Raised so far

We are a group of enthusiastic mums trying to get away without having to serve breakfast in bed on Fathers Day!
We will walk in memory of family, friends, and a familiarly named stranger who have been affected by Bowel Cancer.

We will use our endless hours of training to discuss the merits of bowel testing kits and hope to inspire others to do the same.
Please consider donating to this very worthwhile cause.


From Amount Message
Caroline Fisher $10
Lisa Younger $25 A late entry but I hope it all went well, an important cause for everyone to support!
Ruth Passaris $30 Well done Sally and girls
Sally Chandler $20 Well done Girls from Marcia (Dorothy's Carer)
Kate Hearn Garden Designs $100
Josephine Wilson $25
Margaret Wilson $30 Congratulations girls on a job well done.
Libby Little $50 So proud of Michaela and the rest, well done!!
Elizabeth Lehman $50 Well done, Kate, and all the Blister Sisters. A great effort for a very important cause.
Emma and Heath Sandland $50 Well done Katie and all you awesome ladies!! X
Olivia Williams $50
Dean Rainsford $75
Lisa Tucker $40 Amazing work ladies for a fantastic cause. Well done.
John Murphy $20
Sally Chandler $50 Congratulation Team. We conquered that massive challenge for a fantastic cause.
nicola greenman $10
Hasteen Builders $100
Carolina Hamilton $50 Great effort Sally and friends. Hope the walk went well with minimal pain!
Ted Garland $400 Well done Karen Geremia
Chris Dove $70 Go team
Samantha Donovan $50 Awesome effort ladies for a very important cause xx
Shani Bodnar $50
Simon Basey $30
Simon McHugh $50 Sorry for the delay donating. Go Amy and team
Dominic McInerney $20
Becky and Dave Weir $50 Good luck Michele! It's an awesome thing you are doing!
Kylie & Melina Sibonis $50 Go girls!!! Cheers Kylie & Melina
Pauline Kilduff $100 Go girls!!! Just think about that massage and wine at the end!
Anonymous $100 Go Clare
Holly Humphries $10 Go Mummy I'm so proud of you. I will see you on the trail tomorrow. Go Blister Sisters Love Holly
Sandra Swalling $20 Good luck Michaela! Great thing you are doing - good luck with the walk, Love Sandra xx
GJZ McSweeney $50 Go Mum (Melissa), walk well, were proud of you. Good luck! Love from Gee, J-Mac and Zappo.
Anonymous $20 Go girls!
Natalie Cromie $50 All the best for the trek Blister Sisters.
Brett Parker $50
Kim Morris $100 Wishing you all the best!! Az, keep those Super Man Punches to a minimum. Break a Leg girls!! Kim
Laura Tomasi $20 A great cause. Good luck ladies!
Ellie Laws $10 You go girls!
Melbourne Mattress Warehouse $50 Go Batman! Good Luck with the trek....you've done the training - enjoy the journey. Lots of Love George and the Parasites xxx
Petra McHugh $50 Good luck Amy ... don't get lost!
Cath McFeeters $100 Go Leanne & girls. Very proud mum.
Nicole Woolrich $50 Good luck Natty and all the blister sisters!
Michelle Knaap $50
Cathy Eastwood $50 Good luck ladies. Great effort!
Sandra Fairfax $100 Well done girls ... have a great trek xx
Donna Costabile $20 Go team Blister Sisters! All the best ladies. X
Anonymous $250 To Michaela Quick Watch your blisters sister and have fun Love Mom and Quig
Yuli Meneilly $50 Best of luck for tomorrow & Saturday sisters! Yuli xx
Sandra Mazzone $30 Go Blister Sisters! Truly inspirational and such an important cause xx
Steven Caddy $50
Sarah and Michael Keely $70
iTandCoffee Pty LTD $50 Go girls!!!!!
Felicity McNamara $20 Good Luck Clare
Carissa Bright $100 I'm so proud of all of you! Go Girls!
Frances O'Neill $100 Well done Clare!
Denise Birrell $20 Go Melissa - do the Dames proud!!
Catherine Tonkin $50 Good luck Michele - have fun and enjoy!
Heather Cutter $50 Best of luck Leena Sutherland . Enjoy the massage on Sunday
Lisa Dawkins $50 You go girls! Well done on an amazing effort for a very worthy cause. We'll be thinking of you all. Lis xxx
Helen Stewart $20
Susanne White $50 Good Luck Sarah - a great effort for a wonderful cause!
Jerome Smith $250 Good luck Sarah, enjoy the walk and have fun. Jerome.
Kay Gulenc $51 Best of luck Sarah - great cause
James O'Neill $100 Good luck Clare! Maya, Galina and James
Eleanor Beveridge $20 Great cause and wish you all well!
Yvonne Basile $20 Good luck girls!
Karin Macdonald $50 Good luck girls!
Sharon Quick $50 Congratulations on the training thus far and for supporting such a worthy cause. Happy (and safe) Trekking!
Jessica Moore $20 Go Pretty - just get them to point in the direction and walk. xxx
Carol Fairbank $20
Anne Spence $50 Good luck Michele! Anne
Kerry Darcy $30 Go girls!
Kate Paterson $50 Wishing Torie and her Blister Sisters all the very best! Looking forward to hearing all the stories! Kate Paterson x
Sarah Wearne $30 Go girls! Such a great cause xx
Sue Daglish $40 Good luck girls! Have fun??
Leigh Marriott $100 Good luck Mrs Spoon, I can't believe your walking 70km discussing the Blues season and how you can support Mr Spoon and the kids for next years AFL season. Very worthy cause. Mad Dog
Annie and Richard Mann $50 Good Luck Katie!
Kirsten Graham $20 Good Luck Ladies
Giles Family $50
Fiona Davey $25 Well done ladies!! Great cause! Good luck and enjoy fathers day! Go kate! X
Mandy Gaultier $25 Go Blister Sisters!! Great effort for a worthwhile cause. GO KATE! GO KATE! GO KATE! GO KATE!
Neridah McMullin $20
Jodie Broadhurst $20
Helen Keeton $25 Good walking girls, enjoy the great outdoors, it's all for a good cause. Go Sally
David Hamley $50 Amanda. I just told Thor & Venus that you're doing a big charity walk. They were so excited. They wagged their tales vigorously. Hooray for the puppies and hooray for the Queen of fitness!
Naomi Beasley $50 Well done Amanda and team Blister Sisters! Very happy to support this cause, amazing effort by all. All the best
Jez Jarvis $40 Great job girls and a great cause. Go Sal!
Kerrie Court $40 Go Girls!!
Milk and Honey Photography $50 great work girls.... AM, Sally, Leena, Kate.. good cause, good luck!, may those blisters be few!!!
Matthew Thompson $100 Great effort girls, enjoy the short stroll. Hope there is enough stretchers to get you all over the line!!!
Barbara Kallis $20 Good luck Kate.
Laura Mullins $50 Kyla. You go girl.
Andra Gough $200 You ladies are an absolute inspiration. Thank you so very much for your dedication and passion to a cause very close to my heart, having lost many a grand-parent to bowel cancer xo
Helen Morris $50 Very proud to call you my friend Az, Hxo
Brian Moore $100 Go Girls (or should I say ladies?)
Caroline Thomas $50 Good luck Caro and Shaun xx
Ali Hearn $150 Go Team (Well done Kyla and Kate H) xxx
Alanna Bailey $25
Natasha Sutherland $50 Ily mumise
Sarah Dasey $40 GGO get em Blistee Sisters!!! Well done xxx
fiona croker $50 Cherrie and team, go girls and goodluck The Croker family
Andrew Macdonald $200
Justine and John Percey $100 Great cause girls . Wishing you a great weekend of walking and talking !
Natasha Sinclair $100 You are all a little cray-cray, but I do take my hat off to you for your physical and time commitment to a worthy cause. Good luck Kate & team! x
Anna Martin $25 Have a great morning girls and well done on such amazing training efforts!! Big cheer for Kate S.!!! A xx
Fairlie Tucker $25
Marina & Poolo Jothy $50 Go for it, Michele!!
Lubana Squire $100
Heartland Property Group $72 Good Luck Michaela Quick and the Blister Sisters! All our love the Sullivans
Susannah Le Messurier $100 Happy trekking Michaela and all the Blister Sisters, we are cheering you on from the west! x
Kerryn Stirling $50 Well done on raising money and awareness for a great cause. Have a great weekend!
Kutrize hair studio $100 So proud of you Michaela... What a wonderful thing you and your team are doing.. I will be cheering you on while sitting on my butt
quirk and co. $50 great effort ladies. Can't wait to hear all about it! And make sure you all give Kate Sutherland a big hug at the end...
Tina and Tony McInerney $70 As Johnny Walker says "keep walking"
Colleen Boyd $50 Az you'll do it easy !!! Go Blister Sisters
Carolyn Jenkins $50 Good luck and have fun!
Lillian Nixon-Smith $100 Go Nat - love your efforts for Bowel Cancer beautiful friend Love Lill, T, Mia and Luke
0398171455 $50 Go Torie!!
Daniel McInerney $100
Dana Lloyd $100 Go girls!
Gerard & Ann Tonkin $50 Good luck with the walk Michele
Monica McInerney $50
Mark Roberts $100
Alison Mackey $50 Wow, great cause! Good luck ladies, we'll be cheering from Sydney Michele xxx
Sue Bugeja $25 Good Luck on your trek. A terrific cause well done love xxx
Savannah Phipson $50
Carolyn Gill $25 Best of luck Katie... a brilliant effort by you and your team! xx
Suzie Roache $200
katie Dwyer $20 Great work!
Yulia Budyanskaya $20
Ryan Marriott $50 Good luck Katie!
Tiffany Kelly $20 Good luck Katie and friends, enjoy your walk!
olivia twomey $20
Belinda Miller $50 Good luck - have a great walk
Oppy Heat Treatment $30 Best of luck Kate Sutherland and crew. From Oscar, Angus and Emily Hoath
Justin Coombs $50 What a charitable bunch of chicks, enjoy your trek, here's hoping it's blister-free. Love your work xx
Margaret Ziccone $100 You go girls
Peter and Elizabeth Hooper $100 Best wishes to the Blister Sisters and very proud of the effort you have put in to your preparation. Have fun and enjoy the walk....
Michaja Rutten $20 Go Michaela, great job!
Sally Green $30 GOOD LUCK GIRLS!!
Rob Mckenzie $50
Kathryn Shields $30 Good cause Kate. Have some fun too.
Cas Coomans $50 Great job girls, a very impressive effort :)
Georgia Redden $25 Go hard or go home, Katie Sutherland!
Louise Story $40 Go girls!
Wodonga Police $50 You go girlfriends..!
Anonymous $30 Well done girls, best of luck for a great cause!
Fran Amos $25
Alfie & Audrey $50 You have our support Michaela , well done!
William Buck $250 They sicken of the calm, who know the storm
Joanne Docherty $20 Good Luck and well done on supporting such a worthy cause.
Trent Roberts $70 Go hard Michaela and the Blister Sisters! Awesome effort for an important cause that means a lot to us x Trent & Marcia
Cathy Gifford $20
Anonymous $50 Go Kate, have a ball with your mates!
Diane & Paul Humphries $30 Good luck ladies!
Marvin Coleman $100 Wow Kate, good on you! Great effort, great cause. Marvin.
Natalie Cossar $20 "Prevention is better than cure". You go Kate!!!
Melissa Begg $25 Well done Kate and cohort - great cause and great effort!
Vera Palangio $20 A great cause...Good Luck Ladies!!! Vera Palangio xx
Carmel Quinton $100 Good on you girls, very impressive - Love you Cherie "You go Girl" Love M & D
Nereda Watson $50 Well done girls!!
St Doms Movie night $152 Proceeds from our Ab Fab fundraiser. Bottle of Bolly for us all at the end.
Tim Sutherland $100
Trudi Rowley $20 Good Luck!!
Lauren Bryce $30 Go Leena!!
Linda Graham $20 Go Cherie and the Blister Sisters!!! You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashburton Meats $50 To Paul & all the crew at Ashburton Meats. Appreciate your support. Thanks Ann-Marie & the Blister Sisters
Carolyn Wood $50 You go girls!
John Gemmell $50 Hi Cherie and Team Happy to support your great cause. Good luck everyone. Regards John and Family
Mark Rendell $50 Good on you Cherie, Heather and the Blister Sisters - All the best from The Rendells
Anonymous $40 Go Blister Sisters!!! Eat up those kilometres! Cherie just think of rushing to see The Jersey Boys! hahaha!
Laine Yates $50 U can do it!!!! Awesome effort Cherie & girls!! Love The Yatesys
Wendy Horton $50 Go Cherie and girls... What a great effort for a great cause!!
Vicki Moore $50 Fantastic effort girls! Very proud of Cherie and the rest of her team xx
Catherine Wensley $50 Go Michaela! Happy Trekking xxx
Andrew Gemmell $100 Cherie - Go Mum/ Wifey!,.....Very proud of all your training and hard work! Hope you don't get blisters!!! Love, Andy, Lils, Gracie, Belle and Bails. xxx
Tiffany Katchmar $80 Dear Torie and team - put your best foot foward and break a leg!! Good Luck! Love Tiff
Megan McConnell $100 Best of luck to Blister Sisters VIC. What an amazing effort. Thankyou for raising funds and awareness for such an awful disease, I lost my Dad to bowel cancer and am thankful for what you are all doing, it's a cause very close to my heart. Megan McConnell x
Christine Lombardi $100 Thanks girls for taking on this challenge. This fundraiser is very close to my heart. I lost my mum at just 50 years of age to bowel cancer - so I appreciate your efforts. Cxx
Rebecca Myers $100 Good work cracker. You have done all the preparation and will enjoy that final trek with the Blister Sisters!
Julie Quick $50 "Onya" Michaela. Good luck and all the best with the walk. Lots of love Julie Q. x
Julian Holman $500 That's a long way!! Good one.. Great cause. Uncle Julesy, Auntie Tan, Marley and Billy xx
Cath Thomas $100 Good onya beautiful Michaela. Thank you for teaching us about bowel cancer and its prevalence. We love that you're trekking and raising money at the same time. Gotta love win-wins. Love you. Xoxo
Ros Basey $20 Good onya! Kyla Obviously a cause close to our hearts.
Angela Brand $20 Good luck Kate! Such a great effort.
hotglue $20 Don't forget the bandaids!
Shirley Getley $50 Such an important cause! Fantastic effort girls - wishing you all the very best for the trek.
Thankamma Verghese $100 Good luck Ivy V Thomsson
Kayser Wealth Strategies $25 Best of luck Kate!
Simon Sutherland $100 Great effort girls for a great cause. We can celebrate Father's Day the following weekend.
Caroline Fisher $50
Betty Hunt $50 Good luck Az xMum
Hotglue $20 Love the name! Best of luck...
Bernadette O'Mahony $50 Great work Ann-Marie xx
Lewis Hearn $100 This is a great effort, I'm really proud of you all! x
Di Hearn $30 Go girls - great effort by you all X
Karen Malysiak $40 Go girls and......enjoy yourselves!!! A great cause!!!!!
Glenda Carrigan $50 Great job Kate and girls.
Anonymous $100 Good luck Annmarie, Sally, Kate and all the girls.. Mighty effort for a good cause.
Joanne Tilley $50 Wishing you all the best- such a great cause.
Julie Haeusler $25
Mary Bohan $50
Nance Frawley $100 Go AnnMarie xx
Judith Richardson $70 A dollar per kilometre, Good Luck Heather!!
Jenny and Errol Heydon $50 Heather, good luck hope you have a great time. Jenny and I are happy to donate $50.
Holly Humphries $100 Go Torie, 40 one day 40 the next I think that's called a walking the park for you. Good luck Tim Will Holly and your training partner Inkie