Raised of $10,000 Goal

I'm taking part in the JLF 300k step challenge in honour of Riney and my Godmother Kate Calvert. I'm going to challenge myself by running the entirety of the 300k steps throughout the month with a 20kg weight vest on in the hope this can inspire some generous donations to this great cause.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Teresa Lia $120 So proud Wil
Adeline Gabriel $40 Love your work Will
Angus Kininmonth $50 Well done Willy!!! Very proud of you!
Tom Pilgrim $10
Lily Gubbins $20
India Rofe $40 AMAZING WILL!! Blown away, been following all your posts! Xxx
Emma Waldron $20 Go Willy!
Anna and Clive JAMIESON $150 Huge effort Will, ????⭐️
Hugh Stirling $25 Love your work! Great work mate
Lucy G7bbins $120 Bloody amazing effort Will. What a champ xxx
Margot and Dennis Mills $100 Great effort Will. Love you
Adem Dogan $73 Good stuff mate, been watching the past month I’ve topped up the last bit to get to 10k
Lucien Bienvenu $40
Izzy Sanchez $25 Last but CMOOOOOON
Will Weight $100 Epic stuff Willy
Mikahl Venneri $25 A wonderful cause!
Chris & Susie Ward $25 In support of a great cause - awesome effort Will. Ward Family x
Kelm Hire $120 Ring a ding ding it's the Tiger King.
Frank Kavanagh $40 You go big dog! Run the gauntlet!
Adrienne Koor $25
Mickey Nicholls $25 Have been watching and enjoying. This is an epic challenge and you are smashing. Well done. Appreciating the effort.
Sue Cubit $300 Well done will, very proud of you mate xx
Emma Darling $25 Amazing job Will!! Keep going ❤️
Alastair Saunders $25 Great job Will!
Joe Bonic $40
Bella Clough $40
Cameron Highdale $50 Well done legend!
Sarah Jane Paton $100 Well done Will.. ???? such a great thing to do. Cheers SJ and Knox Paton
Michael Allford $100 fantastic effort.
James Stoeckel $30
Suzannah Hewson $25
Joshua Ton $30 I've lost someone (that will remain anonymous) to Cancer this time last year. Awesome to see you running for the cause
Nancy Wu $25 Great cause Will xx
Brad Gowers $25
Claire Sheed $120 Congratulations Will! Such a worthy cause.
Lachlan Brogan $220 Great work. Best of luck for the rest of it
Maddison Brown $15
Rosalyn Ferguson $200 Fantastic effort Will.
Stride Media $200 Awesome effort Will!
Anonymous $120 Good on ya big fella. Great cause. Keep running
Marshall White $120 Great Effort Devilee family. Especially proud of FS
Laura Lewis $25 This is awesome Will! Well done!
Georgie Clarnette $25
Boom Box $20 Incredible effort Devilee, stay positive
actrol $100 keep up the great work Will and Fiona
Donnie Byrne $100 Good luck Will - sounds like agony to me!
Keith Richards $500 Great effort so far, Will, and not long to go in terms of kms to run and money to raise. I admire your capacity to push yourself way out of your comfort zone ! Congratulations and good wishes. Keith
Harry Atkins $25 Well done Devilee on this awesome effort !!
Isabelle Sanchez $20 Go Devilee you legend
Hunter Watkin $20
Indi Balderstone $50 Love ya work Willy!!! Amazing efforts xxxx
Anonymous $75 Well done Will, great cause you are smashing it.
Aitana Martin $40 Run Forrest ruuuuun <3
Andrew Nicholson $40 Amazing stuff brother, titanic effort for a terrific cause indeed.
Harry Felton $25
Lachlan Montgomery $50 love your work!
Sasha Culley $50 Big effort Willy, keep killing it <33
Nikolai Price $40 Killing it! Enjoy the extra 400m
Anonymous $200 Keep smashing it Will! Run up to Canberra and come visit.
Anonymous $40 Such an amazing effort and extremely inspiring! Was so good to run into you mid 10km the other day! Keep up the insane work!
Polly Ritchie $50
Tom Payne $100 Good on you mate home stretch
Harrison Fraser $40 Amazing stuff Willy! You’re a bit weird and crazy but in the best type of way.
Anonymous $60
Freya Moore $25 Incredible stuff Will!
Lottie Bennett $25 Go Deville! Enjoy the extra slog :p
Andrew Zhang $200 was waiting for this
Edward Gubbins $50 Well done Dewilee. Great cause mate and enjoy the extra 500 metres tomorrow ????
Mikaela Lees $5
Omar Elkadi $100 Enjoy your extra KM
Bobby Jamieson $25 Great job!
Tom Calvert $500 Sorry mate. Couldn’t resist you maniac.
Charlotte Webster $25
Audrey Wanner $50 Goggins would be proud! ???????? Keep it up xx
Gian Toscano $25 Atta boy! Smash it ????????
John Cubit $300 Well done villiam xx
Tori Landale $280 Go Will! Love the Landales xx
Charlie Birk $25 Great work WIlly! Keep it up mate xxx
Mrs $50 Inspiring effort Will, beautiful Rama would be so proud of you x
Amy Dumas $25
McCristal Injury Lawyers $500 Well done Will. What a great effort and an inspiring way to honour Kate.
Georgina Dungey $100 Love that you’re doing this Will in memory of our special friend Rama. Really beautiful & inspiring . Good luck! xox
Anonymous $25 keep up the great work mate
Will & Dan Castleman $250 Fantastic work Will!!
Jemima Vicars $50
Siren Fine Jewellery $50 Such a wonderful effort Will. Well done!
Bertram & Belinda Birk $55 Good on you Will! All the best Bertram & Belinda
Will Bernardi $40 Good job mate xx
alexander erlandsen $10
Nick Soon $25 Stellar effort for a stellar cause
Sam Hewitt $25 Go you good thing
Cody jones electrical $280 Keep on keeping on
Luke Kerr $25 Machine
Georgia Mactaggart $50
Will Noall $50 Mate, love your work. Keep it up x
Alexia de Broglie $50 Woohoo keep running ????????
Tom Calvert $100
Erana James $25 Keep up the good work
Paul Hicks $100 Well done Will! Cheers Hixy & Janet
Poppy Harding $25 Go Will, you good thing! Xx
Xenia Brookes $40 Love your work... kicking butt!! ❤️
Bryce Wheatley $70 Get it beast ????????????????
Seb Saunders $20 Great work Will. Keep pushing for this great cause.
Max Roux $25 Fantastic work! My dad passed away from this terrible cancer and I’m so happy to see you raising awareness❤️
Sam Tallis $50 Always proud of you mate, keep up the great work!
Eloise Petrucco $25 Good luck!!
Margot and Dennis Mills $100 Wonderful effort Will
Dani Zita $50 Thanks Will X
HELEN DEVILEE $100 Dear Will - I hope you remain free of injury. Good Luck. Love Nana Helen xxx
Anonymous $120 Go Will! "Arma Virumque Cano"
Richard & Susie Mills $50 Great effort Will! Sooz & Rich
Will Armstrong $20 Run 100k again
Lee Ellison $50 An excellent initiative for a worthwhile cause!
Michael Beardsmore $17 If you could swing by the Abbey with a slab for some extra weight that would be swell. Best of luck Devilee, you’re an inspiration to all ❤️
DEVILEE'S AIR CONDITIONING $1,000 We are so very proud of you Will! Love you lots Mum, Dad, Liv and Prue xxxxx
Sean Michael $15 Would have been more if you were using a 30kg vest.
Harry von Bibra $25 Unreal Wilson, characteristic of you to push the limits and challenge yourself. Look after the legs, I’ll be cheering you every step!!! Xx
Kirsty Schilling $50 Good on ya Will such a great cause, Good Luck with it !!
Anonymous $500 Congratulations Willy, such an admirable cause and one so close to your heart. You were such a tough runner at Timbertop and I have no doubt that you have the strength of mind to compete what you’ve set out to do. Good Luck and best wishes. D
Glen McGrath $25 Going to cherish this hour of you out of the house every day!
Hugh Pollard $25 Gotta back in an effort like this one
Rupert Kebbell $50 Go the dill. Stay safe with those heavy weights
Joe Bibby $25 How do I make a donation to your knee reconstruction fund?