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Craig Eberhardt $50
Innovascape $200
Rob and Rachel Korst $40 Proud of you!
Alex Eberhardt $20
Ian Eberhardt Dental Ceramics $200 I notice there's no freak parent making you participate in this trek !
Madalena Bernardino $20 Go, you amazing human being.
Natascha Matthes $20 You go girl!
Charlie Mayne $10 Good luck!
Anonymous $20 Great initiative Kath.
Connor Hunter $120 Kick some butt!
Anonymous $25 Remember your sunnies
Kerri Padget $25 Honored to support you. Well done Kath xxx
Sven Zander $80
Ben Tuni $10 :)
Chrissie Whyte $40 Kath Thinking of you and everyone touched by bowel cancer. Good on you, my love to you and a big hug, Chrissie
Dave Bocarro $40 Good luck!!
Lynn Gibbs $20 Go you beautiful lady you xx
Anonymous $20 Coming from a family with history of bowel cancer - I don't hesitate to support !
Katie Gordon $5 Good luck guys!
Leisa Ganim $25 Good luck and all for a good cause!
Damien and Diane Doola $50
Kelli Chilton $25 Great work Kath! Enjoy your trek x
Christine Dowling $50 Well Done Kath
Amanda Casey $30 Great job Kath
Sharon Jones $50
Ultra Tune Strathpine $50 Happy Walking
Accountfit $20
Tracy Kelly $40
Merle Hogg $10
Nat & Peter McAully $50
Trish Lewis $25 Well done Kath
Janelle Lee $25 Hope the trek is an amazing experience! Well done on the fundraising :)
Leesa Loffhagen $30 Xx
Hayley Ridge $25 Go get em Kath
Donna Hammond $50 You are a gem, Katelyn!
Donna Hammond $50 Good on you, Kath.
Samantha Adamson $25
Sally Harper $50
Sharon Sutherland $10
Pam McSweeney $25 You are an inspiration. Thanks for all you do.
Tamie Sweeney $25
Suzanne Mitchell $25 Good on you both x
Robyn Kearney $25
Marian Lynch $40 Great cause - good luck Kath!
Cool Surf $20 You are an inspiration Kath . xx
Gayle Stewart $25 Kath you are an inspiration. Keep fighting like you do in everything to set out to achieve xxx
Hazel Donaldson $25 Good luck Kath!
Nikki Gannon $100 Way to go Kath!!
Lachlan North $25
Katelyn North $25


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Kath North $920
Katelyn North $560
kath eberhardt $550