Raised so far

The R4R team will be walking for Catherine ‘Riney’ Ross, and other loved ones who have tragically lost their lives to cancer. The R4R team has been participating (competing) in the JLF treks for three years both in Victoria and interstate. We are super excited to get bring this important campaign again to continue to raise funds and awareness for bowel cancer.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Jo Manderson $100 So inspiring Luce. You're incredible.
Victoria Guthridge $25 Awesome effort Matilda!
Sophie Bason $100 Inspiring as always Dinga, in memory of the most incredible inspiring girl. X
Deb Fisher $50 From Pammy xx
Edward Gubbins $25 Go girl
Georgina Gubbins $80
Anonymous $50
Melanie Cottrell $40 Well done Claire and Mabel!!
Judy Ross $400 You excelled the challenge!! xx
Russell Ross $400 Every step is one step closer to finding a cure.
Taina Liind $20 Fantastic effort!
Bec Connell $25 Good job Dinger and thanks for the Gin Tommy!
Mark & Liz Koroneos $50 Well done Annabelle! What a great effort xx
James & Caroline Christensen $120
Anonymous $280 Awesome Luce ????????????????????????
Anonymous $120 Good on you Lucy ... just saw your post on Instagram and am pleased to make a donation because of your great efforts and this worthy cause.
Pam Bradshaw $50 Go Annabelle! Love Pammy xx
Kate Hunter $25 Awesome work Char!
Katrina Brooks $50 Go Matilda. Keep those steps happening.
Buxton $50 From fish sauce
Eloise Glenane $50 Well done Suze & The Nyariri’s!!!!
Emily Ventura $40 Amazing effort Suze! Can’t wait to join in again next year x
Mather and Rayna Jens $20 Way to go!
Bess Barr $40 Go char what a great cause and way to remember Catherine
Pamela Bradshaw $50 Xx
Emily Ventura $40 Great effort Char! Can’t wait to join you again next year.
Sarah McPherson $25 Go Treeny!!
Jones Environmental Consulting $40 Amazing effort Claire & Mabel xxx
Lauren & Nick Betts $50 Great work Em!
Sophie Jones $100 Go you good thing Trenty B
Reety & Matty Knight $40 Yay Treeny, so proud ????
Rosie Eastoe $25 Congratulations on stepping it up and raising awareness for a great cause Treeny! Xx
Georgi Kellock $20 Great work Treen. You go girl. Great cause. xx
Ben Elzarka $40 Smashed it! Well done Treen!
Leona Chan $40 Well done Treeny <3 Love Leona & Tommy
India Rofe $40 Amazing georgieeee ❤️
Nic Neeson $25 Cliff Young. Great stuff Georgie great cause
Kaisa Hakala $30 Hyvä Matilda! Tsemppiä mammalta ja paapalta! T: Kaisa & Antti Hakala
Wendy Eckett $25 Well done Tilda. My Mum (your Dad's grandmother) would be so proud of you.
Annabel Burge $50 Well done Liv!
Annette molloy $40 what a great effort matilda for such a good cause - good on you!
Louisa Robertson $30 Fantastic work Matilda! Super proud of you! ????????????????????????
JUDY GOWTY $25 Great effort Matilda We are proud of you
Speech Active $25 Xx well done Tilda. Florence, lach, Georgie and James
Angus Poulston $50 Great job Matilda! We are very proud of you. Lou, Gus, Grace, Alex
Grace Darcy $10 Go Matilda. Good luck with the challenge.
Jane Eckett $25 Fantastic work Tilda. Every step counts. Annie E. would be so proud of you as are all your family.
Melissa Dobie $50 Very proud of you Tilda xx
Meg Campbell $100 Love and support from the Campbell family who know how passionate Riney was to try to help others. She will always be in our hearts. Meg Campbell
Kerrie Harrison $40 ????????
Suzie Piltz $50
Anonymous $25
Meek Farming Trust $80 Great work Tilly, you can do it
Diana Batten $200 Good on you Cath. Always a pleasure to support you in your wonderful endeavour.????????????????????????
Alison Brown $25 Go Treeno you champion! Ali x
Bryce Howie $40 Go Tilds. Amazing effort and you’ve been 7yo for most of your steps. Imagine how quickly you’ll be able to walk the rat of the walk now that you are 8!! Love Anna, Bryce & Will
Anonymous $50 Go Liv! Nailing it with plenty of time to go xx
Beth Crompton $30 Keep those feet moving. Good on you Tildy. It's a great way to help researchers find a way to stop this disease
Peta Bullock $50 You are amazing ????????????
Janette Hahn $50
Mietta Rouffignac $25 Good work George XX
Joanne Seidel $100
Anonymous $100
The Hungry Hiker $40 Thanks to Rozzi, Pammy, Sal and Lorraine
Terhi Meek $40 Go girl!
Brydie Kilday $25 Go Tilda!
Olivia Cordner $20 You go girl! X
Paul and Sarah Blane $100
Anna Page $35 Early detection is key & lives will be saved for this amazing, ongoing cause. So much admiration for you, Jamie. In memory of your beautiful Catherine & all those who have been affected by bowel cancer ????
Jack Clifford $50
nataha bryson $30 great work georgina xxox
Kristy Stewart $30 Go gee ❤️
Hugh Coltman $25 On ya G Gubs!
Emily Torney $100
Nick Koroneos $60 Extremely proud of what you are doing ???? ????????
Buxton Real Estate $25
Greg Lauren Allen Lake $25 Great work Dinga and thanks for the Gin Tommy B!
John Moran $25
Buxton $200 Go Dinga! Love Tom and Izzy
Judy Sedger $100 Go Treen! Amazing effort. X
Judy Sedger $120 Love your work Char. You are fabulous!
Sam Hodge $25 Keep it up hombre
Zoe Faulkner $25 Go girl awesome work !
Sarah Perrignon $25 good on you georgie :))
Tom Calvert $100 Well done Jamie????
Tom Calvert $100
Tom Calvert $100
Tom Calvert $200
3rd Shortest $50 Go Queen Bea ????????
Señor Hoo-hes $120 Get.it.gurl
Tess Fellows $40 Get stepping girl, you can do it! Great cause xx
Rosemary Billings $120 Good on you Cath! Happy walking xx
Sarah Collins $50 Good job AGF
Matilda Doery $40 Proud of u bby
Tim and Jules Fisher $50 Go AGF! You Got this! And for a great cause xx Tim and Jules
Joe Grriffiths $50 Go G!
Sandy Vanrenen $50 Go Cath - thinking of you and Jamie.
Amanda McPherson $120 Go Girl????????????????
Kaye Blackburn $50 Go Cath!
Susan Morrison $100
Adriana hair & beauty $50 Great work Lucy for a great coarse, ???????????? go girl ????‍♀️????‍♀️????‍♀️
Zoe Lewis $25 For Sedgey and in memory of Catherine x
Alix Kelly $50 Good luck Rosie. Happy walking. Think of Riney often xx
Terri Troup $40 You are a star Char xx
Olivia Fairbairn $50
Alexandra MacKenzie $40 You go cinz! Proud of you. Xx
Anonymous $50
George Mcfarlane $50 ????
Russell Ross $100
Mary Morton $280 Go, Luce. I will be walking with you for a lot of these! LOL. Mar x
Lucy Gubbins $120 Go me
Danni Barr $40 Go charzie barrzie!
Rosie Fitzclarence $50
Charlotte Barr $50
Judy Ross $100
Anonymous $200 Great initiative! Keep up the great work!
Chris Fairbairn $50 Here’s to Dear you and dear Riney, Jamie. and the R4R JLF
Ginnie Hope-Johnstone $50
Rosie Weatherly $50
Catherine Bell $100
Jamie Bell $100