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We have entered our team in honour of Liz. Wife, Mother, Mother in law, Nanny and friend, a woman that took the breath away from everyone she met.
She was beautiful inside and out and made you want to be a better you. We miss her in our lives every single day and 2016 is the 15 year anniversary since she has been gone. She was healthy and strong and still lost the fight against this terrible disease.
We are under no illusion that this 70kms will be easy and can guarantee there will be tears and sore muscles but if we can help raise money and promote the awareness and the importance of early detection then we will be happy.

It is nothing compared to the challenges and pain faced by people and their families with bowel cancer every day.
We want to make a difference and help spread the word about the importance of screening regularly, acting quickly on symptoms, leading a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent bowel cancer.


From Amount Message
Paul Ferrari $50 Well done Mich. Great effort and a great cause!
Kim Hunter $20 Well done Mitch and crew.
Kathleen Durongpisitkul $20 Congratulations on an amazing achievement! Well done for finishing and being a part of this great initiative!
Karen Hamilton $40 Well done Mitch!! Love Kaz, Craig, Hamish & Evie xxxx
Tristan Oorloff $150 Well done team, more than happy to double the donation.
Elizabeth Hotton $50 Yeah Mummy, I miss you.
Zac Hotton $50 Well done Mummy. I love you so much.
Yolanda Tirta $60 Proud of you Dora! Always!
Kellie Steffensen $50 Well done Isa and team!
imelda jong $100 Jia You Isadora! You can do it!
Isabella Tirtowalujo $20 You are all inspirational! Thank you for spreading awareness and love.
Emma Gordon $10 Good luck!!
Anonymous $50
Bosse (Chops) Family $50 Super Proud of you Flossy!!!
Christina Rose $20 Go Mich!!!
Catherine Healy $20 Good luck Mitch xx
NAB $20 All the best!
Allan Norton $50 Enjoy the walk Isa
Steve Ritchie $20 Thanks for sharing Liz's story - and for raising my awareness of bowel cancer, it's something I'm going to be a lot more proactive about from now on. Hope you have an amazing weekend - I know you're super competitive Mitch, so don't be too gung ho!
Jono Loh $20 Go Mich! All the best with the walk. If it gets hard, pretend it's one long shopping trip :p
Jeremy Choong $20 Well done Mich!
Debbie Bosse $50 Well done for doing this walk for a great cause. Will be thinking of you Michelle and walking mates on the weekend. Love Mum and Dad.xx
Franc Kiss $50 Great effort team. Hope it goes well..
Kate McLean $50 Good luck Michelle! Enjoy every step x
Kim Vaughan $50 You've got this!!! Have fun and go well x
Tristan Oorloff $150 You are amazing for taking this on, it's a cause that has impacted my family also. Now get walking and if you finish I will double the donation..... In the words of Confucius "It doesn't matter how slowly you go, as long as you don't stop" - good luck mate, and a celebratory beer is on me in a few weeks.
Dale Manson $30 Well done Naomi and family - awesome effort xx
Anonymous $50 Proud of you all for making the effort for a great cause. Stay strong and healthy. All the best. Anne X
Mansfield Shire Council Mansfield Shire Council $285 Thank you to everyone at work who supported me through buying a ticket to the Brownie raffle and also buying a curry for lunch! Mel.
Rebecca Doleman $25 Good luck Naomi
Bentours $20 All the best with your walk Naomi. I know you can do it !!! From your "neighbor"
Sue James $5
Internal Audit NAB $178 From Mitch's workmates. Thank you all very much for your support.
Cox&Kings $20 Good luck Naomi, proud of you already! xx Os
Megan Butterworth $25 Good Luck and wear a good pair of shoes ;)
Mansfield Shire Council $10 Great cause Mel. Best of luck
Marina Amato $20
Gillian Conway $25 Go girls!
Jess Aloi $50 Well done, you legends!
Keith Eastwood $15 Hi Michelle, Thanks for sharing your friends story with us this afternoon at work. Best of luck with the walk. Regards Keith
Nicole Langford $20 All the best guys. Doing a great thing. Fond memories of your lovely Mum Liz and the Hotton gang back in the Rack and File days. X
Michele Padbury $20 Stay positive.
Jessica Watkinson $50 Well done Mel and Meghan, great cause. Epsom salt bath after Mel!
April Day $10 Good luck Naomi! :) xo
Ursh Piper $50 Inspirational Mitch & Mel. Keep those legs walking for Liz. You can do it xx
Aisling Logan $50 Good on ye girls! Great cause. Ais ☺️
Zoe Wardle $50 Good luck girls. Liz would be super proud x
Colleen Gwynne $50 Well done Mel and Meghan, would be great to be there with you working for a great cause.
Montanah Britton $20
Kirsty Webb $50 Good luck Melanie and Meghan... Sorry I cant be there!
Tennille Kay $50 Lovelovelove
Anna Collins $50
Rebecca Granter $50
Emily Shepard $50 With much love and support from the Shepard family. Xx
Cox & Kings $20 All the best for a great event.
Liz Charles $20 Love from Lizard
Vicki Burn $30 Proud of you Megs
Trudi Hartley $50 Go Meg and team!!! Great people walking for a super cause! So proud of you X
Karen Ross $50 Good luck girls, you'll smash it!
Kelly Hutchinson $20 All the best Naomi & team. Great work!
- $20 Just like the little red caboose, don't say "I think I can" say "I know I can" !! Good luck superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kellie McNamara $20 On ya Mitch, just a couple of k's for a worthy cause. Good on you!! You will deserve a well deserved massage when you finish and a big glass of bubblesxo
Maria O'Driscoll $50 Best of Luck ladies
Kim Gordon $50 Good work Nay.
Kaye Hanley $50 Great work ladies. Best wishes for the walk.
Marg Welch $50 You can do it, Mitch. Good luck
Shannon Barry $10 sounds like a great way to raise money for a great cause. Shannon x
Amanda Lovick $100
Tempo Holidays $75 What a lovely tribute to your Mum, Naomi. Good luck - I am sure you will do her proud xx
Bentours $50 Hey Naomi A wonderful cause. Wishing you all the best Go girl!!!
Cameron Hotton $100 Good luck, proud of your efforts
Belinda Hengel $50 Liz was a truly wonderful women. All the best with the fund raising, a worthy cause. X
Jess Harris $20 I remember Liz so well. She was an amazing woman. How proud she'd be of her kids
Bridget Scanlon $50 Legging it for Liz. How appropriate! Good luck. xxxxx
Katrina Stats $15 Great work Naomi and good luck. Love that photo - your mum was an amazing woman.