Raised of $2,500 Goal

Bowel cancer effects 1 in 12 Australian and early detection can save your or a loved one's life with a very simple test. We need to spread the message.


From Amount Message
Crew Financial $100
Avalon Mortgage Solutions $280
Raymond Wong $120 Hi James, good on you for riding up this mammoth course and at the same time, supporting a great cause! Go for it and hope to catch up when you get back! All the best, Ray
Amy Down $40 Hi James, Having lost my mother in-law to cancer, and with several other friends and family members also having cancer, I know all to well how devastating it can be. I also believe that early detection and lifestyle changes are key. Thank you for doing this incredible 550km bike ride to raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause. Amy
Lauren Jull $120 Proud of you for doing the ride James.
Mo Mills $50 Lots of love Mo and Dave.
Daniel Pobi $50
Anonymous $120 Apologies for slackness on my part. Too busy. I assume you are wet! I hope to catch up with your siblings anytime. We now live in Bowral and about to begin building a new house right now.
MW Excavation Contractors $40
William Sidwell $120 Rider safely James
Kirsten Bookallil $50 Good Luck and Thank you from all of us who can just watch and not have to ride! Kirsten
Michael Thompson $50 A great effort James. Hope you make the full distance!
Linleigh White $100 Good luck James. Thanks for your continuous support. You are such an inspiration ! Love Sarah and Linleigh
Andrei Charrett $100 Excellent work James. Enjoy the ride!
EasyLodge Pty Ltd $40 Well done James. A big effort for a good cause.
Andrew Kesby $50 Great work. Well done
Andrew Young $200 Power on Jumbo, I know you're ready for this. Enjoy. Lots of love Andy
John Reynolds $50 Well done James
Anonymous $50 You will kick ass - amazing effort! Much love Yolanda and Luke
Pacific Trade Invest $100 GO JUMBO!!!
Mark Ryan $250 go hard, but not too hard
Nicolas Goodman $50 Congratulations to your efforts for your biocycle.
Jenny Munday $100 Go James! We believe in you!!
Micro Pacific $250
Anonymous $40 You are an inspiration to so many people. Well done.
Healthcare Finance Pty Ltd $25 Congratulations James on your fantastic effort. Well done.
Peter Schutzinger $40 Great cause. Go well James
sophie vavladelis $50 Good luck James!! Regards Sophie
greg dring $100 James, these charity rides are great fun and represent a great cause. My suggestion pack the Aussie Butt Chamois cream. All the best Greg
Andrew Poole $100 Nice work Doc. Get after it.... just lay off the Jack 3D!
Robert Beutum $50 go for it !
Edna Carew Hoffmann $25 Great idea - good on ya!
Helen Larsson $100 Go James!!
Aussie Hail $500 Good luck James. You are an amazing doctor and we wish you only the best.
Patrick Imbardelli $280 Very Impressive James - go for it mate! API
Linda Macintyre Pty Ltd $100 The only swear word you're allowed to utter as you climb those hills is SHIT. Good luck! You've got this.
Flowerchild House of Wellness $25 You continue to inspire us and thank you for shining your light so brightly.
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Dr Tod Eggleton $120 Go Jum. Push it!
Charles Read $40 go Jumbo :)
Douglas Read $15 Go bro!
Ian Brighthope $100
Aileen Slattery $120 This sounds amazing James - good luck!
Andy Redmond $120 Good on you legend! Sorry that I couldn’t join you - maybe another year.. It’s a great thing that you’re doing!!
FHA Medical Centres Pty Ltd $280 Best of luck James, enjoy the challenge of riding 550km for a great cause. From all your colleagues at Fullerton Health Medical Centres.
Kingsway Compounding $280 Well done James - best of luck for the ride. George and Karl Kingsway Compounding
Synergy Compounding Pharmacy $500 Great work mate!
Joseph Kulandai $120 Dear Dr Read Fantastic!!! Glad to contribute. Hope you have a safe ride. regards Joseph and Natasha Kulandai
Janelle Ganderton $25 Good luck Dr Read!
Alexandra Parr $100 Great cause James, very close to my heart. Thankyou and good luck! Alex x
Kununurra $40 Good luck James Lots of climbing there!!!! Great cause, well done Patrick
Maura Desmond $30 Best of luck Jum on your cycle! You’ve got this!!!
Matthew Van Gent $120 Go James! Don’t lose too much weight - I’d like it if you could please stay a little heavier than me.
Alex & Milli Feldman $40 Good luck James!
Warwick Pelly $120 less than a ton ~ you'll do it easy baby!