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The team at Growth Ops are excited to take part in this important JLF event to spread the word and support this important cause.

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Eva Mihajlovic $40
Lawrie Cole $25
Emma McConchie $20 Go Amy!
Tessa and Jack Mack $30
Ray Shorter $40 Great cause, Amy ... go girl !
Eleanna Hingston $40 You girls are amazing! Well done!
Rory ODonohoe $40 Great work Amy
Emerson Satur $40 Great work Amy! All the best with the recovery. Emo and Caro
Stefan Valling $50 Good on ya darl
Dillon mckenna $50 Go girls!
Karen Chittenden $25 Mwaaah!
Molly Temay $40 Amazing! Proud of you Amy xx
Angela Knight $20 You go girl!
Matt Berry-Smith $40 Go you good thing! Sounds like a horse racing, but no, it's my daughter doing the right things for the benefit of others. She's a beauty Love you Phia - DAD
Ljubinka Berry-Smith $40 Well done!
Steven Smith $20
Cate Lane $25 Go Lozzie!!
Jess Owen $40 So impressive Lauren! A great effort for a great cause x
Garry Belford $120 I great effort Steph xx
Lisa Trayhurn $30 Go Steph!
Rachael Barron $25 Well done!!!! Xx
Mandy Caplan $25 You blooming legend. Hope you're not too crippled by the end... Love Mandy and Simon xx
Melanie Alafaci $20 Amazing effort Steph! xx
Paula Skidmore $25 Get them old lady legs a shufflin ;) hope you can walk again in a few days chick... awesome job!
Anonymous $20 Well done Cam! 80km walk is crazy. Next time you take the car xo
Josh Neo Jackson $100 Good luck out there Scrilla xox
Peter Mescher $50 Great work! Love you
Alexandra Barron $25 Good luck xx
Coco Productions $100 Good Luck Ilona, From the Coco Team
Amber & Ryan Smith $40 Well done babe!! You’ve got this
Georgia McKay $25 Good stuff sissy!
Joey Walster $40 You’re a fkn legend!!!!! Great cause. Great human. You got dis. Right behind ya (boo!) just kidding! Big pats on back. Go girl. Yeah! Woo.
Catherine Nolan $20 Go team! Great effort
Rebekah Ledsam $100 Great work Lauren! Good luck x Rebekah, Leigh, Sam and Lucy
Pieter-Paul von Weiler $20 GO team and wear those toe-socks.
Robyn Buckley $50 Well done Steph xx
Jacqueline O’Connell $40 Go Steph!! Xx
Sophie Rowe $40 Go Team!
Tristan Ludowyk $50 Go Soumya! Hope your stay dry!
Todd Martin Productions $40 Well done Lonsey! You wanna, you wanna You want a hot body? You want a Bugatti? You want a Maserati? You better work b**** You want a Lamborghini? Sippin' martinis? Look hot in a bikini? You better work b**** You wanna live fancy? Live in a big mansion? Party in France? You better work b****, you better work b**** This song will always remind me of you, TAG and Sydney :)
Rebecca Dunn $50 Good on you Amy - always doing something amazing helping make the world a better place! X
Lucy Bell $20 Go you good things!! Proud of you all :)
Tess Porter $25 Good luck Lones! xx
AJF $40 The feeling at the finish line will fill your heart with rainbows and butterflies! Enjoy the ride. xx
Flint $120 All the best
Bec Ivanov $10 Love you re! So proud of you and your drive and passion for everything you put your mind too! Good luck! Will miss you xxx
Andrew Vukosav Photography P/L $100 You go Girl!
Anonymous $21 Go get em tiger!
Geordan Dragos $25 xxx
Greg Elms Photography $120 It’s a great cause Ilona. All the best with the trek!
jon webb photography $40
Anonymous $40
Phyland consulting $100
Rhys Evens $20 You're my hero
Ben Mescher $25 Good luck Amy!!
Emily Paladino $50 Good luck darl - you're gonna kill it! xx
Milk Pty.Ltd. $120 Best of luck Ilona on your noble trek!
Anonymous $25 Colon Cam, don’t bowel out early.
Anonymous $25 Good luck fartless x
Tommy Jackson $25 Go team! Proud of you Amy x
Emily Purcell $50 Good luck xxx
Kinky Lizard $50 Go you good things!!!! Big ups from the bottom of our bowels. Good luck.
rhyen ellis $23 .
Melanie Stevens $50 Good luck, wifey! So proud! Colon Eileen! <3 xoxo
Nick & Sandra Weller $200 Go Cam & Team Colon E! Remember, every step you take is one step closer to your goal... the pub.
Lynne McKay $25 Well done Amy!!
Mel Barnes $25 Goooooo Doolan! You rock!!!
Samantha Watt $20 Go Dale!
Cassandra Connelly $50 Good luck on your journey Steph! My mum was lucky to make it through but this is such a horrible disease. Thanks for all your work supporting such a great cause.
Olivia Trayhurn $20 <3
Ed Carveth $100
sharon little $40 xxx
Anonymous $80 Goooooooooooooooooooooo Rashvest! Much love From Sandy and Face
New Media Sales $25 Go Girl !!
Marcus Rubira $30 Good luck Swatty! Be sure to add Miley Cyrus "The Climb" to your pre-game playlist... apparently that's what all the cool hiking kids listen to these days
Alexandra Nevill $25
Sharne Webster $25 Good luck hon! Love your work x
Ajf $25 Xox
Rod Lindus $20 With you all the way Steph X
Megan Portelli $50 Good luck babe!! xx
Charlie Mulcahy $100 Go gemmy! You’ve got this :) :)
Julian Mulcahy $100 Make sure you wear comfortable shoes!
Anonymous $120
AJF Partnership $50 Go you good things! Legends all.
GrowthOps $25 Such a great cause! Good luck for the trek!
Jayne Brady $50 Go team!
Roger Lee $40 Good luck team - a great cause!
Michelle Buchanan $25 Great cause. Good luck with the trek.
Tina Niscioli $40
Glenn Pyke $25 Awesome effort. You know how close this is to home for me x
Lena Wallish $25 Well done! Here is to more success stories in the detection of early bowel cancer!!
Claire Maher $40 So proud of you Steph, you've got this! xxx
Anonymous $30
Evelyn Dunlop $40 Go Steph! Great cause for a wonderful man.
Millicent Tree $25 Couldn’t be more proud of you Steph. Something that touches my heart in so many ways.
Renée Stasios $50 You go girl! Wishing you the best of luck. Keith would be proud xx
Anonymous $50 Go Cristina. Small person with long steps and a bigger heart.
AJF $25 Go bitch!
Ellen McCaffrey $30 Good on ya, Swatty!
Monica Zaksek $40 Happy trekking Steph xx
Eloise Trayhurn $40 Go Steph, so proud of you for raising money for such an important cause. Love you lots xxx
Shivon Arif $25 Can’t wait to hear about how you go. Xx
Monique Alafaci $20 Go Steph you got this. Keith would be beyond proud of you xx
Emily Sayers $40 Well done Swatty - you've got this!!
Laura Buckley $40 Proud of you mate!
Demi Erfurth $50 Go Steph! Much love xx
John Watt $100 Go Steph. Well done
Shaun Langdon $20 Great cause well done Swatty
Tess Dunlop $40 Go Swatty!! Keith would be so proud xxx
Natasha Crawford $40 You got this gal! Proud of you!
Joe Darwish $40 Go Steph!
Ilona Phyland $20
Stephanie Watt $25


Name Total
Stephanie Watt $1,595
Ilona Phyland $835
Lauren Doolan $670
Camilla Fielder $560
Amy McKay $405