Raised so far

We are a team of intrepid mums keen to take on the fitness challenge of JLF Trek for a 2nd year. As well as making some awesome memories along the 80kms we are very proud to raise awareness and much needed funds for the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer. Thank you for your kind and generous support of this very worthy cause.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Gerald Moses $100
Bree Marendaz $10 Awesome effort Carmel.
Anonymous $120
Ria Barlabas $25
Julie Gentle $50 Well dome Dayle and team. Bowel Cancer has affected us too - Steve’s Dad lost his fight in 2011 and our best friend is fighting it at the moment.
Tamara Hayden $25 Good on you Carmel - great cause !!!
Mouppa Enterprises Pty Ltd $25 A fantastic cause and close to my heart.
Megan Crawford $25 Congratulations on a fantastic effort in tricky conditions.
Natalie McDonald $40
Rachel Williams Hairdressing $25 Go girls!
Jacqueline Scarlett $50 Congratulations Gen. Great cause. Jac xx
Kate Zabakly $25 Amazing effort, Gen and co. Sending healing vibes to all aches, pain and blisters!!
Kirsty England $100 What a weekend!! Great effort x
Jordan Conti $20 Great work team mum's!
Bonnie Ricci $25 Way to go ladies! We cheered you on from the USA!!
Gail Pacani $30 In dedication to my fierce friend Diana, 36 yrs
Josh Hocking $100 Go Oli !
Eleanor Cummins $25 Go Gen and ladies!! Hope there's a big Radox bath waiting for you at the end!!
Cheryl Forrbes $25 Well done girls, keep going, I know how tough it is, you are doing awesome!
Simon Muegge $50 Do it!
Elle Rayson $25 Woohoo!! Rest those legs tonight! Proud of you!
Jane Palmer $20 Go team
Tyrone Charge $40 Great cause well done
Joy Machin $25 Good on you Oil..... Joy and Geoff
NAB $25 Hi Carmel, Great cause. Well done and super impressed that you are doing this. Wishing you all the best. Sharmila Wilson
Beaspoke Safety $25
Claire Watson $40 Good on you Gen! Show that walk who's boss!
Carmen Crocker $25 Good luck!!! Look forward to hearing all about it next week xx
Cate Burns $50 Good luck! x
Irene Wright $100 Just keep Walking !!!!!
Matthew Moses $80 GO!!
Wobyn Sawtell $50 Wooohooo!! Enjoy your time with the girls....... whilst you grin and bear the pain of the trek!! You are all so kind and loving to do this xx
Anonymous $30
1987 $40 Go Carmel!
Josie Penna $25 Go you beautiful legend and kick bowel cancer in the butt xx
Michelle Northeast $50 Good luck Gen!!
Fleur O'Keefe $100 Best of luck Carmel! We love you. From Paul, Fleur and Amelia xx
Marianne Darcy $40 Good luck Carmel, you are an absolute inspiration to us all .. and what a worthy cause to be supporting!
Kara Pomerenke $25 Good luck ladies!
Gail Rushworth $40 Good luck!!
Donna Zhou $10 Go Dayle!! Smash it.
Natural Habitat Interiors & Design $25 Go sista #lovemysister #lovemyfamily
Carly Lethborg $40 Go Jules
Anonymous $50
Yvonne Douglas $100 Travel well & have fun
1973 $30 You know what is great about trekking? Nothing
Brigitte Baird $50
jeannie smith $100
Teresa Ho $25 Go Carmel! Fantastic cause. All the best!
Louise Kirkwood $120 Go Dayle
Adrian Chircop $40 GO DAYLE
Ross and Heather Muegge $40
Tess McCormack $25 Great cause - good luck Carmel & Co. !
Piyumi Muthukuda $25 Good luck Carmel
Amilia Wilkinson $50 Hi Carmel, You're an inspiration with all that you do. Good luck on the weekend. Amilia
Kevin Lam $120
Belinda Dunn $120 Great stuff Gen! Look forward to hearing how you all go; it’s a very worthy cause
Mary Frisby $50 Go Gen Go..... good luck everyone!!!!! Love, Granny xxx
Mark Frisby $100 You can do it!!!
Andrew Muegge $25
Margaret and Paul Barron $50 Great cause. Where's my Beef Ragu - just kidding.
Michael & Sonia Phillips $50 Go Ollie - you're a legend and we love you. You should be very proud, you are such an inspiration to us. Good luck, we know you will smash in your usual classy way. Sending you a hug for the finish line xx
Nicole Mansfield $40 Good luck! Mansfield family xx
Cenza Orfanidis $25 Well done Carmel, best of luck!
Matthew Boyall $40 Awesome work ladies! Michelle x
Rebecca Lennon $50 You go girl!
Kerry MacLeod $120 Great work Gen.
Eileen Sexton $20 I'll kick you off Gen. Go you!
Michelle Birch $25 Awesome work ladies. Hope you get a long soak in those hot springs when you are done.
Dianne Moses $25 I love the team name! Go girls- it's such an important cause.
Mrs $120 Go Mum XX
Dept of Economic Development $100 Go Mum! We are so proud of you! Sammy & Leo