Raised of $500 Goal

Jodi lost her life and battle with bowel cancer at such a young age. It wasn't anything any of us ever thought about in the younger carefree days. She will be forever missed by her friends and I am walking to remind myself of her beautiful tenacious character and to raise awareness.

I would much rather be catching up with her on the odd occasion for a chin-wag and wine but that is no longer a reality due to this horrible disease, so I am getting walking instead ................

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Vanessa Spaans $25 Well done Tarsh & co! X
GYST Parasitology Services $40
Sara Bowers $40 Good on you Tarsh. Hope it goes well.
Susie Dye $50 Go girl !
Ross & Lyn Pfeiffer $100 Good on you Tarsh - best of luck for the trek.
James Luckock $50 Good on you Tarsh - best of luck with the walk!
Mark Boettger $50
Emma Douglas $40 Go Tarsh! I’m sure Jodi will be watching over you & cheering you on❤️
Hilary Whittle $40
Jane Sandow $100 You've got this! See you at the finish line for wine!!! xxx
Julie Wood $50 You'll have Jodi riding on your shoulder, so you'll be sure to smash it Tarsh! Much love xx
Matthew Loats builder $100 Ride it like you stole it, or like a drunken Mexican , if all else fails soldier on. One foot in front of the other . Xx great cause
Eade Livestock Services $25 Good Luck. Don’t pull any muscles Tarsh.
Paula McKindlay $25 You too Tarsha :) Coming home this weekend for some training if you're keen??!
Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Company Pty Ltd $50