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The JLF are a close charity partner of our business. We are taking part in this event to support the JLF and the incredible work they do and in honour of the memory of those close to us who have needlessly suffered this preventable illness.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Duncan Mills $50 ????????????
Anonymous $50 Great work Pete, very consistent!
Callum Richardson $50 So good - well done.
Anne O'Connor $120 Proud of you Leanne xx
Brett Proposch $150
Andrew Bartlett $50 Great work! Now give me 300,000 burpees!
Luise Persson $30 Excellent effort Pete, all of you Duffy's, you're doing great things to raise awareness, keep up the good work. Lu xxx
Julia Dawson $25 Run Forest Run...
Chris Lourey $50 Congrats team. Great effort for a very worthy cause!!
David Burns $40
Melissa Barker $100 Great cause
Richelle Gent $40 Well done team!! Walk the walk
Mathew Karastavrou $100 500k+ steps! Well done Mark
Bruce Turnbull $200
Maureen Brennan $50
Emily Nash $25 Great work Mhairi. Love Emily x
Warren Scott $25 Good job muz
Terry Constable $40 Great work x
Dan Anderson $25 Good work legend ????
Moose Man $50 Step by step! Go Mark!
Simone & Karl Otterbach $50 Great job Burnsy Just keep walking ????????
Lisa Matthews $25 Great cause Trines! And good luck for the challenge xx
Mia Smith $25 On the home stretch! Keep up the good work xx
COOPS P/L $120
Kevin and Merryn Brennan $100 Well done Dave! Kev and are proud of you too????????
Leanne O'Connor $50 Thanks for joining us on this challenge Mark! What could be better? Doing good and getting fit in the process!
Tianie Grunwald $100 Proud of you Dave.
Callie Fell $20 Awesome Mhairi, I did Steptember this year and thoroughly enjoyed it, great causes. Have fun!! Cal xx
Des Perkins $100 That’s a lot of trips to the fridge....
Rosemary Geard $10 Sorry T I haven't been paid since early April otherwise I would have given more.
Tim Morris $50 Great cause Mark! Go go go!
Patricia Kerr $30 Good girl Mhairi. Love Pat & Adrian ❤️
Chris and Cliff Lally $25 Good girl Muzz go for it. Xx
Michelle Young $25
Katherine Lane $30 Go you good thing! Xx
Jess Skaftouros $20 Go Mhairi! You got this xo
Jane Wright $100 Go Muzzle Muff. Our donation in the name of Jodi and our darling friend Ruth. Love, Janey Cam Lucy and Will x
Sal Noonan $20 Go Mhairi! X
Leanne O’Connor $50 David, you are a star and a treasured friend. Thank you for joining us and for your kind words. Let’s do this! X
NSG $25 Mark. I’m supporting you to the tune of $25. $10 to spur you on! And $15 for the blue steel look in your profile picture ????????
Theodora McKenzie $100 Go girls! Such a great cause! X
RoslynSaundersInc $280 Well done love ... A great initiative....
AMP $40 Good on you EK - would you mind please taking our dog for daily walks to help hit your challenge target?
Nicole Tucci $50 Best wishes Trines xx
Ella and Ben $25 Great cause! Good luck!!
Felipe Rodriguez Burgos $40 Good work Nat!! Keep those steps up!!! Left, right, then left right , then left and then right again.
Mitchell Cook $25 Way to go Maysen and crew!! Awesome work ????
Glen Modra $120 Go team. So proud of you
Lisa Rich $40 $10 from each of us for the lolly lady! Good luck Trines! ????
Peter Brown $50 Happy to support the foundation. Go Natalie
Emma Nowell $25 A cause very close to our hearts ???? what a great way to honour it!
Nicky Brown $40 Go Natalie! You will achieve this - very proud of you
Alex Wilson $40 Love your work juice box xx
Fiona Nelson $25 Good on you Peter!
Leanne O'Connor $120 Go me :) x
Annie Pham $25 You can do it!! Good Luck! xx
Mel Chung $25 Awesome cause Trines!! Good luck xx
Charlotte Perkins $25 Great cause....Go on Trines you can do it!!! ???????? Love Charlotte and Caroline x
Rosa Mosca $50 Good Luck
Claire Nowell $150 Thanks Maysen for stepping out to help this cause that has impacted our family so much .❤️
Ben Britbart $20 Love your work mate!
Ben Britbart $20 Love your work mate!
Robert Banks Painter $100 Well done mate, all the best with this challenge. We are proud of you
John Morgan $120 A cause close to our hearts, too. Xx
Georgia Beed $30
Georgia Casey $30
Mitch Ferris $25 Great work pants ????????
Xavier Ross $25 Awesome stuff mate
Ben Macdermid $40 Good man
Daniel Sherman $25 Good on ya pants
Dougs $20 Oiiiiii
Kobe Dudley $10 ❣️????
Nick van der Linden $25 Awesome work mate ????
Maysen Duffy $25 ❤️❤️
Jayden Banks $25 Go bby go xx
Imogen Holthouse $25
Maysen Duffy $25
Anonymous $20 Oi mala :-D
Matt Cossens $50 Nice work Tim O!
Anonymous $25 You believed in me once when I needed the most! Though I can't repay you this is a small token for that.
Anonymous $50 All the best and looking forward to secret walks. Uncle Charlie
Anonymous $25 Go on TJ! I believe in you!! You can do it.
Mhairi Kerr $25
Ryan Brown $50 "Most people will talk the talk, a few will walk the walk. Be amongst those few."
Bridget La Ragy $25
Natalie Rodriguez $25


Name Total
Leanne O'Connor $880
Mark Pellas $525
David Burns $500
Maysen Duffy $480
Jayden Banks $425