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Our team has lost family and friends from bowel cancer. We are a group of Adelaide Unii friends (and a ring in brother) who will push ourselves to the limit and never give up.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
MICHELLE LEAH ANDERSEN $50 Thank you Frank Fischer
Leanne McKenzie $1,500 Thanks for participating in a great cause and honouring my daughter Gemma
Marie Elley $40 Thank you for honouring a special friend.
Michelle Andersen $70 From Drew Smith $50 cash and Ange MacDonald $20
DECD $25 Good work!
Anonymous $50 You are always there to help out Michelle, congratulations.
Sophie Russell $50 Well done, Michelle. Gemma would be proud of you.
Cheryl Evans $40 Brilliant effort Michelle!
Robyn Cannizzaro $30 Top effect Shells
Karl Brunckhorst $100 Great cause. Gem would be proud. Hope the walk goes well! (Mum told me you ran into her in Horsham on the trip over.)
Narelle Brennan $40 Such an incredible way to honour such a beautiful person and raise money to help fight bowel cancer.
Sheryl Caston $25 Massive effort Leonie, even if you don't make it to the end, Sheryl
Michelle Rappa $25 Best wishes, Michelle!
Lyle Sutton $40 A great way to remember a wonderful person
Anonymous $20
Anonymous $50 In memory of a wonderful person
Mark Kitchen $80 Go team Andersen from all the Kitchens!
1965 $25 Good Luck Michelle - I know you will smash it in honour of our beautiful Gem.
Nicola Martin $20 You are doing a wonderful thing. Don't be nervous, it is one foot after the other. Gemma would be very proud of you.
Alisha Kestell $20 Good Luck!
Billy James $100 All the best for your trek. A wonderful cause. My sister has cancer and had her bowel removed last year. The cancer has spread through other parts of her body and she only has a few months left. It is such a horrible and disgusting disease. I think this is such an amazing and wonderful thing you are doing. Thank you Michelle.
Hayley Reid $20 Have fun Michelle! A great cause for a great person!
Nima Valamanesh $20 Thank you Michelle, Good luck on the Tirp!
Cindy Rudduck $40 Well done Michelle! What a beautiful friend xxx
Brenton Cannizzaro $100 You’ll never walk alone
Robyn Cannizzaro $175
James Lindner $100 good luck and well done
Winstanley Consulting Pty Ltd $100 Good luck Lone! A wonderful cause and something I am sure your friend would be very grateful for. Love you x
Louise Eddington $100 Go Pones we love you x
Warren Sheetmetal $50
Carolyn Vigar $50 Good luck, safe travels and fine weather
Jo Podoliak $50 Awesome event and fundraising for a worthy cause! Have fun - you'll love every minute of it!
Therese and Ian Martin $40 Good luck.
Anonymous $50 Good luck.
Helene Bourne $50 Great, Leonie and team! With you in spirit... Helene and Les xx
Nicole Hodgson $45 Smash it out of the park!
Maz McGann $50 That is one looooooong walk but if there is one thing I know about you Leonie - not much stands in your way if you want to achieve something. Go well team!
Ben Boothby $50 Here she comes now singing Poney Poney! You go Lil Pone!
Misty Lane and Co $80 You go girl. Good luck
Chris Pfeiffer $80 Great cause Leonie.
Lana Blazujevic $50 Great initiative! When you think you can't do it anymore, just take another step. Good luck!
Andrea Thomas $50
Leonie Boothby $50 Thanks Peter
Alison Kimber $25 Awesome effort Leonie!
Robert F (Ted) Robinson $50
Gina McCulloch $50 Awesome job Leonie
Paul Berryman $50 Good luck Leonie. Great cause.
Anonymous $150
Chris Rogers $40
Jan & John Angas $40 Walk on Leonie.
Howard Duncan $40 Great work Leonie!
Bill Gransbury $40 Good on you Leonie, go for it, cheers Bill & Trish G
IDiT $40 Enjoy the stroll, Leonie. Its a great cause.
Maura McInerney $50 Best of luck, Leonie (and your buddies). It's a wonderful thing you are doing for a very worthy cause. M & X.
Natalie Chivell $40 Great work Leonie & team!
Michelle Peterson $50 Good on you Robyn; such a worthy cause.
Barbara Yates $25 Best wishes for your fundraising for such a great cause
Shane Durbridge $10 Well done legend.
Judi Maschmedt $25 Go Leon!
Leon Andersen $50
Matt Grantham $50 Kudos!
eric michaels $200
Tony Nguyen $100 Go Leon!
StarTech IT Consulting $50
Leon Andersen $100
Helen Lee $50 Thanks Michelle for walking to raise funds to help fight bowel cancer. Take care with the training and good luck!
Kane Hillman $50 Amazing work. Well done.
Janice Sutherland $50 Thank you Michelle for keeping Gemma's memory alive and for trying to make a difference to people in the future. My dad also had bowel cancer and went through a very tough time, but fortunately pulled through.
Jason Archer $25 Onya Ando, your're a bloody champion!!
Cherie Morgan $50 Good on you, Michelle! All the best!
Brighton Secondary School $100 My mum is terminal with this disease as well. A wonderful way to honour Gemma and others affected by bowel cancer. Go Michelle!!
Jen Panno $30
Panos Karapetsas $100 Good luck and well done.
Beck Kane $25 I know Gemma would be so happy that you are raising awareness for this terrible disease :)
Angela MacDonald $50 Awesome effort to honour a wonderful friend. Good luck on the walk.
ANNE WHEATON $25 Thanks for raising awareness and helping to raise funds for bowel cancer research. Good luck with the Trek and I'm sure Sherie would be 'mighty pleased' to see you spreading the word.
Anthea Williams $30
Karl Brunckhorst $25 Thank you for raising funds for bowel cancer and honoring my sister while doing it. Enjoy the walk! Karl.
Leon Andersen $50
Lynsey Brown $25 Go you good thing! Such an important cause, love your work xo
Andrea and Paul Thomas $50 An amazing thing to do for your special friend Michelle xx
Helen Shaw $50
Sandra Larsen $20 It's wonderful to be remembered after you're gone.
Pauline Crawford $50 Thank you for doing this.
Jenny Forrest $50 Great idea Michelle. Take care with training and enjoy the trek. Enjoy
lynlee graham $50 Mighty effort Michelle for a wonderful cause
Michelle Peterson $50 Good on you Robyn; such a worthy cause.
Michelle Andersen $100


Name Total
Michelle Andersen $3,380
Leonie Boothby $1,025
Leon Andersen $705
Robyn Cannizzaro $400