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We're Team Optus,

for the second year we are tackling the JLF 80km SA Trek to help fundraise and raise awareness about Bowel Cancer.

Get behind us and support the team!

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Optus $773
Anonymous $65
Fiona Major $10
Kylie Bailey $161 Silent Auction money
Chris Gregory $80 Good luck!
Claudia Gentile $20
Alistair Kennedy $40 Congratulations Scott on an awesome effort.
Anonymous $17
Iain McCallum $50
Scott Harris $25
Anonymous $30
Anonymous $40
Naomi Beale $5
Anonymous $8
Anonymous $50 Great job Ryan & awesome work organising it all again, well done.
Adrian Fleetwood $40 Well done mate.
Marija Filipovic $25 Well done, Irena!
Vanessa Redmond $25 You got this!
Dylan Lowe $25 You’re a wanker
Karen Butler $10 Don’t walk to fast smashley lol
Michelle Davie $10 Way to go badass! I hope you can still move on Sunday and Monday xo
Kaitlyn Bermingham-Lowe $50 Proud of you❤️
Sue Mitton $10 Brilliant job ..... well done xx
Steve Friend $25 Great work Chappo!
Samantha Craig $10 Go you good thing !
Alan Bradshaw $40 Thank you so much for stepping up and representing our team and Optus for such an important cause!............... and I hope there is a "wee dram" waiting for you at the end of your walk ;-)
Alicia Buring $15 love you x
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Scott, Cheers Abhi
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Shaun! - Cheers, Abhi
Jarrad Murphy $100
Abhi Ramchuritter $10 Go Irena! Cheers, Abhi
1972 $20 Way to go! Happy Trekking :-)
1972 $20 Way to go! Happy trekking :-)
1972 $20 Way to Go! Happy Trekking :-)
Michelle Lowe $100
Michele Enthoven $20 What an effort...well done team, go KB!
Shelly OReilly $10 Go girlfriend
Jessica Dunlop $15 Good luck ❤️❤️
Jessica Dunlop $15 Good luck John!
Jessica Dunlop $15 Good luck ❤️
Jessica Dunlop $15 Good luck Dannii
Kate Gregory $80 Good luck Raech, you can do it! Here's to a blister free finish!
Optus $120 Go Team [email protected]!
Karen Scott $25 Good luck dannii for the trek
Jarrod Fehlmann $50 All the best Shaun!
1953 $25 Go Kylie!!! A cause dear to my heart
Jason Lee $20 Go Irena! Such a great course!
Jason Lee $20 Go Scott! Awesome work buddy!
James Morrison $20
James Morrison $20
Jason Lee $20 Awesome work Shaun! You're a superstar!
james Morrison $20
Zoe Burnett $10 Good luck Mr Kennedy!
Zoe Burnett $10 Go Boss! Such a great cause - can't wait to hear all about it next week!
Zoe Burnett $10 You go my little robot girl. So proud! Hope you don't get too many blisters xo
Olivia Green $25 Good Luck KB!!
Giovanni Hernandez $20 Yo go Gurl, well done and goodluck for next day Recovery Tip, Cold bath while eating maccas :)
Christina Cosma $20 This is really amazing! Go Shaun!
Christina Cosma $20 This is so amazing! Go Irena
Anonymous $30
Brooke Elborough $50 My hero!
Anonymous $70
K & L Thorneycroft $50 Worthwhile cause. Good luck.
Denise Visciglio $10 Go Bel!!!
Kylie Sims $10 Well done Bel!!
Caitlin Bormann $20 Great work Bel! Xx
Anonymous $21 You can do iiiitttttt.... because you're ⊂_ヽ   \\ _    \( •_•) ᶠ     < ⌒ヽ ᴬ    /   へ\ ᴮ    /  / \\ ᵁ    レ ノ   ヽ_つ ᴸ   / / ᴼ   / /| ᵁ  ( (ヽ ˢ  | |、\  | 丿 \ ⌒)  | |  ) / `ノ )  ᴸノ (_/
Tracy Lyrtzis $20
John Tapping $20 Here you go Ryan
John Tapping $20 Go Bel!
Bob taylor $40
Clive Sarney $10 Good luck Raechel!
Angela Raggatt $40
Anonymous $25
Joshua Paterson $10 I believe in you :) Great work on the fundraising!
Anonymous $17
Anonymous $25 Walk for Marscaponians young and old, Godspeed.
Jake Haklar $20 You'll smash it, awesome work
Catherine McLachlan $40 Go team Optus! Great to see you getting behind this again Ryan.
Bianca Cosentino $30 Good work darls
Papi Sanchez $20 #NoSanchezNoParty
Darren Saldanha $30 You better walk the whole thing or I'll fly over there and whoop yo ass.
Anonymous $15
Debby Bermingham $25 You’ve got this Dan ❤️
Anonymous $20
Ishan Gnanachandran $50 You da man!!
Charlotte Watts $25
Optus $10 Hi Karina, I hope you have a great walk for such a worthy cause. All the vest best. Andrew W
Anonymous $10 You're such an inspiration!
Kylie Hill $25 You’ve got this! You’re amazing x
Anna Westlake $20
Anonymous $5
Anonymous $50
Carol Armstrong $50 Go Nige!! X
Jill HH $10 Well done Ash!
Jill HH $25 Well done Ryan!
Tracey Jones $20 Good work Nigel I have all the faith in you in completing this trek
Stella Noye $20
Kathy Pilkington $50
Anonymous $10 You go glen coco
Anonymous $10 Great stuff Michael
Brett thorneycroft $50
Anonymous $120
Anonymous $40 Well done. Uncle David xx
Rose Vallen $25
Dave Barker $25
Linda Howard $15 Good luck Raechel
Anonymous $20
Cheyne Howard $20
Cherie Rothery $25 Enjoy the day. Great cause xxx
justin parise $50
Cali Little $50 Get it girl
Alexa Fa'alogo $20 All the best Pa xo
Anonymous $20 Love you Uncle! Gluck with the blisters.
Marika Tamer $30 We are both so proud of how far you have come!
Anonymous $10
John Bermingham $50 Go Dannielle
stella Noye $25 I feel like my arm was twisted here....
Lyndy Watts $310 You ROCK!!
Anonymous $120 What a great cause, well done. Love Kellie, Nick and Nicholas
OPTUS $20 Go Michael go! Awesome and all the best!
Simon Thewlis $50 Don't forget your shoes! Love, Simon xx
Anonymous $300
Alexander Borley $40
Susan Shields $40
Max Ferguson $50 Good Luck Nigel. Great cause you have chosen help.
Amy Penna $25 You will smash it!!!!
Carlie Bermingham-Lowe $50 From our tribe
Tatum Dobie $25 you are an inspiration woman!!
Anonymous $100 Remember you have to take more steps than the taller people due to your little legs. Enjoy, great cause!
Margaret Robertson $629 Well done Nigel on doing the JLF walk, so proud of you
Natasha Boase $50 Great effort KB! You will be awesome xx
Annie Boase $50 Well done precious xx
Deidre Mack $30 Good on you beautiful
Radka Vystavelova $40 One foot infront of the other.All the way Boase! You can do this x
Peter Boase $25 Go KB
Suzanne Keal $150 So proud of you. Have fun. x
Kim Fryer $10 Go Ashie xxx
Anonymous $120 So proud of you baby girl. Love mum xx
Ado Knight $100 Great work Ash!!
Renee Brown $100 Go Auntie Ash!!
Jacqueline Culhane $50 Good Luck on your endeavour. We will be thinking of you. From Jacqui, Paul and Megan
TPR Electrical $150 Hi Irena Hope all is well, very passionate about this space. Good luck with the hike. Cheers Tom
Ivona Nizic $100
Paula Parker $20 Good on you Ash. It's such an important cause and I only wish I could afford to give more. Good luck sweetheart.
Jeff Symons $25 Have fun
Leellen Christ $25 Go Theopolousousousous!! :) <3 The Christs! xx
Leellen Christ $10 Go Raech! From The Christs :-)
Leellen Christ $25 GO TEAM NIGEY!! So proud of you! <3 The Christs xxx
Ben Morris $100 What are your legs? Steel springs!! And what are they going to do? Hurl me down the track! Don't fall over in those new fancy boots! Very proud of you. Ben
Lindley Randle $30 That’s a huge walk! Best of luck.
Erin Kingisepp $20 good work
Cassandra Stefanidis $50 Good luck!
Rebecca Keal $25 Don't trip
Paul Ricci $20 Keep up the good work
Amy Swanson $25 Well done Theo!
Graham Langley $5 Good on you Ash
Optus $20 Great work Theo.
[email protected] $50 Hi Ashleigh, Hope you do well on your trek. It's for a worthy cause and I am sure you will smash it. All the best, Andrew
Anonymous $5 Thank you for being a part of such a good cause.
Garnett Transport Pty ltd $100 Everyone will need to bring dust masks as they will be walking in your dust! You will smash it.
Matt Keal $20 You are going to do great!
Lindsay Smith $10 Best of Luck Ash
Theodore Hatzicostantis $20 Enjoy x
andrew windebank $30 Hi Ryan, All the best with the trek. Have a great walk Andrew
Stathi Psaroulis $20 Im a fucking good guy so you better donate to my movember when I do it cunt
Georgia Granger $15 Very proud of you
Costas Hatzicostantis $40