Raised so far

Lisa & Felicia will be tackling a 70km hike in September to raise awareness and money for The Jodi Lee Foundation - a foundation raising awareness around the importance of early detection of bowel cancer.

Any contribution you are able to make is greatly appreciated.

Please don't forget, 50 is the age to start taking your regular bowel screening tests, so please head down to your pharmacy and take the test today!


From Amount Message
Maegan Boyle $50 Have a great weekend supporting an amazing foundation!
Leigh Hainsworth $50
Anonymous $1,015 Thank you to all that #Embraced and donated to Team Voltaren and Emma & Kate's fundraising for The Jodi Lee Foundation.
Anonymous $700 Looking forward to EMBRACE!!! Thank you to all who have supported so far.
Jason Goodes $50
Nola Capriotti $100 Keep up the fight!