About the Event


The JLF Ride 2021 is unlike anything we’ve done before. Test your limits, mentally and physically in our 4-day ride across iconic landscapes in South Australia.  

With up to 24 cyclists, this exclusive event will see you ride through the picturesque city of Adelaide, Barossa Valley, Mount Lofty and McLaren Vale. Spanning across 547km over four days, with an estimated elevation of 6765 meters, The JLF Ride 2021 will be the ultimate endurance event all while raising awareness for bowel cancer prevention.  

As this event is not for the faint hearted, it is imperative that your bodymind and equipment can endure such a challenge. 

Places are limited. 



Wednesday 17 March  : 134km - 1591 elevation

  • Ride Adelaide CBD to Barossa Valley 
  • 2 course dinner at Novotel Barossa Valley 
  • Twin share accommodation at the Novotel Barossa Valley  

Thursday 18 March : 94km - 1471 elevation / 42km - 663 elevation

  • Breakfast at Novotel Barossa Valley 
  • Ride Barossa Valley to Adelaide Hills 
  • Dinner at Mount Lofty House 
  • Group accommodation at Mount Lofty House and Crafers Hotel 

Friday 19 March  : 129km - 1337 elevation

  • Breakfast at Mount Lofty House 
  • Ride Adelaide Hills to McLaren Vale 
  • Dinner in McLaren Vale  
  • Twin share accommodation at Serafino 

Saturday 20 March : 148km - 1703 elevation

  • Breakfast at Serafino 
  • Ride McLaren Vale to Adelaide CBD 

*Distances are estimates only

Entry is permitted to ages 18 and over. Your entry fee covers the cost of this fully supported event, including safety and management, food and non alcoholic drinks, accommodation, medical support and transport of goods and services. Your registration cost is not a donation and does not support your fundraising total. 


Day 1, Wednesday 17 March 2021
Adelaide to Barossa Valley : 134km - 1591 elevation
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Day 2 (part 1), Thursday 18 March 2021
Barossa Valley to Mount Lofty : 94km - 1471 elevation
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Day 2 (part 2), Thursday 18 March 2021
Mount Lofty to Mount Lofty loop : 42km - 663 elevation
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Day 3, Friday 19 March 2021
Mount Lofty to McLaren Vale : 129km - 1337 elevation
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Day 4, Saturday 20 March 2021
McLaren Vale to Adelaide : 148km - 1703 elevation
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Maps of The JLF Ride are available via the Ride with GPS app. 
To download the app, follow these steps:
  1. Open this email on your mobile phone and click here 
  2. Sign up for a Ride with GPS account, or sign into your existing account
  3. Download the Ride with GPS app
    If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store here 
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  4. Sign in with the email and password used to create your account
You will find The JLF Ride maps located under More (bottom right corner) > Organisations
If you require assistance, please contact RIDE WITH GPS directly.


As a not-for-profit charity, fundraising events are essential to raise awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer. Your fundraising is an essential element of The JLF Ride. We encourage you to strive for a minimum fundraising target of $2,500.   
If you are successful in your registration, you will have the opportunity to kick off your own fundraising by making a tax-deductible donation.  
We have created posters and social media images for you to use to help with your fundraising campaign. You can find them in your account profile once your application is successful. You will also have the opportunity to kick off your own fundraising by making a tax deductible donation. 



$1,500 per person. Your registration fee includes the following: 

  • Jodi Lee Foundation event jersey 
  • 3 nights share accommodation at Novotel Barossa, Mount Lofty House / Crafers Hotel and Serafino 
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner supplied including non-alcoholic beverages 
  • Water supplies during the ride 
  • Transport of personal items 
  • Sweep vehicle support  
  • Mechanical support 
  • First aid support 
  • Covid safe planed event 
  • Event management and logistical support 


Entrant to supply the following 

  • Registration/entry fee of $1,500 
  • Fundraising target of $2,500 
  • Road bike in sound mechanical condition  
  • Approved Australian standard helmet 
  • Bike lights, front and rear 
  • Drink bottles for your bike 
  • Spare tube, puncture repair kit and pump 
  • Mobile phone 
  • Personal medical requirements 
  • Personal items (such as change of clothes, toiletries etc that will be transported by the event)  



Raised of $60,000 Goal

Major Partner

supporting partners


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Avalon Mortgage Solutions $280
Self $250 Dear Andrew, Sorry this took me so long. If its any consolation, you are so ridiculously generous to so many people, I have been feeling extra guilty. I have about six thousand bowel jokes locked and loaded - but this is probably not the right forum... Damien A.
Indental $20
David Baumgartner $50 Pleased to be able to support you.
Tom Richardson $800 Good on ya
Warradale Hotel Pty Ltd $500
Experience Matters $100
Experience Matters $100
Simon Brooks $100 MAMILs are not an endangered species, good luck!
Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation $1,500
Raymond Wong $120 Hi James, good on you for riding up this mammoth course and at the same time, supporting a great cause! Go for it and hope to catch up when you get back! All the best, Ray
Anonymous $120 Wine tastes better after a long ride.
Casella Family Brands $40 Hope you had a great trip Tobes!
Colin Pickett $120
David LeMire $120 Sorry! Better late than never!
Anonymous $25 Bill, not the most ambitious fund raising target I've seen. But then again, by comparison, haven't you done well.
Lucy McFarlane $50 Good luck James!! Luce, Pud & Bax
Jay Morris $120 Hi Andrew, Well done legend. You must have ridden past my house between McLaren Vale and Willunga before Willunga hill. Wish I knew, so sorry. Well done legend JAY - Diakrit
Georgina Connell $200 Hoping the aches and pains have vanished! Well done Nick!
Tom Nehmy $50 Great effort Nick!!
James Smith $25 A wonderful cause - and so very happy to give a little to support!
Gordon Rorison $100 Congratulations James, Mighty effort, apologies for the lateness of donation. Gordy
Walteela Park $1,200
Amy Down $40 Hi James, Having lost my mother in-law to cancer, and with several other friends and family members also having cancer, I know all to well how devastating it can be. I also believe that early detection and lifestyle changes are key. Thank you for doing this incredible 550km bike ride to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause. Amy
Anonymous $20 Go Cameron
Sam Dormor $50 Good work Lucky!
Jason Henchman $200 Go Youngie!
Travis McCarthy $200 Ride safe and keep the rubber side down!
Lauren Jull $120 Proud of you for doing the ride James.
Simon Daly $50 Well done mate. A great effort
Alex Riley $25 Well done Andrew!
Peter Treppo $80 Well done Storman you Legend !
Matthew Janson $200 Congratulations James! Amazing effort!
Richard Wheeler $120
Matthew Lang $25 I love your incredible commitment to the community Andrew !
David Humphreys $120 Amazing effort James! Dave and Jane
Lucas Fuller $300
Penna Michael $200 Good luck Toby
Robert Hodgkins $20 Well done Paul, great work mate and you should be proud of yourself ????
Cam Olson $25 Drinks bill for Fri night
Jaime Maiden $40
Tristram Gray $40 Great work Normy - ride strong mate!
Daniel Vaughan $200 Good job Youngy!
Chambers Marine $50 It's easy to grin when your ship comes in and you've got the stockmarket beat. But the man worthwhile is the man who can smile after 4 days on a bike seat!
Mo Mills $50 Lots of love Mo and Dave.
Simon and Diana Dixon $200 Well done mate. Great effort.
Andrew Weeks $50 Well done Bill. Good onya bloke!
Daniel Pobi $50
Calabria Family Wines $150
Nick Edwards $250 Great job James (& Malpa). Sorry i couldnt join you ... sort of!
Leanne Kutschbach $25 Amazing effort!! ????????????
JENNY ESPLIN $40 Well Done , Great cause !!
Nick Lee $200 Awesome to have you along for the ride
Anonymous $120
Anonymous $50
Sarah Sturdy $25 Well done Andrew x
Rebekah Stott $25 Well done Andrew amazing ride
Luke Hielscher $100 You’re a good man Pauly and continue to support great causes!
wingID $100 Scott, Great cause and a terrible disease. I hope it is a tiny bit overcast, the wind up your backside and the eejits on the road, courteous! All the best Tony Wing
cath clarke $50 Well done Andrew!
Eliza Smyth $20 Sorry I didn’t contribute sooner! Great effort! World needs more people like you!
Anonymous $120 Apologies for slackness on my part. Too busy. I assume you are wet! I hope to catch up with your siblings anytime. We now live in Bowral and about to begin building a new house right now.
Elaine Conroy $25 Amazing effort AC, congrats on finishing!
Jessica Willmott $25 I hope you enjoy a few wines after riding through the Adelaide hills! Amazing cause, thank you!
Cassandra Saab $100 Keep going!
Pete Corlis $40 Great effort mate ????
Theo Kyrou $40 Go, James, sorry I am a bit late
Anonymous $25 Well done champ
MW Excavation Contractors $40
William Sidwell $120 Rider safely James
Jim McConnel $280 Maaaaaaaaaaaaaate!
Kirsten Bookallil $50 Good Luck and Thank you from all of us who can just watch and not have to ride! Kirsten
Full Montes $100 Enjoy the ride James.
David Rogers $120 Keep going Bill
Iona Levinson $100
Matt and Bridge Crough $120 Doing a great job mate. Hope you enjoy the experience.
Michael Thompson $50 A great effort James. Hope you make the full distance!
Meleta Middlebrook $30 Go Boss!! Proud of you supporting a great cause!
WyattMunt $50 Good work, Toby!
Scott Ross $100 Good luck mate . Pin your ears back
Anonymous $300
Andrea Palella $40 Great work AC! You’re a legend!
Mike McCreadie $100 Well done mate and good luck
Morgans $50 Keep those pedals turning!
Xen Gladstone $280 Well done Youngie! Plenty of chamois cream, and go up the climbs at your own speed and you’ll be grand. Enjoy and well done!
Phil Pratt $120 Best of luck Angus!!
WBs $250 Go Scotty, Just keep peddling.????
Andy Baker $50 Go Cam ????
Sam Coronis $25 Keep riding dad, you’re doing great
Hassell $100 Impressive effort from Mt Lofty heights! Hopefully there's some decent South Australian plonk waiting for you on completion! Not long now...
Kendra Horwood $100 Go Crackers and Andy
Linleigh White $100 Good luck James. Thanks for your continuous support. You are such an inspiration ! Love Sarah and Linleigh
Will Taylor $120 Great work Toby.
Andrei Charrett $100 Excellent work James. Enjoy the ride!
Sam Butcher $100 Good on you Billy Barew!! Have a fantastic ride. I'm disappointed I can't do it too.
Cassandra Cameron $25 Good luck on the ride. Thanks for raising the funds for a good cause
Steve Green $200 Well done Scott
EasyLodge Pty Ltd $40 Well done James. A big effort for a good cause.
Andrew Kesby $50 Great work. Well done
Angela Dubois $100 Great work Paul and team!
Andrew Young $200 Power on Jumbo, I know you're ready for this. Enjoy. Lots of love Andy
Victor Laredo-Rodriguez $40 Very well done Paul. As usual. Great work.
Roderick Smith $120 Go Pauly!! Love you mate xx
Torie Munn $50
John Reynolds $50 Well done James
Michael & Maureen Augello $100 Go James !!!
Rachel Moore hopkins $120 Go Andrew!!
Nicholas Fairfax $500
Kirsty Balnaves $100 Great work Billy! KB
Arrow Commodities $200 Well done Youngy, have fun
Elizabeth MOLLISON $50 Thinking of you xx good luck
Anonymous $50 You will kick ass - amazing effort! Much love Yolanda and Luke
Michelle Gray $25 Well done Andrew. Great ???????? cause. Enjoy the hills of SA #ilovehills #ilovehills repeat.
Lyndal and Matthew Johns $120 Good luck James!
Amanda Carter $25 Good luck James. Enjoy the ride.
Pacific Trade Invest $100 GO JUMBO!!!
Mirrabooka Proprietors $280 Great cause Ride safely
Mutual Trust $150 A great cause. Ride hard. Stay safe.
Sarah Langley $120 Good Luck! ????‍♂️
Lexi Cane $20 Amazing cause and good on you for doing this :)
Stephanie Wood $120 Well done Nic!
Julie Orr $20
Tony Britten-jones $150 I reckon I taught you how to ride, so you should be fine!
Richard Bund $100 Great work Toby and team.
Kirsty Messner $100
Westside Serviced $40 Go you good thing. Well done
Mark Ryan $250 go hard, but not too hard
Martha and Adam Hill $100 It’s all about the journey... enjoy and good luck! Love your (new line of) work... xx
QCC Collection Group Pty Ltd $120 Great work Youngy ???????????? All the best and looking forward to catching up when you are back. All the best Cas
Belle Scott $20 Good luck Andrew! Such a great cause.
Nicolas Goodman $50 Congratulations to your efforts for your biocycle.
Robert Wagstaff $100 I wish I was there, enjoy the first day, suffer the rest! Make sure you drink as much as Toby!
Matt Hanning $500 Go for it mate
Fraser Wilkinson $50 Just remember how hard you can go up Donny hill!
Jenny Munday $100 Go James! We believe in you!!
Joel Gray $100 Go get em mate !
Joan Sedsman $50 Hope you're well-padded!
Primo Estate Wines $50 Go Toby!
Jane Hurst $50 Good on you Toby ! good luck
Tracey Carmont $10 Good luck
Kelley Dickinson $25
Anonymous $50 Good luck Toby and ride like the wind !
Oliver Porter $120 Happy to help
Georgie Merry $20 Good luck Andrew
Patrick Abrahams $50 great cause - good luck
Brianni Constructions $120 good luck Toby
Greg Thomas $50 Inspirational cause Toby. Enjoy the ride!
Emma Coorey $20 Cheering you on Andrew x
Linnergy $50
Employment Office $100
Amanda Harris $50 Awesome effort Andrew! Great cause.
Coronis Edge $50 Best of luck Ac - legend!
ALLISON GILBERT $50 Yay! Go hard and fast!! xx
Scott Oakhill $25 Best of luck Andrew!
Rishi Siriwardane $50 Good work AB!
Allie Crean $20 Good luck AC!
Anonymous $260 Here’s $260 to reach the $5,000 for such a great cause! Best of luck Andrew. What a legend!!
Cameron Goffage $100 Best wishes Scott to you and the team. A big shout out to my colleagues for the JLF Tasmanian tour - Nick, James, Joe (my room mate!), Cam and Paul. Great charity and keep up the awareness!!
Tim Last $200 Go Youngy !!
Peter Grant $120 Ride well and have fun. Say hi to everyone !
Micro Pacific $250
Omond & Co $100 Good on you for doing this Toby - and yes, I can agree that the 4 day bike ride is easier and more pleasant!
ANNA JURISIC $50 Good luck Toby - bravo!
Tait Batton $20 A ride on my birthday - one way to celebrate !!! Well done !
The Swim Academy $200 Enjoy mate. Great cause and a great part of the world to pedal in. Pete Rosengren
IRENE $100 Keep that smile the whole way
Sam & Tony Williams $200 Ride like the wind AC⭐️ Best wishes and enjoy the ride!
Sherri-Rose Ripper $25 Go you good thing!
Anonymous $40 You are an inspiration to so many people. Well done.
Tracey Kelly $50 Enjoy the ride Andrew !
Richard Correll farm trust $500 You’re going to need different tyres on Bill if you going to ride up those lavender rows!All the best with it for a great cause.cheers
Hamish Black $50 Had a look at some of the riders and reckon you might struggle to stay with the peleton!!!
Joe Dawes $40 Go well mate
Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Co Pry Ltd $50 Hope you have got a good chaffing cream sorted ????????
Arabella Brown $200 Amazing Nick! Good luck xx
Tennisgear Management Pty Ltd $100 Well done mate. All the best for the ride - what a great cause!!
Chris Layton $50 Love the photo Billy and good luck with the ride. Don't forget the lube......
Ord Minnett $120 This donation is for the fat arsed swag wagon driver
Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd $25 Congratulations James on your fantastic effort. Well done.
Youngland Property Services $50 Go Andrew. Thanks for supporting such a great cause!
Peter Schutzinger $40 Great cause. Go well James
sophie vavladelis $50 Good luck James!! Regards Sophie
greg dring $100 James, these charity rides are great fun and represent a great cause. My suggestion pack the Aussie Butt Chamois cream. All the best Greg
Tim Davies $250 Best of luck James! Great cause. Tim & Jane Davies
John Moore $50 Best of luck mate, ride hard, and none of that Lance Armstrong malarky !!
Ross Griffin $50 enjoy Tom
Joll and Penny Piper $200 Nice socks Bill
Bruce Cameron $280
Terry Wright $280 Ride safely and well.
Andrew Poole $100 Nice work Doc. Get after it.... just lay off the Jack 3D!
margherita easom $20 Good luck!
Rebecca Pit $30 All the best for the ride!
Robert Beutum $50 go for it !
Anreps Estate $50 Great work Thomas!!
Sandy Murdoch $280 Go Scotty!
Edna Carew Hoffmann $25 Great idea - good on ya!
Jason Dudenas $50 Enjoy the ride mate! Can we please see some photo's of the unfit man suffering though.
Kristina Wearing $200 Enjoy riding for a great cause
David Bull $100 Well done Norm, I love your spirit for a challenge.
Sam and Amelie Norman $50 Good luck Dad, have a great ride. We are sooo proud of you xxx
Helen Larsson $100 Go James!!
Aussie Hail $500 Good luck James. You are an amazing doctor and we wish you only the best.
Lisa and Marcus Fletcher $120 Awesome effort James!
Anonymous $200 Don’t bust a boiler !!
1st Executive Pty Ltd $100 Keep pedalling - great cause - Andy and Suzanne
Patrick Imbardelli $280 Very Impressive James - go for it mate! API
Linda Macintyre Pty Ltd $100 The only swear word you're allowed to utter as you climb those hills is SHIT. Good luck! You've got this.
David Batt $100 Great work and all the best for the ride, Batty
SARAH + SAM FISCHER $200 Great cause, Go Cub. x
Flowerchild House of Wellness $25 You continue to inspire us and thank you for shining your light so brightly.
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Charles Read $40 go Jumbo :)
Douglas Read $15 Go bro!
Nick Lee $2,000 Reminder - pack the can of HTFU.
Sarah Gollagher $50 Drink copious amounts of wine for me ????
Ian Brighthope $100
Aileen Slattery $120 This sounds amazing James - good luck!
Andy Redmond $120 Good on you legend! Sorry that I couldn’t join you - maybe another year.. It’s a great thing that you’re doing!!
FHA Medical Centres Pty Ltd $280 Best of luck James, enjoy the challenge of riding 550km for a great cause. From all your colleagues at Fullerton Health Medical Centres.
Kingsway Compounding $280 Well done James - best of luck for the ride. George and Karl Kingsway Compounding
Synergy Compounding Pharmacy $500 Great work mate!
Brigitte de Boer $120 Good luck James - a great cause!
Joseph Kulandai $120 Dear Dr Read Fantastic!!! Glad to contribute. Hope you have a safe ride. regards Joseph and Natasha Kulandai
Janelle Ganderton $25 Good luck Dr Read!
Alexandra Parr $100 Great cause James, very close to my heart. Thankyou and good luck! Alex x
Kununurra $40 Good luck James Lots of climbing there!!!! Great cause, well done Patrick
Maura Desmond $30 Best of luck Jum on your cycle! You’ve got this!!!
Matthew Van Gent $120 Go James! Don’t lose too much weight - I’d like it if you could please stay a little heavier than me.
Alex & Milli Feldman $40 Good luck James!
Kate Fitzgerald $50 Thankyou, this is so close to our hearts. You're a champion Boss
Phillip Matulick $100 All the best for the ride
Ross McDonald $120 Great cause James.. great ride too, you should be ready for it!
Vicki Wharton $100 You make the world a better place! Thank you AC!! All the best on your ride. Ps. I do need a new phone ????
Andrew Slatter $120 Half of this is for “Big Spoon”. Ride safe.
Ross McNally $40
M & S Gray $500 Great cause James. Keep peddling!!!
Kate Norman $100 Have a great ride babe. Be safe. Looking forward to seeing you at the other end. Love K xx
First Resort Carpet Care $50 Go Angus!
Peter Matthews $100
Tess Martin-Wallace $50 Wish we could join you. Go you good thing!
Mark Evans $120 Have a fun time Jim
Accumul8 $50 Great cause and great ride
Warwick Pelly $120 less than a ton ~ you'll do it easy baby!
J. Charles Nelson $40 Awesome job raising awareness about the early detection tests.


Name Total
Nick Lee $10,015
Richard Young $6,850
Andrew Coronis $6,725
James Read $6,375
James Norman $6,050
Name Total
Nick Lee $10,015
Richard Young $6,850
Andrew Coronis $6,725
James Read $6,375
James Norman $6,050
Name Total
No Donations