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This October we’re challenging you to take 300,000 steps to help us raise awareness about the steps you can take to prevent bowel cancer.

The JLF 300K Step Challenge was created in honour of Catherine ‘Riney’ Ross who was sadly diagnosed with stage III bowel cancer at age 28. Riney passed away four years later. She was a part of our family here at the Jodi Lee Foundation and is greatly missed. To read Riney’s full story click here.

Catherine Ross and her Research4Riney team have been incredible supporters of the Jodi Lee Foundation, raising over $230,000 through The JLF Treks and other events. Disappointed The JLF Trek VIC cannot take place this year, we’re holding The JLF 300K Step Challenge in its place.  

It’s easy to get involved. Simply register, then track your steps on your smart phone using apps like Health already installed on your iPhone or Google Fit for android.

We'd love to see your progress. You can connect with us by using #jodileefoundation and #jlf300ksteps on your favourite social media platform.




Raised of $50,000 Goal


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Iain Cameron $40
Laura Roos $40 Always in my thoughts... missing you Penny
Jenni Ham $100 Well done Charlotte
Joanna Manderson $100 So proud of you and your incredible effort. thank you x
Jo Manderson $100 So inspiring Luce. You're incredible.
Teresa Lia $120 So proud Wil
Mandy Mc Donald $50 You did it! Congratulations xx
Victoria Guthridge $25 Awesome effort Matilda!
Sophie Bason $100 Inspiring as always Dinga, in memory of the most incredible inspiring girl. X
Elizabeth Tubby $20 Great achievement Wendy ! ????????
Melanie van Diemen $40 Great work Charlotte!
Lucinda King $25 Go Haley! ????
Alice Whelan $20 ❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous $100
Duncan Mills $50 ????????????
Victoria and David McCulloch $100
R & D Accounting $25
David Giesemann $280
Anna Carter $50 Well done Hen. Fabulous effort! Xx
Deb Fisher $50 From Pammy xx
Claire Henderson $50 You’re amazing Jane, well done!!
Anne McMahon $50
Edward Gubbins $25 Go girl
Adeline Gabriel $40 Love your work Will
Anonymous $50 Great work Pete, very consistent!
Melinda Cooke $40 Good on you Han!
Georgina Gubbins $80
Louise McCarthy $40 Great work Charlotte!
Callum Richardson $50 So good - well done.
Anne O'Connor $120 Proud of you Leanne xx
Anonymous $50
Brett Proposch $150
Andrew Bartlett $50 Great work! Now give me 300,000 burpees!
Luise Persson $30 Excellent effort Pete, all of you Duffy's, you're doing great things to raise awareness, keep up the good work. Lu xxx
Melanie Cottrell $40 Well done Claire and Mabel!!
Tracey Smallacombe $40 Fantastic Jando! Thank you
Suzanne Christensen $30 Well done ????
Virginia Hall-Smith $20 Bravo Wendy. Well done xx
Justin Mcnab $280
Lily Grant $50 Love you xx
Julia Dawson $25 Run Forest Run...
Georgina McNab $40 All my love xxxxx
Judy Ross $400 You excelled the challenge!! xx
Russell Ross $400 Every step is one step closer to finding a cure.
Lottie Molnar $25 Woohoo phoebs !! Sending love xx
Emma Bond $20 ❤️❤️
Emma Bond $20 ❤️❤️
Liv Devilee $100 You know she’d be just as proud as we are. Love you xxx
Heidi Blyth $40 Awesomeeeee stuff
Alex Baulch $20 Proud of you Clauds! ❤️ Xxxx
Ginger Cordell $20 Love your work Phoebe ❤️
Chris Lourey $50 Congrats team. Great effort for a very worthy cause!!
Bec Brennan $100 <3
Anonymous $280 Great effort Phoebs, well done ???????????????? Xx
Jake Hardt $50
Janelle Box $25 Well done you gorgeous human being!
Taina Liind $20 Fantastic effort!
Bec Connell $25 Good job Dinger and thanks for the Gin Tommy!
Nicola Oakley $20 Well done you!
Mary Miller $100 Well done Steph
Melissa Tinworth $100 Great effort by all for great cause ????
Bee Happy Fitness $25 Awesome job back roaders!!
Dagmar Rowlands $25 Fantastic effort Wendy.
Kerry Molloy $25 Congrats Wendy!
Sam & Lauren Taylor $100
Mark & Liz Koroneos $50 Well done Annabelle! What a great effort xx
Caitlin and Alistair Harris $30
Caitlin and Alistair Harris $3 Wonderful effort, and wonderful cause. Well done.
James & Caroline Christensen $120
Caroline Christensen $120
Anonymous $100 Amazing work ladies & all for an important cause!! ????
Anonymous $280 Lots of love Clauds, well done xxx
Anonymous $280 Awesome Luce ????????????????????????
Anonymous $120 Good on you Lucy ... just saw your post on Instagram and am pleased to make a donation because of your great efforts and this worthy cause.
Anonymous $150 Great cause - well done ladies!
Mandy Lukk $20 Awesome stuff cuz!
Mandy Lukk $20 Awesome stuff cuz!
Pam Bradshaw $50 Go Annabelle! Love Pammy xx
Angus Kininmonth $50 Well done Willy!!! Very proud of you!
Kate Hunter $25 Awesome work Char!
Katrina Brooks $50 Go Matilda. Keep those steps happening.
Buxton $50 From fish sauce
Eloise Glenane $50 Well done Suze & The Nyariri’s!!!!
Emily Ventura $40 Amazing effort Suze! Can’t wait to join in again next year x
Mather and Rayna Jens $20 Way to go!
Bess Barr $40 Go char what a great cause and way to remember Catherine
Anonymous $300 Go Girls ......great effort for an excellent cause.
David Burns $40
Pamela Bradshaw $50 Xx
Emily Ventura $40 Great effort Char! Can’t wait to join you again next year.
Melissa Barker $100 Great cause
Anonymous $150 Go girls, great effort for a great cause ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️
Sarah McPherson $25 Go Treeny!!
Jordyn Thistlethwayte $35 Go Megan!!! So amazing seeing you advocate for such an important cause xxxx
Hays Recruitment Agency $160 Hays Recruitment Agency held an a day where we all came in in our active wear and took a lunch time walk around the Torrens. We are honoured to support such an incredible charity. Keep up the good work and we hope this contribution helps towards your goal. With best wishes, Hays Recruitment Agency
Jones Environmental Consulting $40 Amazing effort Claire & Mabel xxx
Lauren & Nick Betts $50 Great work Em!
Sophie Jones $100 Go you good thing Trenty B
Kaylene Collins $50
Tom Pilgrim $10
Reety & Matty Knight $40 Yay Treeny, so proud ????
Rosie Eastoe $25 Congratulations on stepping it up and raising awareness for a great cause Treeny! Xx
Georgi Kellock $20 Great work Treen. You go girl. Great cause. xx
Lily Gubbins $20
India Rofe $40 AMAZING WILL!! Blown away, been following all your posts! Xxx
Emma Waldron $20 Go Willy!
Kaysie Graham $100
Anna and Clive JAMIESON $150 Huge effort Will, ????⭐️
Hugh Stirling $25 Love your work! Great work mate
Lucy G7bbins $120 Bloody amazing effort Will. What a champ xxx
Richelle Gent $40 Well done team!! Walk the walk
David Hunter $100 Great cause - keep up the good work!
Stephanie Hunter $100 such a worthy cause - hope we can see these funds being used to make a real difference into the future x
Sarah Melton $100 Go Sooze & JL! From Sarah & Dirk
Ben Elzarka $40 Smashed it! Well done Treen!
Mathew Karastavrou $100 500k+ steps! Well done Mark
Bruce Turnbull $200
Greenlaw Ag $50 Great work girls! Love Sim, Claire, Rosalie & Isobel xxx
Margot and Dennis Mills $100 Great effort Will. Love you
Isobelle Cooke $25 Just keep walking, just keep walking
Steve & Marie Parry $100 Great cause. Good luck with your efforts.
Leona Chan $40 Well done Treeny <3 Love Leona & Tommy
Adem Dogan $73 Good stuff mate, been watching the past month I’ve topped up the last bit to get to 10k
Lucien Bienvenu $40
Izzy Sanchez $25 Last but CMOOOOOON
Will Weight $100 Epic stuff Willy
Mikahl Venneri $25 A wonderful cause!
India Rofe $40 Amazing georgieeee ❤️
Nic Neeson $25 Cliff Young. Great stuff Georgie great cause
Sue Gibson $120
Maureen Brennan $50
Holly Castledine $25 Go Candice! Xx
Chris & Susie Ward $25 In support of a great cause - awesome effort Will. Ward Family x
Kelm Hire $120 Ring a ding ding it's the Tiger King.
Geraldine Monaghan $50
Mitchell Dicarlo $40
Alison Gee $20 Keep walking xxxx
Frank Kavanagh $40 You go big dog! Run the gauntlet!
Val Marinko $75 Awesome initiative you go girl :-)
Cassie Stephens $25 Awesome effort Ab
Emily Nash $25 Great work Mhairi. Love Emily x
Adrienne Koor $25
Warren Scott $25 Good job muz
Georgia Bradley $40 Great work Char!!
Mickey Nicholls $25 Have been watching and enjoying. This is an epic challenge and you are smashing. Well done. Appreciating the effort.
Kaisa Hakala $30 Hyvä Matilda! Tsemppiä mammalta ja paapalta! T: Kaisa & Antti Hakala
Willow Farm Equine $50 Awesome work Steph and crew! X
Sue Cubit $300 Well done will, very proud of you mate xx
Ingrid Clarke $25
Sarah Brett $20 Great work, love Kearney, Rod, Paddy and George.
Louise Van Dugteren $50 Well done girls, you’ve all done an amazing job, Lou
Kirsty Roberts $50 Great effort Birre backroad runners Catherine would be super proud! ???? Kirsty
Jonathan McCulloch $101 Good luck Heath.
Anthony McCulloch $100
Wendy Eckett $25 Well done Tilda. My Mum (your Dad's grandmother) would be so proud of you.
Lidgerwood Seeds $300 Fantastic cause, well done to the Birre girls.
Sylvia Tyrer $100
Mia Shepherd $100
Emma Darling $25 Amazing job Will!! Keep going ❤️
Jo Ham $40 Go Charlotte!
Annabel Burge $50 Well done Liv!
Alastair Saunders $25 Great job Will!
Anonymous $500
Open architecture $50 Great work Ham!!
Julie Montgomery $100 Go Team Anderson! Ma & Pa
Anonymous $80 Amazing work!!
Terry Constable $40 Great work x
Joe Bonic $40
Bella Clough $40
Matt Pearce $120
Cameron Highdale $50 Well done legend!
Sarah Jane Paton $100 Well done Will.. ???? such a great thing to do. Cheers SJ and Knox Paton
Trudy Turner $25
Trudy Turner $25
Michael Allford $100 fantastic effort.
Hayley Randall $50 Great work my friend xxx
James Stoeckel $30
Adrian Crossing $50 Keep up the amazing work, you are truly inspirational!
Suzannah Hewson $25
Annette molloy $40 what a great effort matilda for such a good cause - good on you!
Joshua Ton $30 I've lost someone (that will remain anonymous) to Cancer this time last year. Awesome to see you running for the cause
Louisa Robertson $30 Fantastic work Matilda! Super proud of you! ????????????????????????
Nancy Wu $25 Great cause Will xx
JUDY GOWTY $25 Great effort Matilda We are proud of you
Adrian Kirchner $50 Love the photo - go hard Jando
Brad Gowers $25
Claire Sheed $120 Congratulations Will! Such a worthy cause.
Lachlan Brogan $220 Great work. Best of luck for the rest of it
Speech Active $25 Xx well done Tilda. Florence, lach, Georgie and James
Angus Poulston $50 Great job Matilda! We are very proud of you. Lou, Gus, Grace, Alex
Wendy McKenzie $10 Good on you Ruby
Wendy McKenzie $25 Good on you
Kerrie Turner $25 Enjoy your walks
Kerrie Turner $25 Step it out, Liam
Grace Darcy $10 Go Matilda. Good luck with the challenge.
Jane Eckett $25 Fantastic work Tilda. Every step counts. Annie E. would be so proud of you as are all your family.
Melissa Dobie $50 Very proud of you Tilda xx
Maddison Brown $15
Taliah Kelly $20 Go team Schuuring❤️
Rachel Vere $10
Meg Campbell $100 Love and support from the Campbell family who know how passionate Riney was to try to help others. She will always be in our hearts. Meg Campbell
Jenny Turner $10
Jenny Turner $10
Jenny Turner $10
Rosalyn Ferguson $200 Fantastic effort Will.
Susan & Ross Goodman $100 ???????????????????????? Well done ❤️
Stride Media $200 Awesome effort Will!
Stacy Power $50 Love you!
Stacy Power $50 Love you!
Anonymous $50 Wishing you all the best Jando. You’re a star! Looking forward to catching up one day. Bear ox
Anonymous $120 Good on ya big fella. Great cause. Keep running
Karen Hitchings $25 Awesome work as always Jando! Hope you raise lots for a great cause xo
Marshall White $120 Great Effort Devilee family. Especially proud of FS
Sean Edmunds $25 Love you
Laura Lewis $25 This is awesome Will! Well done!
Georgie Clarnette $25
Boom Box $20 Incredible effort Devilee, stay positive
actrol $100 keep up the great work Will and Fiona
Donnie Byrne $100 Good luck Will - sounds like agony to me!
Kerrie Harrison $40 ????????
Keith Richards $500 Great effort so far, Will, and not long to go in terms of kms to run and money to raise. I admire your capacity to push yourself way out of your comfort zone ! Congratulations and good wishes. Keith
Harry Atkins $25 Well done Devilee on this awesome effort !!
Paul Brown $50 For Catherine x
James Remington $50 Go dearie! x
Suzie Piltz $50
Anonymous $25
Urban Information $50 You are totally awesome Jane xxx
Isabelle Sanchez $20 Go Devilee you legend
Sandi Kennedy $40 Hi girlfriend well done very proud
Jarrod Delavale $20 ????????
Hunter Watkin $20
Indi Balderstone $50 Love ya work Willy!!! Amazing efforts xxxx
Anonymous $75 Well done Will, great cause you are smashing it.
Aitana Martin $40 Run Forrest ruuuuun <3
Andrew Nicholson $40 Amazing stuff brother, titanic effort for a terrific cause indeed.
Harry Felton $25
Meek Farming Trust $80 Great work Tilly, you can do it
Lachlan Montgomery $50 love your work!
Sasha Culley $50 Big effort Willy, keep killing it <33
Nikolai Price $40 Killing it! Enjoy the extra 400m
Anonymous $200 Keep smashing it Will! Run up to Canberra and come visit.
Anonymous $40 Such an amazing effort and extremely inspiring! Was so good to run into you mid 10km the other day! Keep up the insane work!
Kirrily Herath $50 Go Jando!! Love Kirrily (aka Nunchucker Jodi’s nickname for me) Xxx
Anne Smith $150
Mandie Williams $100
Claire Grace $25 Have enjoyed your walking pics, Gladys must be so happy x
Polly Ritchie $50
Claire Grace $25 Good on you Bec, maybe one year I will head to Vic and walk with you guys x
Diana Batten $200 Good on you Cath. Always a pleasure to support you in your wonderful endeavour.????????????????????????
Alison Brown $25 Go Treeno you champion! Ali x