About the Event

The JLF Trek (VIC) will take place along parts of the Goldfields Track, a stunning trail that connects the towns of Ballarat and Bendigo and provides a pathway to central Victoria’s hidden treasures.

This magnificent trail weaves its way through open country, beautiful forests and past old mining relics as it crosses the Great Dividing Range.

We will cover 72km of the Goldfields Track over 2 and 3 September. The event is challenging and a reasonable level of hiking experience and fitness is required.

On the first day the trail will take you along a section of the Wallaby Track from Mollongghip to Hepburn Springs which is a moderate hike, requiring an average level of fitness. The second day follows a section of the Dry Diggings Track from Hepburn Springs to Fryerstown which include challenging climbs that require experience and a medium to high level of fitness.

Due to great interest in the event we have been able to expand it, but be quick as places are strictly limited to 250 participants. An entry fee of $165 will confirm your place. Registrations close on 31 July 2016 unless sold out prior. Participants will receive an event kit, which will include a JLF cap, hike guide, registration bib and a little black tutu.

Fundraising is an important element of the event with money raised helping us prevent bowel cancer. If each participant raises $1,000 we will reach our fundraising target of $250,000. We are grateful for every dollar that’s raised and are here to help you wherever we can. You can download our Fundraising Guidelines here.

For more information about the event and how to set up your fundraising page please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any further questions, contact our office on (08) 8343 7222 or email our Event Manager Elissa O'Donohue here.

Additional references:

Goldfields Track

Map Day 1: Wallaby Track (Mollongghip to Hepburn Springs)

Map Day 2: Dry Diggings Track (Hepburn Springs to Fryerstown)

Where to stay

Daylesford Visitor Information Centre

Get involved on social media using #JLFTrek.



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Recent Donations

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BHP Billiton Matched Giving Donations Program $200
Di Foster $100 Thankyou Di for your very generous donation.
Caroline Fisher $10
Cornwall Hotel $18 Thankyou to everyone at the Cornwall Hotel who made donations via our donation tin
Port Hughes General Store $74 Thankyou to all the customers who made donations at The Port Hughes General Store via the donation tin.
Julian Angelatos $2,020 BOOGIE FOR YA BOWEL
Cornwall Hotel Donation Tin $63 Thankyou to everyone who donated their spare change at the Corny
Lisa Younger $25 A late entry but I hope it all went well, an important cause for everyone to support!
Norm Baker Concreting $300
Jan Savory $30 Well done ladies!
Cowell Clarke $58
Michael Chrisohoou $5
Linley Schultz $5
Kieren Chester $10
Kelly English $5
Hannah Guest $5
Dayle Kerr $4
Brett Cowell $7
Monique Micklethwaite $2
Kimberley Gesti $4
Kathy Lindsay $5
Jon Clarke $5
Danielle Romani $100 Well done from Rosa and Maurice Shea
Jess Scott $2
Paul Ferrari $50 Well done Mich. Great effort and a great cause!
Kim Hunter $20 Well done Mitch and crew.
Ruth Passaris $30 Well done Sally and girls
Vinomofo $110 Great work team - final raffle IOUs are in, thanks to everyone who supported us! X
Vinomofo $300 Thank you to all of the staff at the 'Fo getting behind our $5 wine raffle!
Michaela Crump $130 Well done guys. Thanks to everyone who purchased Entertainment Books to support the Jodi Lee Foundation.
shannon checklin $15 Go Julie!
Sally Chandler $20 Well done Girls from Marcia (Dorothy's Carer)
Urban Information $50 Better late than never!! Great work Jane!! Donna and Grant
Kirrily Herath $50 Congratulations guys! A great cause and a wonderful way to honour a dear, departed friend. Kirrily xx
Annette Kaitinis $30
Heather Cook $50 Amazing effort Team FOMO .
Sarah Saha $75 Sorry for the tardiness of this donation Mary - a fantastic effort again for a great cause. Well done.
Matt and Belind Watkins $50 Well done guys! Great cause to donate towards.
Anonymous $221
Heather Witham $35
Elizabeth Williams $35
Anita Williams $35
Karen Thomas $70
Emma Taylor $35
David Strangward $35
Paul Stow $70
Kylie Saunders $70
Jane Sandow $70
Kath Robinson $35
Toni Player $35
Rohan Peters $70
Felicity O'Shannassy $35
Karen O'Halloran $35
Rob Newbold $70
Gabrielle Neal $35
Ian Murton $35
Rebecca Murdoch $70
Georgina Morrison $70
Leanne Mitchell $35
Tracey McMahon $35
Robyn McLachlan $35
Greg Lucas $35
Liz Lefanu $35
Tim Hower $35
Tara Hill $70
Jennifer Herbert $35
Melinda Golding $35
Amanda Freeman $70
Ralph Ferguson $35
Meaghan Farrell $70
Graham Edmonds $35
Melinda Dorgan $35
Jacinta Croagh $35
Richard Callanan $35
Richard Bellis $35
Susie Baines $35
Stephanie Anderton $70
Peter Amarant $35
Donna Allenby $35
Cath Honor $35
Andy Fry $35
Gaye Haug $70
Kay Robinson $35
Michaela Crump $35
Donna Turner $30 Great commitment Girls!
Erica Fitch $50 Well done Grimshaws!
Anonymous $100 Donation on behalf of Andrea & Rachel. We had a fantastic weekend
Kate Hearn Garden Designs $100
Rymill Coonawarra $471 Proud to be supporting such a wonderful cause.
Police Bank $200 Great effort from your friends at Police Bank
Peter Rymill $50 Great effort Ladies
Richard Bellis $100 Finally got around to it. Well done Ladies.
Liz Le Fanu $50
anz $50 Well done Nat....congrats....cheers Adam Grant
Maree Coltman $50 Congratulations Jando to you and the rest of the girls, amazing effort, love Maree and Rod
David Burns $100 You're such an inspiration, Leanne. Are the fishnet stockings part of the uniform? Love Tianie and David
Christine Dunlop $50
Kerri Piner $50 Thanks for taking on the walking challenge in support of this great cause. My father passed away with bowel cancer. THanks for helping to raise funds to find a cure. REgards, Kerri.
Margaret Wilson $30 Congratulations girls on a job well done.
Josephine Wilson $25
Carmel Westmore $200
Jane Sandow $1,620
Catherine Ross $50 Well done Fi R and the rest of your team! Hope the walk was great! We appreciate your amazing effort! With love, Catherine and Jamie
Bev Webbe $50
Thomas Gaal $50 We are proud of you Mel. Love Uncle Tom and Meg
Andrew Gaal $50 Good on you Mel. A lovely gesture we are proud of you.
Bron Derbyshire $50 Great Cause - Great Effort - Well done Team Tadgell!
Libby Little $50 So proud of Michaela and the rest, well done!!
Pam Stokes $20 Well done Fiona and the FOMO team!
Kate Finlay $20 Good on you, girls!
Phillip Mount $50 Well done "The Smarties" - very Smart Move. A great Doctor too.
Katrina Longbottom $50 Great effort girls.....and looking very pretty in pink!
Christine Murphy $25 Well done Bridget and the Wildebeests. Christine, John, Lilly and Tom xx
ecareer $100 Well done Bridget. Maybe get Will to carry you next one :) cheers...Brian
Jane Sheahan $50 Well done Cath, love Jane Sheahan.x
Michael Gleeson $50 Well done Kilgs
christine powers $35 Can't come to the lunch, but great effort.
Elizabeth Lehman $50 Well done, Kate, and all the Blister Sisters. A great effort for a very important cause.
Michael Cahill $77 Great effort Scott, Good luck!
Jennifer Thomas $50 Well done fabulous foursome! Love from Wren xo
Loretta RPS $20
Emma and Heath Sandland $50 Well done Katie and all you awesome ladies!! X
Anonymous $160 Various cash donations. Thanks Everyone!
Olivia Williams $50
Kathleen Durongpisitkul $20 Congratulations on an amazing achievement! Well done for finishing and being a part of this great initiative!
Anonymous $22 GOODLIFE FOUNTAINGATE fundraising tin
Nicole Radford $50 Well done Jen!
Helen James $50 Great work Leanne and Karen x
Glenn Fielding $50 Well done Leanne!
Anonymous $49
Karen Hamilton $40 Well done Mitch!! Love Kaz, Craig, Hamish & Evie xxxx
Andrew Griffiths $67 Well done Caro and all the team
Tuyet & Khoi Hoang $20 Great job!!
Robert Godwin $50 Well done Emily I hope you enjoy your adventure . Love Rob
Kerry Hart $50 Well done
Lisa Allport $50 Go Girls!
Anne and Michael Treloar $100 What a great effort Harriet, Jane and Grant. Well done to you all.
Stefania Picinich $50 It's great to see such an important cause being supported in this way. Good luck on the trek! :)
joan Scott $50 thank you from Joan Scott
Kym Joseph $25 Great work Juliette - very impressive effort!!! Hope you enjoyed a tipple after such a great achievement x
Anonymous $10
Angela Swales $50 Well done Grummy Girls, a great effort for a worthy cause
Darren Higgins $50 Great stuff Dean & team!
Picket Fence $100 Do you need me to pop out from behind a bush in my g banger again Sniffa?
Catherine Goss $10 Great effort, well done!
Team Sonja $350 Auction Gurnsey Money. Thankyou to our dedicated Swans and Tigers supporters!
Dona Perera $20
Charlotte Lee $25 Good on you Mac and team. Sorry I am a bit late with this.
Kate McGavin $200 well done everyone, great effort
Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety $200 Great work Flossy!
Susan Smith $30 Well done Daniella - putting the body on the line for a great cause X
Nowley Pastoral Co $100
Megan Dore $50 Great effort Michaela - and for such a worthwhile cause.
Lisa Tucker $40 Amazing work ladies for a fantastic cause. Well done.
Simone Matlock $15
Jane Chesterman $50 Well done D. You've done us proud❤️❤️
Christine Zeuschner $50 Great cause and amazing challenge. Bit late sorry and sure you girls made it with energy to burn! MIchaela and team, you are so inspiring! Hope you got to relax and rest those feet in a day spa after. Take care, Chris
KRISTY MONTALTO $25 Great work! Wonderful cause :)
Georgina Gallucci $20 well done on your walk and support
Anne-Maree Westbury $30 Well done to the amazing Daniella Romani!!! So proud of you AMW xxx
Cameron Paice $50 Well done Rob and team, impressive effort for a great cause.
Richard Lawson $50 A late donation but well done everyone.
Antoinette Wadge $40 Great effort girls, I look forward to hearing all about it. Anty xxx
Tristan Oorloff $150 Well done team, more than happy to double the donation.
Cox Marketing Solutions $100 Hope you can walk today ladies! Great effort...
Dowling Keri-Keri Pastoral Pty Ltd $50 Well done Wildebeests Hope you are all recovering ok POST-EVENT !!!! From the Northerners xxxx
Caroline and dick Potter $50
John Roth $50 Great effort by the foot soldiers (who now have sore feet!)
Fiona McKechnie $50 Well done Scott!
Annette & Rob Bailey $30 Donation from surplus produce after JLT walk
John Murphy $20
Natalie Hampson $20 Awesome job girls!!
Sally Chandler $50 Congratulation Team. We conquered that massive challenge for a fantastic cause.
Kari & John Chantrell $50 Great effort Leanne! Guess you will be in homipeds on Friday? Kari x
John Walsh $10
nicola greenman $10
Hasteen Builders $100
Carolina Hamilton $50 Great effort Sally and friends. Hope the walk went well with minimal pain!
Stephen Comer $50 Good Luck Leanne! Great cause, we all know someone who's been affected.
Olivia Lawson $50 Well done Joelle & Biddy.. Such an awesome effort! X
Performance Physio Group $200 Well done walkers
Allison Ryan $50 Awesome effort Biddy for a great cause.
Ambyanz $50 Go Sniffer, fabulous effort.....what a year its been with the best results. Love the Stilly's. Xx
Ambyanz $50 Go Sniffer, fabulous effort.....what a year its been with the best results. Love the Stilly's. Xx
Elizabeth Hotton $50 Yeah Mummy, I miss you.
Zac Hotton $50 Well done Mummy. I love you so much.
Ted Garland $400 Well done Karen Geremia
Rowena Lor $20 hope your feet don't hurt too much! great job guys!
Chris Dove $70 Go team
Tom Wilson $100 Super effort Wildebeests !!!!!
Ssndra Marshall $50 What a great effort girls.
Melanie Larkey $199 Congratulations Michaela and the team for successfully completing your walk for such a great cause - by all accounts a very inspirational track and great fun! Well done!
Ez Systems $100 Well done ladies!
Trudi O'Donnell $100 Congratulations Bridget - you are an inspiration to us all. Big hugs xxx
rebecca buettner $60 great cause ...great walking!....& you look great doing it & after it!!
Steven Smith $20 Nice work Redman!!
Deborah Pavlovich $50 Well done gorgeous Petunia's! I am sure there was lots of laughter along the way :)
Cathy Bliss $50 Congratulations Kate & Team Wildebeests! Incredible effort hun - so proud of you X
Yolanda Tirta $60 Proud of you Dora! Always!
Duncan Reid $50 Great effort Nat!
Samantha Donovan $50 Awesome effort ladies for a very important cause xx
Bec Clements $30 Well done Sharon!
Anne Coll $50 Fantastic work Sinead and friends, well done x
Rotary Nomads $200 Congratulation and well done on raising more funds for Cancer Research.
Kellie Steffensen $50 Well done Isa and team!
imelda jong $100 Jia You Isadora! You can do it!
Anna and Per Gustafsson $100 Well done team The Incredibowels!
Catherine Neill $50
Reagan Wilson $20 Great effort Em, hope you're not too sore/xxx
Shani Bodnar $50
Suzie and David Hosking $100
Shelley Reid $20 Great job team!!
Jo Willmott $50
joanne love $100 Well done Leanne...Im so proud of you in the way you have supported your family, especially over the past 12 months. This is a great achievement...congratulations. Jo, Pete, Mikayla & Jack. x
Danni Whiteley $100 Well done FC girls. Enjoy a glass or 3 tonight whilst we endure camp Vikas! Take me next time pls xo
Emily Escott $20 Well done. So inspiring.
Louise Hansen $50 Well done and hope you enjoyed the walk
Isabella Tirtowalujo $20 You are all inspirational! Thank you for spreading awareness and love.
Thomas Pascoe $50 Congrats on going the distance team! Good hustle!
jan hays $50 Well done Grimshaw's. A true team in love and life! In 3 weeks, it will be 5 years since my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Unlike you, he ignored early warning signs and his disease had progressed to stage 2. His health has been good up until the past few weeks, so we are all hoping that what he is feeling now are the normal 'ups and downs' any 78 year old would experience. xx
Judi McDonald $50 So proud of you Jen - You are a true testament and a great advocate to saving lives with early detection. xx
Simon Basey $30
Kay Mirris $50
Lisa Ruan $100 Go gorgeous Falls Creek girlies!! You Rock, love Lise
Upper Yarra Valley Bookkeeping $10 Enjoy day two - top effort girls
john bortolussi $50 Go Leanne!
Mink Interiors $50 Go Girls! Love your work. Im happy to support such a worthy cause and your generosity. Love Slavica
Petra Dunaiski $20 Step by step beautiful woman
Danny Holland $50 Good on you CBBH.
Fi n Beth Simpson $20 Really needed to wait to donate until next pay but couldn't go past your amazing effort! You gals are awesome xx
Denise Montry $20
Simon McHugh $50 Sorry for the delay donating. Go Amy and team
Rebecca Buettner $60 Well done Jen & Scott...what a difference a year makes....great cause to support ..lets hope this all helps to make a difference to others. xx Bec & Andrew
Emma Gordon $10 Good luck!!
Star hotels $20 Go Cath, you're a champion!! Love Tone
Charles Ponniah $100 Good luck Rich n Atlanta!
Anonymous $50
Jenny Mina $50 Smash it girls! Great cause. We have a dear friend diagnosed recently so this is close to our hearts xx
Dominic McInerney $20
Caroline Hillis $30 Have a great weekend & proud of you all raising money for an amazing cause!
Cathy Carr $100 Great effort guys for a good cause. Well done from Cathy and Michael
Daymark $100 Enjoy the recovery!
Bosse (Chops) Family $50 Super Proud of you Flossy!!!
Simply candle supplies $30 Well done Sharon you are such an inspiration love you heaps. ❤️
Brendan Roney $50 Good luck! I'll buy you an ice-cream at the end!
Jude Wood $20
Becky and Dave Weir $50 Good luck Michele! It's an awesome thing you are doing!
Susan Morrison $200
Kylie & Melina Sibonis $50 Go girls!!! Cheers Kylie & Melina
Peter Shuttleworth $50 Hi Stav,good for you for doing this.I hope nothing falls off LOL