Raised of $6,000 Goal

Far too many Australians die from this highly preventable disease. We MUST put an end to that. We will be riding to raise awareness and generate vital funds for the prevention work carried out by the Jodi Lee Foundation. If we can save one life all the hard work will be worthwhile. Please give generously. This is a cause that needs your help. Many thanks, Nick


From Amount Message
Tom Richardson $800 Good on ya
Warradale Hotel Pty Ltd $500
Georgina Connell $200 Hoping the aches and pains have vanished! Well done Nick!
Tom Nehmy $50 Great effort Nick!!
Jaime Maiden $40
Leanne Kutschbach $25 Amazing effort!! ????????????
Jim McConnel $280 Maaaaaaaaaaaaaate!
Torie Munn $50
Nicholas Fairfax $500
Stephanie Wood $120 Well done Nic!
Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Co Pry Ltd $50 Hope you have got a good chaffing cream sorted ????????
Arabella Brown $200 Amazing Nick! Good luck xx
Nick Lee $2,000 Reminder - pack the can of HTFU.
Christopher Lee $1,000 Happy to support such a worthy and deserving cause.
Dan Worthley $1,000
Anonymous $3,000