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We are gal pals wanting to raise funds for a great cause that is so very close to our hearts.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Jim Bell $15
Elly Millier $50
Laura Deveson $20 Well done Bec :)
Sammy Axford $20
Courtney Wall $20 Well done!
Emily Geaham $20
Anna Perera-Cameron $40
Megan Quinn $10
Anonymous $40
Ric Roberts $10
Emma Lingham $20
Ric Roberts $10
Rachael Chatterton $40
Beth Jones $100 Good luck to everyone walking! Go Team Shauna
Tim Macaulay $50
Mr $50
Anonymous $120
Ellouise Poustie $40
Denis Zucchet $20 Well done and good luck!!
Monica Farrell $50 Good on ya Loz, enjoy the walk x
Celtic Decor $120 You can do it
Mr. $50 Enjoy the walk
Moisty Reynolds $10 Happy Bushwackin' Roxy-gurl!
Glenda Richardson $50 Enjoy your walk.
Marian Stoney $25 Go Loz!!!
Lauren Richardson $40
Lisa Warburton $100 Wooo!!! Good luck everyone walking for Shauna!! You guys kick cancers butt as does Shauna! Wish I could join you guys, but money will have to do instead! Love Lisa, Jamie, Harry and Charlie x x x
Victoria McLean $100 Go Team Shauna! We'll be supporting from the sidelines! Lach & Vic xx
George Wagner $20
Anonymous $50 Great friends support each other. Well done
Kellie Brajkovic $20 Good luck guys!
Jola i Jacek Patela $50
MoneyQuest $40
Money Quest Australia Pty Ltd $120 Happy trails Rox.
Tahlia Pennells $25 Go Simmy!
Carmelo Mustica $25 Lets hope we can find a cure for Bowel Cancer. Best Wishes Simone ! Carmelo
Phil Mason $50
Chris Stobaus $40
DR Newham $150 Proud of you mate.
Mark McSweeney $40
Anonymous $25
Schneider lifts $120
Samuel Steele $25
Rebecca Roberts $25
graeme dellora $300 Go Shauna -- and Simmy !! Love -- Tex, Maggs and Aunty Kaye . xxx
Dominika Patela $40
Cian Beirne $40
Anonymous $40
Steve Lazos $50 You've got this Shauna
glenn parry $40
Joanne Quinn $25 Michael I have a brother with Leukemia who's doing very well at the moment, good luck to you and Shauna.
Anna Brennan $40
Hayley Grant $40
Capital trasport $50 GOOD LUCK!! wish you all the best for both of yah and good luck to Shauna
Ben McIvor $50
Megan Cook $20 Good luck Team Shauna all the way xx
Margie Sweeney $40 Well done Lina on supporting your friend. Love Margie & Barry xxx
Lina McIvor $50
James Regan $50 Best of luck Shauna! And good luck with the trek Michael!
Jason Blackledge $50 Best Wishes to Shauna, Good luck on the Trek Michael!
Jackie Roper $25
Michael Abdul-Massih $100 Best wishes Shauna and good luck on the trek Mike!
Capital $50 Awesome job guys!
Timothy Lane $50
Brad Pepi $25 All the best with the trek and the treatment
Calvin Muscat $25 Go Team Shauna!
Capital Transport $20
Michael Kavanagh $50
Anonymous $50 Good job!
Anonymous $50
Neil Scott $50 Go Shauna. You’ll smash it.
Carolyn Bowden $25
Amanda Lowe $50 Go Shauna!! You’re a legend
Beverly Lowe $200
Kate Lawford $120
Jess McKenna $25
Ashleigh Glasscock $25
Clare Read $10
Simone Dellora $10
Lauren Richardson $10