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We're Team Optus,

for the second year we are tackling the JLF 80km SA Trek to help fundraise and raise awareness about Bowel Cancer.

Get behind us and support the team!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $40
Naomi Beale $5
Anonymous $8
Anonymous $50 Great job Ryan & awesome work organising it all again, well done.
Adrian Fleetwood $40 Well done mate.
Marija Filipovic $25 Well done, Irena!
Vanessa Redmond $25 You got this!
Dylan Lowe $25 You’re a wanker
Karen Butler $10 Don’t walk to fast smashley lol
Michelle Davie $10 Way to go badass! I hope you can still move on Sunday and Monday xo
Kaitlyn Bermingham-Lowe $50 Proud of you❤️
Sue Mitton $10 Brilliant job ..... well done xx
Steve Friend $25 Great work Chappo!
Samantha Craig $10 Go you good thing !
Alan Bradshaw $40 Thank you so much for stepping up and representing our team and Optus for such an important cause!............... and I hope there is a "wee dram" waiting for you at the end of your walk ;-)
Alicia Buring $15 love you x
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Scott, Cheers Abhi
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Shaun! - Cheers, Abhi
Jarrad Murphy $100
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Irena! Cheers, Abhi
1972 $20 Way to go! Happy Trekking :-)
1972 $20 Way to go! Happy trekking :-)
1972 $20 Way to Go! Happy Trekking :-)
Michelle Lowe $100