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Raising awareness for bowel cancer prevention

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Sharon Isaak $50 TAC Cash Donations - Thanks Everyone!
David Woodcock $25 Good luck Felicia :)
Sue Salisbury $20 Good luck Felicia xx
Farquhar Group $200 Good luck Flee!!
Anonymous $5
Ellie Paterson $100 Go well Felicia - I am sure you will finish it - you can start each day by sleepwalking? So great that you are doing this xoxoxox
Leah CADDY $10 Good luck with the early mornings!
Genevieve Isaako $25 GOODLUCK SISTER
Bill Ankers $50
Sharne Lane $40 You're a legend always Shaz. Heart of gold. You go girl.xo
Kalani Brown $20 Go Hobbsy! You got this! Smash it!
Sam Kinnear $25 Good on you Sharon! Go well.
RPS Advice $50 Great stuff Sharon
Mercure Charlestown $567
Mercure Charlestown $567
Clare McAssey $40
Mercure Charlestown $567 Congratulations Lisa, Maegan, Tammy and the rest of the team for making it to the start line!!! The team at Mercure Charlestown are so proud to be supporting such a worthwhile cause, and a great bunch of local Newcastle humans. This donation is truly a reflection of your dedication and commitment to this trek and JLF. Thank you for choosing Mercure Charlestown to help with your fundraising. You’ve got this
Marion Barrett $100 Go girl!!!
David Kowalski $120
Kylie Shields $120
Emily Westmoreland $50 Go Aunty Lisa
The Langworthy’s $50
JULIE GOODES $20 Go Flea . Step it out !!
Laura Scott $20 Good luck Sharon xx
Cathy Helder $25 Hi Sooozie. Enjoy. X
A&J GM Consulting ltd $25 Keep up the training and have a great adventure. Soak up the views and the kms will tick off in a flash. All the very best from ali julia isobel ava and josh xoxo
Michelle Moorfoot $30 Good luck Sharon! You are an amazing lady!
Marnie Wilson $25 Good luck Sharon. You are super strong and amazing.
Hayley Batters $25 Go girlfriend! Xx
Clarkson Executive $50 Excited for this crazy and worthwhile experience!
Mary Allan $25 One step at a time x
Jessica Edwards $50 This is such a wonderful thing you are doing and I support you and the cause completely!! I am sure your girls will be sooo proud of you - as will Max All the best xo
Mel O'Neill $40 You go girl! Love your work x
Petra Naslund $25 You are amazing Sharon!
Annie Morton $20 Go, Sharon! What an amazing effort. Enjoy the walk.
Marie Scanlon $50
Dawn Westmorwland $100 Go Lisa
Anonymous $25 Great initiative Sharon - well done!
Felicia Goodes $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie fundraiser.
Kate White $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Emma Van Den Berg $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Rebecca Baker $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Sally Stefanopoulos $110 Proceeds from the Lion King movie Fundraiser.
Sasha Jonathan $100 Good Luck!
Louise Burr $30 Best of luck Lisa, Maegan and Tammy!!
Anonymous $50 Good luck Alana, wonderful effort. Pastie and Hairdresser.
Anonymous $100 Alana you will do it with ease and a positive mind will get you all there, Congratulations for all your time and effort to achieve your goal Love Kevin and Jeni
Emil Weber $1,000 Hope the walk works out for you Alana. Money will help a lot of people x Opa Emil
Ardina Davis $100 Good on you Maegan!!!! Good luck and enjoy!!
Anonymous $200 Enjoy your the walk Alana, hope you get more support for a good cause.
LJ and JL Bongers $100 Go Maegan all the best
Judith Rayner $200 I am proud of you Alana such a good cause love you Judy xx
Toni Cuthbertson $100 Go Maegs.
Tahnee Bell $200 You’re a rockstar xx
Caroline Sampson $50 What a challenge, and for a good cause too. Well done you!
Clarkson Executive Pty Ltd $350 Lottie, Frankie and I are very proud of you. Well done!!
Catherine Thurston $40 Good luck Alana, hope all goes well. A good cause. Cathy & John
Bright Cloud Bookkeeping $100 Go girl smash that Trek and watch out for the leeches
Bright Cloud Bookkeeping $100 Go girl smash that Trek and watch out for the leeches
Kate Griffiths $50
Veronica Clarkson $50
Suzanne Flynn $200 Such a good cause we are proud of you darling xxx Mum & Dad
Nola Capriotti $25 Good luck!
Anne-Louise Farren $40 Good on you Sus! Remember...spa bath afterwards :)
Susan Anehagen $40
Maria McElligott $40
Mark Bond $40 So so proud of you for doing this!! Wishing you all the best on your challenge! xxx
Brooke Galloway $25
Michelle Edwards $40 One foot in front of the other! Fabulous cause. You’ll have a blast!


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Alana Clarkson $2,610
Maegan Boyle $1,067
Lisa Scanlon $937
Felicia Goodes $515