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Name Amount Message
Anonymous $36 Raggies Collection Boxes
Heidi Thoday $50 Well done Andrew ????
Stephanie Burke $25 Amazing effort Tania xxx
Leigh & Rich Willson $50 Continue to be inspired by you Tans and Nick xx
Ben Odgers $250
Jacqui Gilligan $50 You two are such legends!!!
Mike Butcher $20 well done Andrew - Auntie Aileen
Dee Medway $50 Good on you Geoff and Jo!!! You’re both amazing - what a great team you are! Congratulations on completing your epic walk!! Jays and Dee
Jessica Argent $50 Well done Geoff and Jo!!! Such a great cause ????
Sharna Tye $100 Thank you for doing this alongside me ❤️❤️❤️
Sonia Daniel $50 So proud of you guys Sending our love
charmaine gregory $40 You got this! Well done in advance????????
Reannan Richards $50 U got this! Lots of love xx
Lee Greenhalgh $25 Go future
Cathy Roberts $50
Angela Fletcher $50 Happy Hiking - well done!
Fiona Aitken $25 Go Tania! xox
Glenis Galpin $40 Good Luck Team! Your beautiful loved ones will shine upon you.. each step of the way! Xoxox
Teneille Shepherdson $20 Our gorgeous Lane would be so proud of you! Love you, Teneille x
Chantal O’riley $5 Best of luck lovely Keep being amazing!! ❤️????????
Kate Ulmer $100 Inspirational. Proud. Love
Leslie Thompson $150 Thank you, Sharna Remembering our beautiful James.
Kathryn Walsh $20 Good on you Sharna! What a star! Best of luck for your hike on the weekend, Kathryn xo
Jodi Petherick $50 Much love, as always xxx
Mike Butcher $50 Have a good trek and enjoy the experience as much as is possible - mum is behind you in spirit and dad is into the spirits.
Anthony Ingerson $200 Go girl , see you soon
Catherine Sayer $100 Go Tania and all the FPETeam!
Bronwyn Barry $50 ????????????
Joan Tye $25 Happy Trekking
Joan Tye $25 Happy Trekking
Cameron Henry $80 Impressive effort Joanne ! Will be thinking about your poor toenails. Hopefully they fare better this time.
Anonymous $311
Rachel Eberhard $50 Good Luck Sharna and Kylie. All the best for your trek.
Anonymous $50 ????
Jenny Stevenshofer $25 Your awesome!
Leonie Anderson $50 Good on you Jackie, I wish you well!
Wayne Gibson $40 Such a great cause and so inspirational what you guys are doing!
Therese Buckley $40 Go girl !
Marni Lemmon $100 Love you guys. So proud of your efforts always!! X
Rochelle Manderson $50 Fabulous work Jo for a wonderful cause! Go team Nugents!
Zbierski Simon $50
Thomas Piro $50 All the best Fute! Your a legend mate, go well on the trek ????????
Hayley Butcher $15
PolyTuff Automotive $50 Go Joanne, make sure you don't let Geoff finish ahead of you..
PolyTuff Automotive $50 Go get them mate, Finishing is the end game :-)
Kylie Carrett $50 Thanks Jo for shining the spotlight on bowel cancer prevention, which is a cause close to our hearts having lost Rod’s Mum to this awful disease just last year. We applaud you guys for what you are doing to raise awareness! Kylie & Rod xx
Kylie Carrett $50 This one is close to our hearts, as last year Rod lost his Mum very quickly to this awful cancer. We know you will smash this trek! Kylie & Rod
Simon McDowell $65 Good luck guys, enjoy the scenery if you can. Proud of all of you!!
Brad Diplock $63
Natalie Cybulski $40 Good luck guys!
Ann Chapman $100 Good luck Jo and Geoff for your walk. Great job.
Amanda Bestt $20 Good luck
Sheree Milner $50 Can’t remember who I donated to last year but you’re getting it this time Jo! You’re both amazing x
Georgia Woolley $25
Heeney&Sons $40 Great cause and a very worthy person to walk for ❤️ Goodluck on your walk Jo and pls wait up for Geoff ???? Have fun team Nugent ❤️ The Heeney’s
Cameron Henry $75 Go well Geoff
Amanda Dumont $200 Thank you for your support Lane and Mandy xx
Amanda Dumont $250 Thank you for your support. Lane and Mandy xx
Tom Piro $10 ACC Presentation Night Donation box
Kevin Tye $50 Proud of you and your Mum for supporting this cause.
Jordan O’RILEY $20 Go well, your killing it! Please no more injuries ❤️
Jordan O’RILEY $65 Your an absolute star, keep smashing goals ❤️
Sally Menadue $25 You go this Kylie.????❤️
Dani Menadue $50 you go queen!!
Emma Cannon $30 Legend ????
Phyllis Truman $30 Proud of you both doing this❤️
Phyllis Truman $30 Good job Sharna
Tony Williams $15 ACC Presentation Night Donation Box
Dean Piro $17 ACC Presentation Night donation box
Brisbane Mortgage Broking Pty Ltd $500
Adam Johnson $44 Graft & corruption is alive and well Hank. Great cause & good luck for the walk.
Scott Marlow $40 Just do it
Elise Winter $200 Have fun!!! ????
Anonymous $40 Trek hard Stu
FPE $50 Good luck, sure you will get through it for a third time.
Linda Walker $50 Good Job love Linda x
Food Processing Equipment $100 Good luck guys.
Gordon Millar $100 All the best on the trek Tania, another year another challenge.
Gordon Millar $50 All the best on the trek Kylie!!
Gordon Millar $50 All the best Andrew, another year another goal.
Jodi Brunjes $50 I hope you keep up with Jo this time Geoff.
The Long Yard Larder $100 Go Ge-off and Jo! - you guys are amazing. With love from your Long Yard family xx
Jade Perrau $100
Josh Barrey $50
Ron Perrau $51 Good luck to you both...very proud
Kent Nicolls $40
Kent Nicolls $40
Logan Daniel $25
Mortgage Choice - Kent Town $50 Good luck guys, hopefully carrying Stu doesn't wear you out too much. :-)
Jamie Sullivan $25 Great Man - Great Cause!!!
Cooper Tilley $15
Grace Wilson $25
Deacon Cameron $25 Good luck
Jackson QUINELL $25
Hailey Raroa $20
Korey Vickers $25
Scott Mateer $15
Darcy Gregory $100
Eloise Tyson $40 good luck ❤️
Jack Driscoll $10
Tom Wood $25
Riley Croll $44 ????
Zane Perrau $40 Rip in guys
Ashlee Viro $50 All the best Kylie!
Anonymous $500 Well done Tania and FPE team on your continued support of a great cause!!
Pamela Annand $20
Kari Perrau $25 Love you dad ♥️
Peter Wood $50 Have a great time
John Bourne $100 Good luck Craig and Jacki with the hike great work thinking of Wes always John and Wendy xxx
Darren Prirchard $150 We are proud of you both x
LHR Engineering $150 Great cause! Enjoy the journey
Sheena Tomczyk $25 Go you!
Casey Eggleton $30 We love you so much! Dad would be so proud of you ❤️???? Love Casey, Shannon, Savannah, Finn & Hendrix xoxo
D C Norris & Company Ltd $500 All the best to the FPE Team for a great cause. From all us in the DCN/BCH Team supporting you from the UK.
Ashleigh Kennewell $50 ❤️❤️❤️
Jamie Simmonds $40 Yeehaw! You got this!
Diane King $100 Go Jacki and Craig! Legends! xo
Gaye Ledingham $100 Go Jacki
Jane Leivesley $40 Love your work guys ????????????????????
McGilvery Family $50 Go get it Nuggets ????
Syspal $999 What a great cause you are highlighting. Wishing Tania and team FPE all the best on their trek. From all at Syspal UK.
Tanya Bailey` $50 Go Geoff and Jo!! Please don’t leave Geoff behind Jo. High 5’s all round when you both finish! Tan & Ant xoxo
Clayton Wright $25 Best of luck Team Nugent!
Wendy & Paul Skehan $40 You go girl
Sheree Milner $50 Walk well Geoff and Jo!
Anonymous $50
Teys Australia $50 All the Best on the trek Craig. A great cause!!!!
Stephen Young $120 Best of luck, supporting a great cause indeed.
PKF Adelaide Foundation $250 All the best with the Trek, From PKF Adelaide
Graham Treffone $120 Great work for a great cause. Well done Tania and team FPE
Cherry Smillie $100 Great Work Tania & the FPE Team!!
Sales Shift $200 So happy to support you and your team in this great cause.
Daitum $280 Great cause, Andrew. Best of luck!
Blackbird IT $280
Katie Bauer $50 Good Luck Andrew and Team FPE!
Anonymous $25 Good luck!
Apache Stainless Equipment Corp $250
Petra Heeg $50 Best wishes Petra xx
Exhibition & trade fairs $100 best of luck from the team at APPEX 24
Tégan Simpson $50 I have no doubt you'll make it through day 2!! As someone who had 4 polyps removed before 35, I'd encourage younger people to purchase and pay for a poop test too!! Such a good cause you're both walking for x
Peter Wood $40
Ryan Upenieks $50 Smash it Sha!!
Natalie Hincksman $280 This one is going to be a popcorn moment ???? ????
Wayne Barclay $100 Good luck guys, keep up the great work raising funds for a great cause :)
Elizabeth Sexton $50 On behalf of the Bakers Delight gang and for our dear Trace. Good luck Tania. E xx
Lois Milner $50 I lost my beautiful sister Judy at 66 to bowel cancer a while ago. She received “the poo test” in the mail the day she was diagnosed. Thank you Geoff for having another crack at it and the best of luck to you and Joanne.
Sarah Mifsud $100 In memory of Tracey Carey
Elpress BV $250 Tania, you guys rock for doing this. Regards from Elpress. Jannes
Scott Hebbard $40 Best of luck for the walk and great work supporting JLF
Ray White Norwood $50 Good luck Tania :-)
Tober Solito $25 Onya Sharna x
Tober Solito $25 Onya Kylie
Sandy Voumard $50 You’ve got this! Good luck
Sue Barry $50 Good Job Kylie
Derek Hogg $50 Good Luck Kylie!
Andrew Westlake $120 Good luck team FPE Happy to support your efforts Regards Andrew
Anonymous $120


Name Total
Tania Carey $3,550
Andrew Butcher $1,571
Jacki Perrau $1,100
Geoff Nugent $1,000
Joanne Nugent $1,000