Raised so far

We’ve entered a team in The JLF Trek (VIC) and we’re looking forward to a challenging and rewarding experience, while also raising money and awareness of bowel cancer.
70kms will be tough, but not as tough as the challenge faced by people with bowel cancer every day.

We want to make a difference and help spread the word about the importance of screening regularly, acting quickly on symptoms, leading a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent bowel cancer.
Margot Truman, Tim Truman, Kate Davidson, Hugh Davidson, Amanda McPherson, Sally Pfitzner, Sam McGrath and Josie Lahey


From Amount Message
Cowell Clarke $58
Michael Chrisohoou $5
Linley Schultz $5
Kieren Chester $10
Kelly English $5
Hannah Guest $5
Dayle Kerr $4
Brett Cowell $7
Monique Micklethwaite $2
Kimberley Gesti $4
Kathy Lindsay $5
Jon Clarke $5
Jess Scott $2
Performance Physio Group $200 Well done walkers
Suzie and David Hosking $100
Mark McKenzie $100 Good Luck Champions
Sophie and James McEwen $20 Go Sally and Sam. Hope the Victorian weather is kind to you!
Wendy Dixon $25 Best of luck Sam and Mrs Sam.
Kathy Lindsay $50 Take your time Sammy - no rush!
Carolyn Mitchell $50 enjoy your walk - it's a great cause!
Rob Comazzetto $50 Well done guys!
ES WIGG & SON PL $200 May your movement be smooth and solid...
Isla, Jess and Alfie Truman $100 Go mum and dad !
Cowell Clarke Commercial Lawyers $20 A great challenge for a worthy cause - good luck and hope you raise plenty of cash!!
Sally Pfitzner $50 Go Us!
Jill & Peter McPherson $80 All for a good cause.. Enjoy the journey. Xxx
Sally Schaefer $20
Beck Healy $20 Go Pfitzner-Pfitzner
Rob Kennett $100
Steve Mcpherson $150 Good luck darling, you're inspiring me!
Cowell Clarke $30
Diane Cowham $100 A great cause -------- enjoy the run ------- smell the flowers
Nicky Orchard $10 Enjoy Pfitzner-McGraths! xx
Robert Pick $100 Walk.
Carli Pfitzner $20 Go girls!
Ms $50 Keep on trekin'
Jay McGrath $50 Good Luck Sal and Sam!
Simone Menz $50 Go the Pfitzner-McGraths!
Alex Lahey $50 Good Luck Jose xx
douglas lahey $100 go jose!!!
Georgie Lahey $20
Chris McKenzie $50 Good luck xx
Chris McKenzie $50
David Malpas $50 Have a great trek, awesome effort!
Malcolm McKenzie $100
Hugh & Kate Davidson $100
Amanda Mcpherson $100 Have fun The Movements
Helen Soulsby $50 hey Josie - Good luck for a great cause, Hx
SRi $20
The Movements $100 Go Team.....
Alice Gerlach $100 Go for it Team Movements! Go for it JLF! Amazing efforts across the board xx