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In March 2015 my doctor suggested that due to my low iron levels and being 47 years old that I have a screening test for bowel cancer.
I had no symptoms and no family history and therefore no reason to believe that I would ever have bowel cancer.
After a colonoscopy I was diagnosed with stage 1 bowel rectal cancer and stage 1 uterine cancer.

I was operated on in May last year and because of early detection I required no further treatment such as radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
I am a testament to how early detection saves lives.


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BHP Billiton Matched Giving Donations Program $200
Erica Fitch $50 Well done Grimshaws!
Nicole Radford $50 Well done Jen!
Louise Hansen $50 Well done and hope you enjoyed the walk
jan hays $50 Well done Grimshaw's. A true team in love and life! In 3 weeks, it will be 5 years since my dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Unlike you, he ignored early warning signs and his disease had progressed to stage 2. His health has been good up until the past few weeks, so we are all hoping that what he is feeling now are the normal 'ups and downs' any 78 year old would experience. xx
Judi McDonald $50 So proud of you Jen - You are a true testament and a great advocate to saving lives with early detection. xx
Rebecca Buettner $60 Well done Jen & Scott...what a difference a year makes....great cause to support ..lets hope this all helps to make a difference to others. xx Bec & Andrew
Jude Wood $20
Matthew Ricker $50 Good luck Jenny and Scott!
Maree Filopoulos $20 Good luck Jen!!!~
Chris Ralph $50
BHP Billiton $100 Jenny, All the very best. You are a great girl! Larissa and Brett
Jack & Leah Grimshaw $50
Pat & Wilma Walsh $50
Joanne Hawksworth $50 Good luck with the walk Jen, this is a great cause. Joanne xx
Katherine Smith $100 Go get 'em Jen! So glad that your's is a good news story. Hope you have a fabulous time on the walk x
Maxine Ryan $100 Go Jenn and Scott walking for a wonderful cause. xxx
Jen Donald $50 Go team Grimshaw! A fabulous cause to support. Good luck and enjoy the walk. Love from the Clearihans x
Mike and Krystine Gualano $50 Good luck for the walk. A great cause.
1961 $300 Hey Scott and Jen....have fun and hope you raise heaps for a great and personal cause. Love Stu and Anneliese
Sara Scott $50 Good luck Jen & Scott
Gill Hunt $500 Hi Jenny, I read the article in the local leader and I am sorry to say, having not you seen you for a while, I had no idea what you had been through in the last year. You are doing a great job in raising awareness about bowel cancer and I applaud your positive spirit. Good luck with the trek. Gill and Giles Hunt
Sharon Macdonald $50 Go Jen, great cause!
Jane Steel $50 Proud of you Jen!
Susie Nolan $30 Great cause. Go Jen & Scott. Susie Nolan
Sarah Perrett $50 Dear Jen and Scott, What an extraordinary year you have had and what a brave and dynamic couple you are. You have been so courageous and we admire your strength. Go well on 2 September! Love the Perrett Family
Angelina Speranza (Lentini) $20 Good Luck Jen and Scott. Love the Lentini's XXX
Bernadette Somers $30 Go team Grimshaw!!! Very proud of you Jen and your awesome recovery 1 year on. Bern and Mark xxx
Melanie Kenyon $50 Your are amazing Jen, looking forward to our next spin so you sprint thru the trek!! xxx
Liz Martin $20 Go Team Grimshaw! All the best. The Martin Family xx
Liz Jones $100 Best of Luck. Love the Jones Family xxx
Paula Darling $50 Well done Jenny & hope you enjoy the walk. xx Paula
Joanne Uzunovski $50
Brendan Fleiter $200
iMedX Australia Pty Ltd $1,000 iMedX is proud to support the GRimshaw's and the JLF Foundation to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer
Lisa Baring $100
Penelope Jones $100 Go Jen and such a powerful message to all. These things can happen to us - we need to remember this. Lots of love to you and the gang - The Gonzies xx
Michael Walsh $100 Best of luck. The Walsh's.
steve reddish $100 Great Idea , good work!!
Sarah & Tim Wood Wood $100 Lots of love and Best wishes to you both and the JL Foundation's work xxx
Sharon Roseman $50 Hi Jenny & Scott, Fantastic to hear from you guys! Good luck for the walk!!!! Well done and All the best. Love The Roseman Family (Sharon, Mark, Jemma, Paige & Brooke)
Cathy Mellor $50 Go Jen!!!
Alison Lucas $100 Power to you Jen & Scott
Anonymous $50 Good Luck
Sandie Gorton $25 Congratulations Jenny! Enjoy the "great cause" walk
Susie Godfrey $100 With you all the way Jen and Scott (in spirit...)!!!!
Lesley & Paul Marangos $50 Best of luck Grimshaws...backing you all the way xx
Terri Ward $50 Good luck Jen & Scott!
Pauline Spiby $50 Good luck and well done! xx
Celeste Mcmillan $50 Go Grimshaws. Great cause
Anonymous $20 all the best jen & scott, a great cause. xxx
Scott Grimshaw $100