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I wouldn't be alive without my people. This team wants to help other people to be as lucky as I was. #FUCKCANCER #LOVELIFE
_That photo is my last da of Chemo. Best day of my life!! - That is, until I marry Harry in Nov :-)

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Geoffrey Spurling $40 Go Slats!
Janine Hoult $50 You are amazing Gen, hope you all have a fantastic day, such a great cause, happy walking :) x
Anonymous $120
Gregory Horrocks $50 Enjoy your trek have a great day
Janet Christensen $25
Kim Robinson $25 Go guys xxx
Laura Haythorne $40 Go you good things!!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Astratex Fine Fabrics $20 You go young Gen :) xx
Emma Garling $10 Go Dingle and Lisa and Archie !
Vanessa Mallett $25 Fabulous cause, happy to support any way I can Gen. Best of luck for the day x
Lauryn Redwood $25 Well done guys. Enjoy the day :) X
Cheryl Horrocks $50 Taking action to make a difference...is awesome...thank you
Glennis Graham $40
Garth Hoolihan $25
Miranda South $20 Go Lise!! Such an amazing cause xx
Tarin Heath Brown $35 Go Lingle Go
Alana Hartley $20 Have fun on your walk
Mark Slattery $50
Anonymous $25
Cathy Sutton $25 Go for it..such a worthy cause..have an awesome day x
carole becker $25
carole becker $25
Ray Scott $30 All the very best Cheers
Rob Hicks $70 from Robs mom
Phoebe Farrelly $40 Go Genna
Ocean Property Group $20 Awesome cause - you guys rock!
Katie Holowiuk $25 Such an inspiration Schnen. I love you always (shhhh
Chris Folder $25
Leonie Newstead $25 Good luck Lisa, what an amazing cause. You are an inspiration to so many Genevieve.
Cassie Howland $20 Get it girls! Gen - you're seriously amazing, Lisa - you ain't half bad yourself! Xx
Lyn Thomas-Lee $40 Such a brave and wonderful woman is our Genevieve and what a worthy cause to happily donate to. Go team Gen. X
Olivia Clark $50 Team Gen!!!!!! #fukcuntsa #fyeah So proud of your strength, bravery, resilience and attitude Gen. You are an inspiration to us all. Let’s do it for Kemi