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Sunday 10 March 2019



Are you up for the challenge? Ride in the name of bowel cancer prevention in one of the top 10 toughest one-day cycling events in the world. Peaks Challenge Falls Creek is a 235km loop ride starting at Falls Creek and riding up Tawonga Gap, Mount Hotham and through Omeo before heading up the back of Falls Creek.  The back of Falls will hit you like a tonne of bricks. With 200km in your legs, you’ll quickly learn why the first pinch is called WTF Corner, and the whole ascent The Beast. It’s a steep and relentless climb with little reprieve. If you think you have what it takes, join the Jodi Lee Foundation team today. You will be part of the special celebrations for the ride’s 10 year anniversary in 2019.  



Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer in Australia, but it doesn’t have to be. If detected early, up to 90% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated.



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Raised of $20,000 Goal


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Janet McLachlan $500
Treasury Wine Estates $1,200
Anonymous $1,500
Anonymous $1,000
john kleinschmidt $30 I feel sorry for your bike having to spend so much time with you:-) Good work mate JK
Elisa Hendrie $40 Good on you Greg - well done.
[email protected] $40 Well done Greg. Proud of you.
Eckermann Lawyers $100
Mandy Barnes $50 Congratulation Greg - a great commitment to a great cause
Alice Turnbull $50 Well done Nick!!
Townsends Solicitors $40
Anonymous $25 Well done Cam & Natalie! what an achievement!
Robert Bergamin $50 Well done Cam & Natalie great effort for a great cause
Lee Greenhalgh $10 well done to you both
Michael De Lutiis $50
STG / BSA $50 Well done Cam awesome effort so inspirational ... you must be so relieved.
Gemma West $50
446731502144130 $280 Well done Nick - keep me informed of future cycling events - was great to be a small part of it!
Marlene Wood $200
Kate Hicks $30 Fantastic work Greg!
Morton Philips $100 Well done Nick!
Leanne Kutschbach $20 An inspirational effort! Congrats Nick.
Kate Patterson $20 You did it!!!
Brad Humphrey $40 Great cause mate, all the best.
Iain Jones $50
John Pearce $50 You need a drink!
Ben Gursansky $100 Super effort Greg!
Emma Landorf $25 Sorry this is late!! Incredible and inspiring achievement guys, so happy for you both!
Laguna Bay $100 Sorry this is after the event Toby but I still wanted to support you for this great cause. Kind regards Tim McGavin
Tim Brooks $40 Great effort Greg
John B Fairfax $200
Raf Plawecki $50 Well Done Guys. Only 1 word can describe it. Champions!!
Nicole Fogarty $200 Go Barry!
Andrea and James McCall $40 Congratulations on such a massive achievement! You’ve worked so hard for this and should be so very proud! Xx
Terry Lee $50
Karen Venables $40
Susanna Anderson $120 You are incredible to still be driving such a worthwhile message! Good luck on the ride
Lin Lin Low $50 Good luck Greg! Keep on riding!
Hire a hubby Rozelle $100 Good luck nick.
Walteela park $1,000
JJC Operations $250 Nice weekend for a ride Greg. Good Luck!
Nhu Tran $100 Appreciated your meaningful works!
Andrew Hales $120 Best wishes, Great cause - All the best for speedy recovery. Halesy
Jeffrey O'Neill $200
Ben Dunlop $50 Good luck and enjoy the beers after
Philip Watson $100 Outstanding cause, outstanding event - Go feel the burn Greg.
Andrew Leigh $30 Another year, another peaks challenge! Congrats again, Nick - super-impressive. Andrew.
Alice & Jamie Selby $50 With you every pedal of the way Timbo xx
Minh Vo Tuan $40 Best of luck, Nick.
a1building and proprty maintenance $100 Good luck Nick. You’re a champion!!
Anonymous $1,000 Small contribution for a huge cause. Congratulations to the entire team on the commitment and the effort on the day and towards JLF!
Natasha Ronald $120 your amazing work is so inspiring - good luck on the peaks Tash xx
Anonymous $10
Unkel $50 Go get it legend!!!! X
PAUL KIRCHNER $150 Great effort Nick---Good luck up WTF !!
Georgina Connell $250 I can't believe you're doing Peaks Challenge again... actually yes I can :-) You truly are a legend Nick! Godspeed!
Drascombe $50 Good on you Nick! I thought 2018 was one last roll of the dice but you can't keep a good man down! Might see you back at Falls in 2020?
Todd and Riss Packer $120 Good luck Baz
Dadds Jandy Lawyers $120 Love your work Nick X
Justin Brock $40 Great work Nick, go and conquer the mountains!
Anonymous $20
Tom Nehmy $100 Great effort for a great cause Nick. Good luck on Sunday!!
Progressive Equine Veterinary Services $1,050
ANZ Private $50 A great effort for an awesome cause. Hope you've got the compact chainring on! Good Luck!
Jessica ODonnell $100
Jane Hurst $75 Ride well.Stay safe.
Sarah Baily $50 Good luck Nick!
Primo Estate Wines $50 Go Toby!
Mangioni Property Valuations $40 Cameron & Natalie Great cause I am very impressed with the hard that you have both put in.. Be safe and may the wind be beneath your wheels. Tony Mangioni aka Big Mange !
Joy Hunt $50 Wishing you both a great ride and all the best for Sunday.
Jonathan Lord $150 G'day Toby, Congratulations on raising funds for such a fantastic cause. Best of luck with the ride on the weekend. Cheers, Jon
Omond & Co $100 Hi Toby A cause that's obviously close to my heart - and what better way to understand one aspect of bowel cancer treatment than 10 hours in the saddle! (Sorry, probably TMI there.) Cheers, and thanks James
Dogridge vineyard $50 Go hard Toby
Stephanie/Tony Correia $120 Toby, we are cheering for you in California.
Chris Branford $50 Free Advice - removes the trainer wheels and you will get there quicker :)
Edmund Adamson $50 Great effort Cam - ride strong!!!
Sarah Langley $120 Ride Well (and Safely) send a photo when you reach the top!
Anonymous $120 So very proud if you darling Much love Mum and Pop xx
Penna Michael $120 Good luck Toby
Nick Waterman $120 Good luck Toby a good cause and an impressive challenge.
Gaetjens Pickett Valuers $120
Hamish Baldwinson $50 Good Luck Toby !
Mr $200 Well done Toby, another awesome effort for a worthy cause.
Taylors $50
Andrew Walsh $1,000 all the best Toby, great cause
Rebecca Weatherill $50
Tim Selby $350 You got this
Marie O'Sullivan $40 Good luck, you'll smash it
Claudio Ruggiero $80 Cam and Natalie, I've been very impressed with both of you with your hard training and wish you both the very best for the day. See you there guys for support. Ps no I'm not riding the peaks
Alicia & Roger Blazey $120 Can’t wait to hear how you both go on the day, but the lead up is a journey in itself; killer training guys, you’ll smash it!! Thanks for riding for such a great cause. xx
Shane Highet $30 Good Luck Cam & Natalie - stay safe.
Susan Yeend $40 You’re already winners!! Enjoy the ride!
Kath Boundy $40
Paul Van Der Haak $50 Hey_Mey
Simon McCormack $40 Go well guys! Ride on
Andy & Gail Baker $50 Good luck to you both
Mark Kay $25 Keep it up mate!
Maria Zita $70 Congratulations on all that you have both achieved thus far. Wishing you a fantastic 3 peaks challenge. You’re gonna do it!!
Ben Sullivan $100 Good luck with the ride Cam and Nat - your prep has been inspiring! Go gettem.
John Sebastiani $30 Its a Awesome event so Enjoy the Ride and the Scenery.
Jim McConnel $100 Go well maaaaaaaate!!!
Jim McConnel $100 Go well on first Peaks maaaaaaaaate, you will nail it!!!!
Jim McConnel $100 Go well maaaaaaaaaate!!!
Charlotte Markwick $50 You should be so proud of your dedication and desire to complete this challenge. Go Nat and Cam!
Melissa Vanderhaak $25 Go Nat and Cam! Amazing and inspirational effort xx
Jane & John Raymond $40 It’s a big ride! So impressed with the training. Hope it goes well.
Emma and Andrew Copus $25 Go Natty and Cam!
Peter Grant $50 Good luck Cam. Ride well.
Jodi Grunert $30 Such determination to train for this event from you guys! You’re already champs for even considering attempting this challenge!
Savills $150
Lani Rogers $50
Cameron Greenwood $50 Well done Cam - best of luck.
Paula Norris $25 Good luck you two! Your fit, you’re strong, you’re the BEST!
Peter Gray $100 Cam, Natalie, hi and great work, ride safe, regards, Peter
Paul Grant $30
Grant Jackson $120 Good luck Cam, great cause.
Mary Zielonka $50 All the best. Enjoy the experience.
neil Sachse $100 Enjoy the ride as you usually do.
Azura Dental & Cosmetics $120
Lisa Loh $20 Good luck Cam!
Anonymous $40 Cam & Natalie, I wish you all the best for your fundraising and challenging ride.
St.Geogre Bank $40
Tony West $100
Alan Richard $50 Good luck Cam. A cause close to my heart.
Anonymous $25
Mr $40
Herron Todd White $100
Ngoc Nguyen $20
Anonymous $20
Ryan Bailey $20 Impressive work Cam - we know you've got this!
Herron Todd White $40 All the best for the ride Cam
Brett Rowe $20 Good luck Cam
BankSA $20 Good luck!
Richard Daniels $20 Thumbs up Cam - inspirational!
Robin Williams $50 Best of luck for the big ride mate, well done.
Anonymous $300
Wayne Byres $100 Best wishes from the Byres family, Cam!
Paul Garner $60 onya!
Bernard Mills $50 Go Cam, well done mate!
Shane Hagan $50 Have nothing but umpost confidence that your preparation will see you achieve remarkable success that many few have done let alone considered. And in the name of a great cause that I know has personally touched my family. Best of luck in the saddle in March.
Alistair Laycock $150 Good luck Cam. The Peaks Challenge...Ouch!!! All the best with the ride. Cheers Al
Richard Tucker $25 Keep pumping those legs for a good cause
Gavin Clark $120
Anonymous $100 Train hard Cam and enjoy the experience....good luck and great cause!
Anonymous $1,500
Cavpower $5,000
Nick Lee $1,000
Janet McLachlan $1,000


Name Total
NIck Lee $12,370
Toby Langley $5,975
Cam & Natalie $3,870
Greg Pearce $3,330
Cam Olson $2,295
Name Total
NIck Lee $12,370
Toby Langley $5,975
Greg Pearce $3,330
Cam Olson $2,295
David Malpas $1,040
Name Total
Cam & Natalie $3,870