Raised of $10,000 Goal

I am taking part in this event to raise awareness off bowel cancer and out of respect and reverence for those who have battled with bowel cancer.


From Amount Message
Travis McCarthy $200 Ride safe and keep the rubber side down!
wingID $100 Scott, Great cause and a terrible disease. I hope it is a tiny bit overcast, the wind up your backside and the eejits on the road, courteous! All the best Tony Wing
Morgans $50 Keep those pedals turning!
WBs $250 Go Scotty, Just keep peddling.????
Hassell $100 Impressive effort from Mt Lofty heights! Hopefully there's some decent South Australian plonk waiting for you on completion! Not long now...
Steve Green $200 Well done Scott
Cameron Goffage $100 Best wishes Scott to you and the team. A big shout out to my colleagues for the JLF Tasmanian tour - Nick, James, Joe (my room mate!), Cam and Paul. Great charity and keep up the awareness!!
Sandy Murdoch $280 Go Scotty!
Own business $50 Scott, I will show you the wonders of how an internal combustion engine fitted to a bicycle creates this thing called a motor-cycle... great for long trips. In the meantime, good luck and stay upright. Good cause, good on you.
Margot Manning $120 Great challenge and cause. Enjoy those hills!
Marton Volep $100 Good luck mate - Good to see you back on the bike and smashing it! Great cause
Mazars $50 All the best Scott! What a great cause.
Rebecca East $120 What a challenging 4 days!! Good on you Scotty. Great cause, great commitment. Stay upright and enjoy.
8 Ascort Street $40 Scott, a great initiative and effort. All the best. Cheers Dave Malek
07 3368 3204 $40 Go Scott!
Cameron Watson $120 stay upright scotty....great work supporting this great cause!
Urbis $200
Bart Properties Pty Ltd $1,000 Well done on participating in a sensational challenge to raise money and awareness Scott.
Brickfields Consulting $120 Go Scott – We're with you in spirit!
Daniel Brekan $50 Best of Luck
greg sheehan $100 Hi Scott my quads are already screaming in support of your ride. Best wishes for a great cause and a safe trip cheers Greg
Scott Douglas $200