Raised of $500 Goal

To help raise awareness for bowel cancer

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Anonymous $25
Sonia Samain $25 Go Shaz!! Enjoy.
Chantell Gibbs $25 We love you lots and are so proud of you! With love from Chantell, Dave and Jimmy xxx
Margaret Hobbs $50 Good luck! You will be fine. Xxx
Sharon Isaak $50 TAC Cash Donations - Thanks Everyone!
Genevieve Isaako $25 GOODLUCK SISTER
Sharne Lane $40 You're a legend always Shaz. Heart of gold. You go girl.xo
Kalani Brown $20 Go Hobbsy! You got this! Smash it!
Sam Kinnear $25 Good on you Sharon! Go well.
RPS Advice $50 Great stuff Sharon
Laura Scott $20 Good luck Sharon xx
A&J GM Consulting ltd $25 Keep up the training and have a great adventure. Soak up the views and the kms will tick off in a flash. All the very best from ali julia isobel ava and josh xoxo
Michelle Moorfoot $30 Good luck Sharon! You are an amazing lady!
Marnie Wilson $25 Good luck Sharon. You are super strong and amazing.
Jessica Edwards $50 This is such a wonderful thing you are doing and I support you and the cause completely!! I am sure your girls will be sooo proud of you - as will Max All the best xo
Mel O'Neill $40 You go girl! Love your work x
Petra Naslund $25 You are amazing Sharon!
Annie Morton $20 Go, Sharon! What an amazing effort. Enjoy the walk.
Anonymous $25 Great initiative Sharon - well done!