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My name is Jaymee and I was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in January. I have undergone major surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. I am still in active treatment.

I would like to raise awareness about colorectal cancer and that it is no longer an “older” persons disease. The rates are on the rise in the younger generation and I would like to encourage people to get checked.

I will be taking part in the trek whilst undergoing treatment to prove to myself that cancer has not and will not take all from me - and to complete the walk to make my family and friends proud. I would like to show resilience and determination, so I can encourage my son to grow up with these traits.

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Safer Care Victoria $25 Go Jess!!
Lisa & David Troon $120 Best wishes to you and your family Tim
Natalie Gomez $40 Amazing work Jaymee! You are an inspiration!
Jackie O'Connor $25 Good luck!!
Hannah Toose $25
Michelle McDonald $50 What an inspiration you are, you’ll smash this!
Jessica Stevenson $25
Carey Civil Contractors $500 Sending our best wishes to Jaymee. We wish you, your family and friends all the best throughout the Trek. A great cause to support. John, Leisa and the team at Carey Civil.
Daniel Carey $50 What an Amazing cause! Will be thinking of you both! Daniel Carey
Tristan Rayner $50 Kick some arse!
peter pilven $100 go Gurl, been thinking about you a lot , all the best mate !!
Alex Chiodo $50 Jaymee, you are so inspiring :)
Dylan Giles $50
Anonymous $120 Enjoy the day!
Anonymous $50 Love and best wishes to Jaymee
Sam Ryan $50
Julie and Gary Lennecke $25 Go girl!
Julie and Gary Lennecke $25 Good job!
Meagan & Brad Ward $50 Sending best wishes to you for the Trek and beyond xx
Meagan & Brad Ward $50 10km...a walk in the park Dave. Good Luck!
Travis Smith $25
Innovative interior solutions $50
DET Ballarat $6 Good luck! :)
Sirach Yeboah $50 You’re a star Helen!
Shaun Conley $30
Henry Burridge $50 Get rid of that horrible gurnsey
Samuel Clark $25 Onya mate. You're a legend.
Zac Watkins $50 Jaym you little ripper. This is mighty courageous and wish you and all the participants well. You’ll slay it no doubt! All our love and support, Zac and Nik. Xo
Anonymous $25 Great cause, good luck xx
1990 $40 Awesome work! Great cause!
Anonymous $50 Good luck Dave you will rock at this . Go Bombers.
Emily Innes $50
Mark Dadswell $50 Best of luck with the Trek.
Janine Ronaldson $120 Good luck Jaymee❤️
Ruby Pilven $25 You’re a great sister! Love you both! Good luck with the trek xx
Ruby Pilven $40 You’re an amazingly strong, inspiring woman and mum! Go you xxx
Ian lock $100 Goodluck with the trek , thinking of you all Lock Family xxx
Ian lock $100
Rebecca Carson $40 ❤️
Kerri Skinner $50 Sending lots of love
Lesley Mills $20 Go Jaymee
Lyn Sartori $10 Go Jaymee!!
Rhyse Arnold $25
Anonymous $500 Good work Jake- a very worthy cause! Up your fundraising goal!
Anabella Varela $100 Wishing you all the best. You’re amazing. Good luck
Travis Nicholson $25 All the very best with everything Jaymee. Well done and good luck for the trek Dave.
Lyn Hayward $50 Good luck Jess and Jaymee Proud of you both
Hugh Lennecke $15
Jess Hayward $50
Scott Olston $10
Gabrielle Boermans $100 Good on you Jake. Best of luck!
Jake Rayner $25
Brad Webb $25
Helen Stiles $50 Good stuff Rhyse!
Paula Duffy $25 You are an inspiration xx
Anonymous $50
Jake Rayner $100
Elise Gore $50 Go get em tiger, what an inspiration you are!
Anonymous $25
Emma Tomlinson Civil Celebrant $50 You’ve got this Jaymee!! Love Emma & family xxx
Cat Wood $50
James Alexander $40
Tom Smith $40
Kelly Kors $120 You got this girl ❤️
Natasha Habsuda $40 Your Amazing Jaymee! We know your going to smash it out of the park. Lots of love Tash, Marek and Lottie
Rhiannon Prowsr $10
Stacey Lock $100
Kat Henderson $20
Guy Doherty $120 Happy to support mate. All the best for you and Jaymee.
TOLL $40 Hi mate, good luck on your journey and I wish you family the best of luck in the future.
Josh Troon $120 Unreal guys! Xx
Caitlin Davidson $50
Melanie Matherson $20 Amazing work guys! Lots of love xx
Jake Ryan $50
David Arnold $50 So proud of you Jaymee, go get it girl XOXOXO.
David Arnold $50 So proud of you Jaymee, go get it girl XOXOXO.
Rhys Ryan $25 Love ya work!!
Nic Hubbard $222
Sharni Waight $40 Amazing Jaymee! Your journey has been long and hard but your positivity throughout has been inspiring. Good luck!!
Mark Waight $120 Go Jaymee
Jenna Gray $10
Ash Johnston $25 All the best to you and family bro, keep strong!!! #fuckcancer
Tim Goldsmith $200
Rose Dryden $40 All the best for the trek and thinking of your with the next chemo round
Ballarat Health Services $40 You Go Girl !!!! You are an amazing woman Jaymee! XXX
DET Ballarat $15 Best wishes Jaymee!
wendy hocking $20 amazing effort. Best wishes :)
CCU $5
Sue-Anne Arnold $50
Louise Vos $50
John Wicks $50 Your a bloody tough woman Jaymee. Keep strong!!! I will be getting a check up aswell
Meagan Hill $150 Simply incredible you are lady xx
Brenna Alexander $40 Love your work mate, keep up the advocacy, and using your story to promote awareness in others. It's certainly a cliche but you are bloody inspiring so many people around you through being so open and honest about your journey. You don't owe it to anyone to be this way, but it is just like you to turn something like this into an opportunity to help the lives of others. F*ck cancer, you got this!! Xx
Charlotte Sumskas $50 You are so inspiring. Sending so much love and well wishes xo
Kate Carey $25 Proud of your sister Tayla! You are such a good sister and friend!! Xxx
Emma Gaffy $50 All the best Jaymee! Love Em and Gareth x
St Vincents Hospital $200 Go Jaymee! So proud of your courage and bravery!
Broadsolutions $25 Super effort! Good luck
Georgia Kitchin $40 I think of you all the time dude. Good luck with the trek x
Claire Whitecross $25 Get it girl!x
Alex Barras $25 So happy to support you on this. You're a legend Jaymee! Best of luck with your momentous trek and your recovery my friend. X
Rowena Craig $40 Amazing girl power!
Fraser Allen $40
Taz Gooding $20 Jaymee your courage is so so inspiring :)
Darcy Campbell $50 Good luck Jaymee.
Anonymous $50 You are an amazing woman Jaymee. Well done in assisting to get the message out there.
Samantha Prowse $50 What a woman!! You amaze me all the time with your strength and positivity!! You really are unbreakable xo
Liana Purser $20 Well done Jaymee
Karlie Handford $25 All the best Jaymee
Jack Pilven $25 Amazing courage facing what you’re going through. Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your treatment and this trek.
Scott Leonard $25 All the best Jaymee x
Krystal Whitty $10
Emma Handford $10 All the best with treatment Jaymee and raising funds and awareness xx
Tayla Arnold $10
Emma Dowler $50
Matt Culvenor $50 Great work!
Julie and Gary Lennecke $25 ❤️
Anonymous $15 Thinking of you!


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Tim Goldsmith $1,062
Jaymee Goldsmith $970
Jake Rayner $725
David Arnold $375
Rhyse Arnold $215