Raised so far

I have entered The JLF Trek (VIC) and am looking forward to a challenging and rewarding experience, while also raising money and awareness of bowel cancer.

72kms will be tough, but not as tough as the challenge faced by people with bowel cancer every day.

I want to make a difference and help spread the word about the importance of screening regularly, acting quickly on symptoms, leading a healthy and active lifestyle to prevent bowel cancer.


From Amount Message
Michael Cahill $77 Great effort Scott, Good luck!
Fiona McKechnie $50 Well done Scott!
Steven Smith $20 Nice work Redman!!
Brendan Roney $50 Good luck! I'll buy you an ice-cream at the end!
Hamish Hurley $30 Nice one Red............classy photo . Good luck and watch for chafing!!
Michelle Cahill $50 Go for it Scott. Mind over matter.
Joy White $50 Scotty, you are the best.
Fay Mitchell $50 Best wishes Scott
Matt Stevens $20 Great cause.
Christine Biwrrs $20 Good luck Scott. I have no doubt you will do it!
Colin McFarlane $25 You're a legend. I for one don't want to see you fail. Good luck Scotty.
Daniel Schaeffner $50 Go Scotty, gutsy move! But please put one some underwear and don't go freelancing like you did in the photo!
Melinda Miller $25 Good on you for taking part- we hope you have a great time!
Scott White $50 Suck it up princess,