Raised of $500 Goal

I'm taking part in this event in the name of bowel cancer prevention and to raise essential funds for the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Moose Rumtar $81 I heard it was ruff but your not one to roll over
Melanie Verran $20 You can manifest anything x
Steven Miller Consulting $25 Awesome work Anita!
Simone Towns $10 Well done lady x
Monique Lemon $20 You go girl
Adelle Rutch $20 You’ve got this girls! So proud of you both, such a fantastic cause.
Lily Beeley $15 So proud of you x
Estelle Allen $15 Go get it girl, so proud of you!
Mikaela Young $20 So proud of you Anita xxx
Jenny Burns $10 Good luck you crazy girl!
Soul Ocean Spa $50 Best of luck with your trek Anita! Such a great cause xx
Simo Butchard $10 You’re beyond INCREDIBLE. Love you so much beautiful. You’ve got this :)
Lyn Braithwaite $20
Kate Broughton $50 So proud of you Anita xx What an incredible cause you have such a big heart <3 Love you Kate
Dahl Guru $4
jade Nelson-Chapman $30 Get It Girl x!
Ashley Tarlinton $100