About the Trek



24 & 25 AUGUST 2019 

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

Duration: 1 & 2 day options

Distance options: 84km/42km/23km/12km

Entry Fee:

  • 84km $245 Saturday and Sunday
  • 42km $140 Saturday or Sunday option
  • 23km $110 Sunday
  • 12km $60 Sunday

(entry fee includes all bus transfers)


This year, we’re taking the JLF Trek to the beautifully tropical South East Queensland. You’ll explore the stunning countryside around Enoggera, Lake Manchester, Lake Glorious, Mount Nebo and The Gap whilst trekking 84km, 42km, 23km or 12km in the name of bowel cancer prevention.

Captain Hugo Toovey of the Australian Army will lead our inaugural Queensland Trek. Hugo's life drastically changed in 2013 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer, while he was fighting (and beating) this he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2018. If it wasn't for early detection Hugo's chances of survival would have been very different. Hugo continues to promote awareness and prevention throughout Australia, and as our Youth Ambassador. 

Gather yourself and your friends and test your fitness, enjoy the spirit of camaraderie in the great outdoors. The Trek ends with nibbles and drinks to celebrate reaching the finish line.

Places will be limited.


Your workplace signs up a minimum of 4 employees for the 84km distance and receives a complimentary Workplace Prevention Program session.  
Full details here


Registration, Briefing and Bus Departure

All trekkers must register and attend at the registration time for your trek (see below). 

Unfortunately, late arrivals will not be accepted. 

Venue for all briefings is Bus Transfer Station, Waterworks Road, Enoggera Reserve, The Gap, Brisbane QLD 4520.



Registration Time: 4.30am Saturday 24 August

Bus Departs: 5.00am (Saturday and Sunday)

Trek Commences: 6.00am (Saturday and Sunday)

Trek Information: Refer to page 4 


42km trek Saturday

Registration Time: 4.30am Saturday 24 August

Bus Departs: 5.00am

Trek Commences: 6.00am

Trek Information: Refer to page 8


42km trek Sunday

Registration Time: 4.30am Sunday 25 August

Bus Departs: 5.00am

Trek Commences: 6.00am

Trek Information: Refer to page 10


23KM trek

Registration Time: 9.30am Sunday 25 August

Bus Departs: 10.00am

Trek Commences: 10.30am

Trek information: Refer to page 12


12kM trek

Registration Time: 1.30pm Sunday 25 August


Trek information: Refer to page 14


Choose your distance

Option 1: 84km – Saturday and Sunday 

VIEW ROUTE MAP  Saturday  Lake Manchester to The Gap

VIEW ROUTE MAP  Sunday Mount Glorious to The Gap

Option 2: 42km – Saturday only – Lake Manchester to The Gap


Option 3: 42km – Sunday only – Mount Glorious to The Gap


Option 4: 23km – Sunday only – Mount Nebo to The Gap


Option 5: 12km – Sunday only – Enoggera Reservoir Loop 



Please note that we require that teams must have a minimum of two members. This is for health and safety reasons. If you register as an individual, you will be paired up with another trekker or team. This may mean that you might have an extra team member than those you registered with.


Registration Fee

Fees include: Trek bib, downloadable training and trekking guide, access to weekly trek training, lunch and snacks, water refills and fundraising resources.  



Raised of $100,000 Goal


Did you know that we rely on fundraisers like yourself so we can continue to raise awareness for bowel cancer prevention? And with bowel cancer still the second most common cancer in Australia we have a lot more work to do!

We have a set minimum fundraising amount for each trekker:

  • 84km – individual fundraising target $500
  • 42km – individual fundraising target $500
  • 23km – individual fundraising target $500
  • 12km – individual fundraising target $100

However, you can always set a higher fundraising target!

You can kick off your own fundraising with a tax deductible donation when you register or do this later. Please note that your registration fee covers the cost of your entry in the trek only and does not contribute to your fundraising goal.

When you log in to your profile you will find posters and social media images you can use to help your fundraising campaign.


You can log in to your profile here  



The JLF Trek QLD it is an endurance event. It will challenge you physically and mentally. But with the right preparation we know you will love it.

You are able to access our JLF Trek Training Guide from your profile page.

Join The JLF QLD Trekkers group on Facebook

Our event partner, Elite Executive Events, run free training for 8 weeks prior to the event. This will allow you to train over consecutive weeks, evaluate your fitness and have any of your questions answered. Further details on training will be shared in due course. 



View our JLF Trek nutrition guide


View our JLF Trek FAQ 



Jodi Lee Foundation are the event organisers of The JLF Trek Queensland 2019. If we deem the route unsafe (due to but not limited to heavy rain, lightning, high winds, bushfire or ‘acts of god’) we may, at our sole discretion, re-route The JLF Trek, find an alternative shortened course, or cancel the event. If the event is cancelled, re-routed or shortened, no refund of registration fees, fundraising monies or transfer to another JLF Trek event will be made. Due to the nature of our events and the months of preparation involved, the event will not be re-scheduled to any other weekend. We also reserve the right to change the route or checkpoint locations or distances as necessary. Any changes will be communicated to participants prior to the event. Car parking will be advised closer to the event date. Entry permitted to ages 16 and over (participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times). Fundraising minimum outlined on this website is compulsory.

event managers


Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Anneliese Mattos $50 Happy bday, Jen!!
Nicole & Graham Cummins $60 Great idea Jen!
Mary MacFarlane $50
Anonymous $91
Kathy Ryan $50
Phil Slattery $25
Moose Rumtar $81 I heard it was ruff but your not one to roll over
Melanie Verran $20 You can manifest anything x
Sharyn Broer $25 Well done, Felicia!
William Robson $50 Well done!
Hendrix & Zephyr Pierce $40 Love you, Aunty gen & uncle haz ❤️
Steven Miller Consulting $25 Awesome work Anita!
Mia Cook $50 Well done Maegs .. great effort .. very proud of you xx
Anthony Mailli $85 A deals a deal
Simone Towns $10 Well done lady x
Val Scott $15 Great cause. Go Gen x
Conny Hierl $30 Proud of you girl!
Flow Mumma Yoga & Pilates $25
Renee McMahon $50 Awesome work team. Great cause
Jasmine Le Tisser $5 Honestly so incredibly proud of you Hugo!
Rebecca Brown $50 Love you Gen!
Anonymous $25
elicia prophet $35 Well done beautiful girl!
Sam HARDT $25 Best wishes in love and support xx
Kara Clingan $25 Xox
Sharna Watling $20 Well done guys!
Elite Executive events $20 Well done Hugo! Great to meet you.
Monique Lemon $20 You go girl
Paula Davies $25 Love your work! x
Jake Hardt $50
Alison Masters $20 Awesome work!
Lorelle Fox $100 Great work, Samantha!!! And for such a great cause too! Super effort!!! ❤️
Jake Milazzo $100 Best of luck guys!
Nicola Oakley $25 Good on ya girls. Great cause.
Elizabeth Tubby $20 Have fun !!
Craig Eberhardt $50
the travelling kimono $40 Go Girls
Ollie Hardt $40 Great cause, enjoy a beautiful day
Grant and Louise Burr $25 You’ll smash it, Tammy! Good luck!
Grant and Louise Burr $25 Well done Maegs!!
Amy Horler $50 Love Amy and Aidan xx
Neil and Janeece Fynes-Clinton $200 Love you Sophie. So proud of you
Anonymous $20 So proud of you! Love you always
Josh Bongers $100 Great work Maegan. Very proud of you. Josh
Aiden Barker $50
Emily Marnoch $50 Awesome work. Good luck.
Sarah Strid $40 What an amazing effort. Wish I could of joined you on the trek but have an amazing walk for a great cause. You are an inspiration Genevieve
Samantha Leach $25 Good on you!
Yvonne Johnston $20 Such a great cause! x
Chiara Harrington $25 Rosie you are a champion and Riney would be so proud! I’m sure she will be there on the trek every step of the way
Kyzfit Pty Ltd $100
Innovascape $200
Rob and Rachel Korst $40 Proud of you!
Caroline West $40 What an amazing human!!! You truely are an inspiration. Good luck on the trek tomorrow babe, wish I could of been there xx
Michelle Madgwick $50
Anonymous $100 Go well Hugo
Alex Eberhardt $20
Ian Eberhardt Dental Ceramics $200 I notice there's no freak parent making you participate in this trek !
Bec Paior $100 We got this!
Anonymous $50 Good luck lovely!!!
Sonia Samain $25 Go Shaz!! Enjoy.
Maree & Rachael Hart $50 My inspiration, my love, my sister. I’m so proud of you and love you more than you’ll ever know. Be walking beside you next year, and will be by your side for the rest of our days. ♥️♥️♥️
Sarah Biggs $25
Emily Ryan $100 Do good
Katie Madgwick $50 GO AMBS AND HUGS! wish we were all walking with you guys XXXXX
Adelle Rutch $20 You’ve got this girls! So proud of you both, such a fantastic cause.
Bella Ross $25 Always backing you hugs x x x
Anonymous $25
Chantell Gibbs $25 We love you lots and are so proud of you! With love from Chantell, Dave and Jimmy xxx
Jack and lucy Brodie $100 We love you Aunty Gen! You are an inspiration to everyone and we are so proud of your positivity and overall amazing attitude. Mum said your a bloody legend!! Xxx love Lucy and Jack Brodie
Kate Cudmore $100 Best of luck this weekend Hugo, to you, Amber and your amazing team! Your passion for what you're doing is incredible and very inspirational! Kate x
Lily Beeley $15 So proud of you x
Jaymie Bailey $50 Wishing you the best of luck on your trek! ❤️
Estelle Allen $15 Go get it girl, so proud of you!
Heidis School of Dance $40 Go girl
Sara Abel Smith $120 An inspiration to so many! Very proud of you ❤️
Anonymous $20 Go you good thing! Love ya
Gregory Horrocks $100 Go for it girl you are amazing with all you do and keep up with
Alicia Breasley $50 Have a fabulous weekend walking! You’ve got this
Katrina Seiffert $25 Go Maegan!
Anonymous $65
Mary B Flynn $50 Best of luck Maegan no better woman
Paul Ingle $25
Margaret Hobbs $50 Good luck! You will be fine. Xxx
Signe Holsman $50 Go Maegan! Thank you for being you!!!!
Michele Bax $40 You go girl. You will blow this out of the water. Such a great effort for a great cause. xx
NFPAS $100 Great work Felicia #loveyour work #nfpasfamily
Stephen Ward $10
Meals on Wheels SA $30
Iggy & Ernie Toovey $100 We Wuv u!
Madalena Bernardino $20 Go, you amazing human being.
Geoffrey Spurling $40 Go Slats!
Sharon Isaak $50 TAC Cash Donations - Thanks Everyone!
Janine Hoult $50 You are amazing Gen, hope you all have a fantastic day, such a great cause, happy walking :) x
Max Toovey $50 Go Poopin!
Anonymous $120
Natasha Jarrett $25 Good luck team! ❤️
Marissa Fynes-Clinton $120 So, so, so proud of you sissy ❣️❣️❣️
Gregory Horrocks $50 Enjoy your trek have a great day
Janet Christensen $25
Kim Robinson $25 Go guys xxx
Mikaela Young $20 So proud of you Anita xxx
David Woodcock $25 Good luck Felicia :)
Laura Haythorne $40 Go you good things!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Astratex Fine Fabrics $20 You go young Gen :) xx
Sue Salisbury $20 Good luck Felicia xx
Emma Garling $10 Go Dingle and Lisa and Archie !
Farquhar Group $200 Good luck Flee!!
Anonymous $5
Ellie Paterson $100 Go well Felicia - I am sure you will finish it - you can start each day by sleepwalking? So great that you are doing this xoxoxox
Leah CADDY $10 Good luck with the early mornings!
Jenny Burns $10 Good luck you crazy girl!
Milly Toovey $25 Good luck Amber!! So inspiring that you and Doogs are doing it again (and more!).
Shai Fleming $100 You go girlfraaaaan
Natascha Matthes $20 You go girl!
Xanthe Madgwick $50 Good Luck Ambs! smash it! Love Xanny xx
Vanessa Mallett $25 Fabulous cause, happy to support any way I can Gen. Best of luck for the day x
Lauryn Redwood $25 Well done guys. Enjoy the day :) X
Jess Seaborn $50 Great work Mum! - From Jess and Tim
Denice and Katrina $50
Cheryl Horrocks $50 Taking action to make a difference...is awesome...thank you
Glennis Graham $40
Garth Hoolihan $25
Soul Ocean Spa $50 Best of luck with your trek Anita! Such a great cause xx
Soul Ocean Spa $50 Go Mikaela!!!! :)
Miranda South $20 Go Lise!! Such an amazing cause xx
Tarin Heath Brown $35 Go Lingle Go
Matt Gilroy $50 Good on you Soph❤️ Best of luck on the walk
Genevieve Isaako $25 GOODLUCK SISTER
Charlie Mayne $10 Good luck!
Alana Hartley $20 Have fun on your walk
Mark Slattery $50
Bill Ankers $50
Natures Edge Property Management $75
Anonymous $25
Simone Butchard $10 You are my biggest inspiration. Go get em beauty. I believe in you :) xxx
Cathy Sutton $25 Go for it..such a worthy cause..have an awesome day x
Sharne Lane $40 You're a legend always Shaz. Heart of gold. You go girl.xo
Brock Schaefer-Walker and Jordan Hollis $100 Top work Jules!
Tom Horn $40 Amazing stuff, Lee. Good luck!
Harry Orme $25 Great work Lee!
Anonymous $20 Great initiative Kath.
carole becker $25
carole becker $25
Sarah Hyder $25 Awesome effort girls x
Catherine Neill $50 Good on you Lisa!
Simo Butchard $10 You’re beyond INCREDIBLE. Love you so much beautiful. You’ve got this :)
NLS Consulting $50 Great work Mum - we're proud of you!! Nicki (& Steve)
Lyn Braithwaite $20
Kalani Brown $20 Go Hobbsy! You got this! Smash it!
Sam Kinnear $25 Good on you Sharon! Go well.
Tim Robson $150
RPS Advice $50 Great stuff Sharon
James Lonergan $25 You absolute champion
Argo Mason $40 Have a pawsome time hahahahaha
Ray Scott $30 All the very best Cheers
John and Irene mclean $50
Connor Hunter $120 Kick some butt!
Judy & Russell Ross $125 Enjoy the trek Rosie! Catherine would be so proud of you. X
Judy & Russell Ross $125 All the best Cath for a great trek in sunny QLD! Catherine would be so proud. XX
Ricky Richards $100 Well done Michael. Glad we can help.
PJMcGownBVSc $40
Angela & Greg Hollis $100
Anonymous $25 Remember your sunnies
Clare McAssey $40
Mercure Charlestown $567 Congratulations Lisa, Maegan, Tammy and the rest of the team for making it to the start line!!! The team at Mercure Charlestown are so proud to be supporting such a worthwhile cause, and a great bunch of local Newcastle humans. This donation is truly a reflection of your dedication and commitment to this trek and JLF. Thank you for choosing Mercure Charlestown to help with your fundraising. You’ve got this
Marion Barrett $100 Go girl!!!
David Kowalski $120
Wendy Scaife $30 You are awesome Lee :)
Kylie Shields $120
Anonymous $10
Mercure Charlestown $567
Mercure Charlestown $567
Emily Westmoreland $50 Go Aunty Lisa
The Langworthy’s $50
JULIE GOODES $20 Go Flea . Step it out !!
Susan Flynn $50 Good on you Lee!
Laura Scott $20 Good luck Sharon xx
Cathy Helder $25 Hi Sooozie. Enjoy. X
Simon Toovey $100 Go Doog and the 25SA team!
Anonymous $60 Have fun
Rob Hicks $70 from Robs mom
A&J GM Consulting ltd $25 Keep up the training and have a great adventure. Soak up the views and the kms will tick off in a flash. All the very best from ali julia isobel ava and josh xoxo
Kerri Padget $25 Honored to support you. Well done Kath xxx
Michelle Moorfoot $30 Good luck Sharon! You are an amazing lady!
Marnie Wilson $25 Good luck Sharon. You are super strong and amazing.
Kate Broughton $50 So proud of you Anita xx What an incredible cause you have such a big heart <3 Love you Kate
Sven Zander $80
Ben Tuni $10 :)
Fiona Sperou $40 Good luck Lee!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous $30 Go Lee!!!
Hayley Batters $25 Go girlfriend! Xx
Clarkson Executive $50 Excited for this crazy and worthwhile experience!
Nicole Yates $50 Good Luck Jen and well done.
Christie Martens $50
Mary Allan $25 One step at a time x
Chrissie Whyte $40 Kath Thinking of you and everyone touched by bowel cancer. Good on you, my love to you and a big hug, Chrissie
Dahl Guru $4
jade Nelson-Chapman $30 Get It Girl x!
Dave Bocarro $40 Good luck!!
Lynn Gibbs $20 Go you beautiful lady you xx
Anonymous $20 Coming from a family with history of bowel cancer - I don't hesitate to support !
Katie Gordon $5 Good luck guys!
Anonymous $25 You can do this Lee
Gregory Seaborn $100 Great effort
Diesel Precision Pty Ltd $120 Go Lee!!!!!!!
Anonymous $25
Phoebe Farrelly $40 Go Genna
Matthew Rosenthal $100
Leisa Ganim $25 Good luck and all for a good cause!
Mathew Heron $50
Ocean Property Group $20 Awesome cause - you guys rock!
Jessica Edwards $50 This is such a wonderful thing you are doing and I support you and the cause completely!! I am sure your girls will be sooo proud of you - as will Max All the best xo
Damien and Diane Doola $50
Katie Holowiuk $25 Such an inspiration Schnen. I love you always (shhhh
Mel O'Neill $40 You go girl! Love your work x
Petra Naslund $25 You are amazing Sharon!
Joan & Keith Aiken $50 Step it out , Leanne
Chris Folder $25
Leonie Newstead $25 Good luck Lisa, what an amazing cause. You are an inspiration to so many Genevieve.
Cassie Howland $20 Get it girls! Gen - you're seriously amazing, Lisa - you ain't half bad yourself! Xx
Hunter Oxspring $25 I wish you every ounce of support and I hope you achieve every single goal you aim for ❤️
Lyn Thomas-Lee $40 Such a brave and wonderful woman is our Genevieve and what a worthy cause to happily donate to. Go team Gen. X
Annie Morton $20 Go, Sharon! What an amazing effort. Enjoy the walk.
Kelli Chilton $25 Great work Kath! Enjoy your trek x
Frances Nason $25 What a wonderful cause to support
Cameron Goffge $100
Glenn Berghofer $25 Good luck and well done. Thanks
Olivia Clark $50 Team Gen!!!!!! #fukcuntsa #fyeah So proud of your strength, bravery, resilience and attitude Gen. You are an inspiration to us all. Let’s do it for Kemi
Marie Scanlon $50
Dawn Westmorwland $100 Go Lisa
Christine Dowling $50 Well Done Kath
Sally Pottharst $500
Anonymous $25 Great initiative Sharon - well done!
Felicia Goodes $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie fundraiser.
Kate White $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Emma Van Den Berg $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Rebecca Baker $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Sally Stefanopoulos $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Sasha Jonathan $100 Good Luck!
Amanda Casey $30 Great job Kath
Mel Fisher $40
Sharon Jones $50
Ultra Tune Strathpine $50 Happy Walking
Anonymous $50 Good one Leanne, do it while you are young.
Anonymous $420
Anonymous $420
Ann Dicks $50 You go girl! Good luck Leanne xox Ann, Steve and Hannah
Louise Burr $30 Best of luck Lisa, Maegan and Tammy!!


Name Total
Mates from many states! $8,140
25StayAlive $3,785
Alana Clarkson $2,660
#2's $2,055
One More $2,021
Name Total
Alana Clarkson $2,660
Maegan Boyle $1,577
Michael Ryan $950
Lisa Scanlon $937
Kath North $920
Name Total
Mates from many states! $8,140
25StayAlive $3,785
#2's $2,055
One More $2,021