Boothby $50 Here she comes now singing Poney Poney! You go Lil Pone!
Misty Lane and Co $80 You go girl. Good luck
Chris Pfeiffer $80 Great cause Leonie.
Lana Blazujevic $50 Great initiative! When you think you can't do it anymore, just take another step. Good luck!
Andrea Thomas $50
Leonie Boothby $50 Thanks Peter
Alison Kimber $25 Awesome effort Leonie!
Robert F (Ted) Robinson $50
Gina McCulloch $50 Awesome job Leonie
Paul Berryman $50 Good luck Leonie. Great cause.
Anonymous $150
Chris Rogers $40
Jan & John Angas $40 Walk on Leonie.
Howard Duncan $40 Great work Leonie!
Bill Gransbury $40 Good on you Leonie, go for it, cheers Bill & Trish G


Name Total
Michelle Andersen $1,005
Leonie Boothby $1,000
Leon Andersen $625
Robyn Cannizzaro $225