Raised so far

Team FOMO originated when Jodi was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2008. A group of friends from Melbourne (and friends of friends, and friends of their friends) joined forces and took part in the Albert Park Relay for Life for the Cancer Council, raising nearly $100K over the 4 years we were involved.

For the 3rd year in a row, Team FOMO is now taking on the first The JLF Trek in Victoria for The Jodi Lee Foundation along the Goldfields Track. Though some of our team members have changed, our goals have not:
1. Have fun (of course!) 2. Increase fitness 3. Raise bowel cancer detection awareness. 4. Raise $$$ for The Jodi Lee Foundation.

90% of bowel cancer is curable when detected early. Please sponsor us to help spread this message and most importantly, get hold of a bowel screening test for yourself and DO IT NOW. It’s incredibly easy, there are absolutely no excuses.

This hike will test our determination and our physical and mental strength and endurance, but we know that is nothing to what Jodi endured during her battle with bowel cancer…. If only she knew to do the screening test.

Thankyou for sponsoring us, every dollar will make us more committed to completing this challenge.

Jane Sandow, Cathryn Honor, Gabrielle Neal, Kay Robinson and Fiona Ferguson.


From Amount Message
Michaela Crump $130 Well done guys. Thanks to everyone who purchased Entertainment Books to support the Jodi Lee Foundation.
Urban Information $50 Better late than never!! Great work Jane!! Donna and Grant
Kirrily Herath $50 Congratulations guys! A great cause and a wonderful way to honour a dear, departed friend. Kirrily xx
Annette Kaitinis $30
Heather Cook $50 Amazing effort Team FOMO .
Anonymous $221
Heather Witham $35
Elizabeth Williams $35
Anita Williams $35
Karen Thomas $70
Emma Taylor $35
David Strangward $35
Paul Stow $70
Kylie Saunders $70
Jane Sandow $70
Kath Robinson $35
Toni Player $35
Rohan Peters $70
Felicity O'Shannassy $35
Karen O'Halloran $35
Rob Newbold $70
Gabrielle Neal $35
Ian Murton $35
Rebecca Murdoch $70
Georgina Morrison $70
Leanne Mitchell $35
Tracey McMahon $35
Robyn McLachlan $35
Greg Lucas $35
Liz Lefanu $35
Tim Hower $35
Tara Hill $70
Jennifer Herbert $35
Melinda Golding $35
Amanda Freeman $70
Ralph Ferguson $35
Meaghan Farrell $70
Graham Edmonds $35
Melinda Dorgan $35
Jacinta Croagh $35
Richard Callanan $35
Richard Bellis $35
Susie Baines $35
Stephanie Anderton $70
Peter Amarant $35
Donna Allenby $35
Cath Honor $35
Andy Fry $35
Gaye Haug $70
Kay Robinson $35
Michaela Crump $35
Jane Sandow $1,620
Richard Bellis $100 Finally got around to it. Well done Ladies.
Liz Le Fanu $50
Maree Coltman $50 Congratulations Jando to you and the rest of the girls, amazing effort, love Maree and Rod
Bev Webbe $50
Pam Stokes $20 Well done Fiona and the FOMO team!
Jane Sheahan $50 Well done Cath, love Jane Sheahan.x
christine powers $35 Can't come to the lunch, but great effort.
Stefania Picinich $50 It's great to see such an important cause being supported in this way. Good luck on the trek! :)
Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety $200 Great work Flossy!
Danny Holland $50 Good on you CBBH.
Star hotels $20 Go Cath, you're a champion!! Love Tone
Dowling Keri-Keri Pastoral Pty Ltd $50 Go You Good Things. Love from the crew at Keri-Keri xx
Chris & Brian Sandow $100 Go Jane, go Team Fomo. Just one foot in front of the other! Have fun.
Cat elder $200 Thinking of you out there walking for this important cause.
Dianne Lee $10 Go girls
Kathryn Francombe $50 Cathryn Honor - inspirational!
Elizabeth Ferguson $25
Tracey McMahon $30 Good luck Team Fomo
Kurt Elder $200 Go Spunk!
Matt Durant $100
Leanne Mitchell $50 Good luck Jando and team xxxx
Karen Thomas $100 Go team FOMO. Hope this donation inspires you to walk a little faster. See you at the luncheon xx
Ron and Barbara Ferguson $20 Floss congratulations on your endeavour. We are proud of you
Georgina Morrison $100
Maria Panagiotopoulos $50 Go Jane!!!!!
Anonymous $100 Good job Floss!
Kirstin Wache $20 Go Fiona!
Kerry Turton $50
Reviviscence $50 Adding some moolah behind our behinds FOMO girls! ;)
Mick & Sonia Lehmann $50 Wishing you (Fiona) and the girls all the best!
Christine Spry $20 Support for the team especially Fiona Ferguson
Jan Connolly $100 Have fun JANDOW & friends! Enjoy the stroll and the celebration at the finish
Charities Aid Foundation $99