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We believe Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory is not only changing lives by offering unrivalled services to clients and candidates, but also by having a social purpose. Giving back is a fundamental part of our values and as such, we are committed to contributing a percentage of each placement to not-for-profit organisations that are important to us.

In 2018, the HappySeeker team took part in The JLF Trek SA and raised nearly $50,000! We can't promise that again but we are going to give it our best shot! I am excited to have a group of close clients join me in spending a few days trekking through a beautiful part of South Australia to raise awareness for bowel cancer and all the fantastic work the Jodi Lee Foundation do.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Message
Pelboe Pty Ltd $50
Charter Hall $2,500
John Blunt $100
Lucid Consulting Engineers (SA) $200
Dulwich Bakery $100 Im so pleased to be able to support Anthony in this fund raising effort (albeit its a bit late) Well done
Woods Bagot $500
Daniel DeConno $100
HSR (Aust) Group $200
Heather Kilmartin $25 Well done, amazing achievement.
BSSA $100 Good onya Luke - happy to support such a great cause. Unfortunately this will affect us or someone we love/know at some stage in our lives! Uby
Derek Hough $60 Well done the cramps were worth it Dad
Jean Hough $40 Well done Richard. XMum
Zee Constructions $280 hope it all went well AC and you're not too sore......lol ZEE's
Tectvs $200
R.A.G. Roofing $100 Good Luck Richard
Peter Tulla $120 Late donation. Trust all went well Chris
Architectus $25 Great Job!
Architectus $25 Great job!
Taylor Angel $20 Well done mate!
Mario Penta $200
Kim Bell $25 Good job brother! Xx
Peter Harrison $25
Peter Harrison $25
Penelope Coulls $22 You’ve got this Sis! X
Mr $50 Always a great cause Anna. Good luck with the Trek.
In2 Solutions $50
Caca Nominees $200
Robert Bird Group Pty Ltd $150
Anonymous $100
Mrs $25 Good job curly sue
Hindmarsh Plumbing $120 All the Best on the Trek
Jessica Luckman $30 Good luck lady!
Chitti Anthony $120 Good luck champ!
TAL GP $280 Good luck with the 80km's Anthony! Well done
Araceli Silva $40 YOU GO GLEN CO CO!
Laura Searson $40 Go Lib!
Kathryn Bell $40 Good luck Libie! x
C F Zollo Holdings Pty Ltd $150 Great work Anthony - all the best for the trek!
Andrew McKeegan $50 Well done mate!
Jacinta & Rob Paternoster $25 GO YOU!! Pace yourself :)
Linus Armstrong $70 Te amo!!
Ben Tonkin $50 Luke, Although my donation to your trek may have been to my own detriment I wish you all the luck to finish the it (un-like Dale who pulled out day 1) Good luck !
Schiavello Construction (SA) P/L $50 ...less than 24 hours until the start! A top up from the office staff. Best of luck! P.S. we want photos!
Matt Keeley $60 Great effort Luke, Well done!
Architectus $30 Best of luck! You have got this!
Kathryn Bonning $100 Yeah libs - get those pistons firing! Enjoy the walk, and making new friends!
Mark Coventry $40 Good luck Andrew
Nastassia Blanks $50 Great work Michelle & a great cause xx
David Focareta $20
Emma Holden $10 Go Cheets!
Samantha Smith $20
Crystal Swanson $30 Go girl!
Tulay Seker $50 You've got this Luke! What a great cause to support.
The Arnolds $20 Awesome work you legend! Great fundraising for an important cause!
Knight Frank Australia $100 Good luck from Guy Bennett and Knight Frank SA
Lachlan Perks $200
JMJ Pty Ltd $150
Hincks Partners $150 Good luck Anthony.
Martin Potter $200
Marco Iannetti $200 Good Luck and well done!
Attack Developments $120 Great effort for a great cause.
Ashleigh Rohde $50
Anthony Donato Architects $100 Good luck Anthony A great cause
Abby Bowden $25 Best of luck Anthony!
adam mellow $30 Enjoy!
Chris Ikon $50 All the best mate great stuff
Exiis Group Pty Ltd $280 Great Work Carrocci!!!
Tom McLean $100 Try not to trip over.
Eva Bezak $100
Capital United $150
Build Tec Group $1,000
Finlaysons Lawyers $500 Good luck team and best wishes from Annoushka, Adam, David, Gavin and all the Finlaysons Property Team
Valtec Constructions Pty Ltd $50 Best Wishes
Daniel Young $120 All the best.
Schneider $100 Scott, fantastic cause. Every step counts to eradicate the dreaded C
Aluco $120
JCSM Pty Ltd $500
Anonymous $20 Run like the wind
Schiavello Construction (SA) Pty Ltd $400 What's harder, walking an 80km trek or giving up coffee for 12 days? Luke would argue giving up coffee is definitely harder! Great effort so far on raising much needed funds for a great cause. All the best from the staff in SA
SHAPE Australia $50 Good on you mate.
Will McLeay $50 Awesome work! Good luck Luke
Shane Manning $50 Great cause, good luck!
Derek Tazzar $100 Best of luck on the Trek
Chappell Builders Pty Ltd $100 Good luck with the trek Richard.
Peter Bruns $50 Well done Luke
Bobby Miller $50 Nice work Luke!
Greg Atkinson $25 Good luck!
Anonymous $200
Katherine Schultz $50 Proud of you!
Justin Payne $120 Good luck Richard
Georgina Martin $30 Best of luck lovely, what an amazing thing you are doing x
Alan Liddell $50 All the best mate well done
Elisa Fantasia $25 Proud of you, as always! Kill it!
THEO RODAS $50 Great cause, keep up the great work.
Anonymous $200 Go Rich. Have fun. Keep hydrated! Xx
Anonymous $40 Have a Blistering time
Jenny Smith $50 Good luck Richard - its a great cause
RCP $120 Best of luck Richard from all at RCP.
SARAH $50 Good work Richard, great cause!
Rob Sinclair Equipment Finance $120 Good luck!
Martha Coro $50 Good Luck Tim!
W2 Wealth $500 A great cause. Well done Lorne!
Cowell Clarke $200 Best of luck.
Alice Hurley $50
BUILT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD $100 A great cause Anthony; best of luck!
David Tiller $25 Great cause and good luck
Christian Huntington $50 Go for it
Lisa Rowlands $50
David & Susan Bassett $100 Hike well.
Renata Soave $50 A great cause and wish you all the best
Telstra Store Golden Grove $100 All the best AC
JPE Design Studio $50
jack croudace $25
Dale Sweeney $250 Two days of silence in the office, good luck mate
Anonymous $50
paul Atkinson $100 You better sort out the blister situation! good luck!
Daron Johnson $50 Well done Luke
CPR Engineers $120 Walk in the park for you Lorne!
CPR Engineers $120 Smash it out Rich!!
CPR Engineers $120 Go well Batey!
DJMA Project Consulting $50 All the best Chris on your walk for this very worthy cause
Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec $200 Great effort for a great cause, watch your step!
Anonymous $200 Great effort for a great cause, watch your step!
james kemp $100 Great Work Richard hope the training pays off
Brown Falconer $150 Good Luck Richard - from the Brown Falconer team!
TIPS $150 Well done mate
Infront Electrical Pty Ltd $50 Good luck from Infront Electrical
Anonymous $100 From the Directors and staff at MasterPlan
Adam Miller $50 Go Well mate ; great cause !
Bert Farina Constructions $50 Great work AC, well done
Paul Bird $120 Go Richard Little! Well done. Regards Paul Bird
Anonymous $50 Good on you Anthony!!
James Goodson $50 Good luck Richard!
Mossop Construction + Interiors $200 Good luck!
Katnich Dodd $100 Keep your socks dry!
Jason Hemingway $50
PT Design Pty Ltd $2,000 Happy Trekking
Hana Phillis $50 Good luck Rich!
Brown Falconer $150 All the best Richard and team!
Scott Brumfield $50 Nice one Chris! A great cause.
Adam Anders $50 You can do it Rich.
Nik & Lizi Roussos $50 Love your work, Happy Seekers! Hope you enjoy the trek.
Hayden Kiss $100
Anonymous $25
System Solutions Engineering Pty Ltd $200 Great cause, all the best on the walk.
SES Industrial Services Pty Ltd $200 Better off Driving but well done
Hanson Road Crash $100 Good luck Anthony and team!!
Ian Crawley $40 Well done young Chris - keep up the good work
Vincent O’Dea $40
Anonymous $50
T D LANG & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD $500 only 2 weeks to go !. hope we have done enough training
Bozena Jaworek $120 You are amazing Anna. We are so proud of you. Love you darling.xx
DDO - Developer Direct Online $100 Great Cause. Keep up the good work! Hope you make it to the end!
John Sprunt $50 great work Schunkster
Robyn Rohde $50 Well done Maddie for supporting a great cause!
Architectus $100 All the best for the hike.
Rodd Perey $60 All the best Andrew. Sacrificing your feet for a good cause!
Robert Ousey $50 Andrew, Best of luck
Sarah $25 Dood Luck !
Alarcon Constructions $120 Great Work Luke! Go HappySeekers!
helen thornton $25 Go girl! x
BUSINESS INSURANCE SERVICES $280 GO Anthony, Hope you have good shoes. Are you walking back too ?
Anonymous $50
Michael DeCandia $50 Well done and good luck
Debney Distributors $25 Good Luck Cat
Sales $25 Good luck Anthony
Stephen Blackmore $120 Enjoy your walk
Brian Richards $50 Good luck with the trek Chris!
Vandi Huynh $170 This is truly an admirable feat! All the best on your journey Richard
Michael Kokkinopoulos $40 Great cause... Good luck on the trek!
Scott Lang $100
Frederico Arias $120
Built $50 Good luck Batesy
Emily Lawson $25 Good luck Richard, great cause. Hope you do not suffer too much!!
The K M Davis Trust $200 Anthony, supporting a great cause. Davis Family
G Fernando & Associates $40 All the best Anthony
Axis Metal Roofing Pty Ltd $200 Hey Chris The Directors approved this so you better last the distance. Peter :))
Jim Allen & Associates $120 All the best for the trek Luke and it is all for a great cause. The JAA Team
Jim Allen & Associates $120 All the best Scott for the trek. All for a great cause. The JAA Team
CON MAIOS $200 Cant wait to see the support team & van
Anonymous $300 Go Forest!
Whitmore Property $100 Good work Anthony, hope the training's going well!
Saccardo Constructions (SA) PL $200 Good cause Chris, On that long walk stop and smell the roses. From the Guys at Saccardo Const.
Jay Crescenzi $40 Well done mate
Former Premier of South Australia $150 Chris, Thank you for taking on the challenge. It is a very worthy cause.
Westside Group $200 Well done Chris. That's a long way mate. Keep up your fluids and watch those soft tissue injuries. Wouldn't want you to pull a beer gut muscle! All the best.
James Sarah $120
c/o Fenwick Elliott Grace $100 great cause, best of luck
John van Ruth $100 Good for the fitness and wellbeing Chris. Don't wear yourself out. I need you on the 24th! JvR
DACS Pty Ltd $50 Good Work Batesy! Good charity!
Anthony Carbone $50
Brazzale Group $200
Paul Constantine $25 Great work for a great cause Richard. All the best!
Own The Moment $40 Good luck for the Trek Scott, fantastic cause!
Terry Tsapaliaris $50 Good on you for getting involved Richard - Happy trails.
Tanis Wood $20
Adrian Santrac $80 Well done mate. Great cause...
Mayo Cory $50 Best of luck - Hope it goes well
Adele Munro-Chambers $30
Anonymous $100 Great Cause Richard as you know my mum has gone through Bowel Cancer but is one of the lucky ones as has been cured and has reversal to get rid of bag and reconnect her bowel in June. Be safe all the best Shane & Jen
Marek Mikucki $50 Great cause Richard, well done and good luck!
George Bouras $50 Good luck Anthony.
Adam Luciano $20 Great to see you so passionate about this important cause, great work scott and good luck!
Anonymous $120
Pruszinski Pty Ltd $150 Good luck Anthony! Paul & Susan Pruszinski Pty Ltd
Anonymous $25
Schiavello Construction (Vic) Pty Ltd $1,000 All the best Luke!
Alexander & Symonds Pty Ltd $200
McGees $50 No pain, no gain!
Concept Collections $100 Good on you Anthony, it is a great cause but make sure not to wear yourself out too much, no excuses on the tennis court on your return buddy.
Al Laycock $150 All the best for the walk Anthony
Caiazza Constructions $200 All the best.
Craig Watson $25
Michelle Fairbrother $25
Pat Gerace $50 Fai un bravo!
McGees Property $100 Wear comfortable shoes!
Commuserv $200 Great cause and a gentlemen for participating. Keep hydrated and stretch! Thanks John Caruso
LJHooker Projects $100
Michael Zaina $100 Good on you AC! Good luck. MZ
AILIS COOKE $40 Go Martha!
ADX Depot $120 Glad to support you Anthony in this great initiative Regards Colin Wright - ADX Depot
Unity Housing $50 All the best Anthony. Enjoy the trek.
Chris Hill $100 Great cause. well done mate
harmony property $120
CGC Pty Ltd $200 Good Luck, hoping it goes well...
Ryan Hodges $50 Awesome work mate!! Every step is a positive one in the fight against cancer!!!
Bernadette Forbes $25 Good on you Michelle!
Melissa & Trent Fahey $100 Great cause, good luck. Hope the weather is kind to you on the trek!
Cheesman Architects $100 Well Done Martha, Keep Walking
Strathmore Hotel $60 Great cause Luke. Well done!
CareAlert $150 Good job mate, have fun!
Christopher Schiavello $280 Great cause! Enjoy the trek!
Lewis Coulls $25 Good luck mate!
Daniel Jones $40 Go then mate Jonesy
Anonymous $50 Good on you Luke, great cause to support mate. I wish you and the team best of luck during your trek:)
Mark Rosenboom $80 well done Scott supporting this worthy cause and good luck with trek.
Anonymous $50
Klemm Homes Pty Ltd $50 Great Work Andrew
Kiersten Tindall $50 ❤️
Anonymous $20
Peter Tulla $120
Mitch Carter $40
Schiavello $500 Well done Andrew great cause, from the team at Schiavello Systems SA
Hames Sharley $900
Jill Thomas $100 Great cause.
Anonymous $50
Troy Cooper $50 Happy treking Scott.
Deborah Stemberger $50 You go girl
Mazzone Constructions $120
BuildSurv Pty Ltd $50
LTA Curtains & Blinds $50 Go Martha Good on ya
Catcorp $100 ....in bocca al lupo!
Don Bell $40 Great idea Scotty, enjoy the trekking
Argo Global $50 Good luck Cat
Harrold & Kite $200 Incredible work Anna! All our support! Harrold & Kite
Walter Brooke & Associates Pty Ltd $500
SkyCity $100 Good luck. All the best.
Brendon Harslett $50 Big stroll, great cause. Good luck mate.
Brown Falconer $150 All the best Andrew!
Tegan Ramsay $20 Good luck Bec!
Jodie Halliday $50
Stu BAter $50 With your flat feet! Great cause
Andrew Dimitri $50
John Thomas $50 Well done Richard, hope you reach your target donation!
Zenith Interiors $200 Excellent work, enjoy!
Lucid Consulting Australia $50 Good for you mate.
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50
Michelle BROWN $20 All the best Bec!
Jamie Restas $100 Do you even walk?
Rob Pongrac $50 Nice work Rich
KENNETT PTY LTD $5,000 Enjoy the Trek ! - great event for a good cause.
SKYCITY $40 Great work mate, i'm sure your efforts will help a lot of people. Look forward to hearing about the Trek.
C/- Enoki Pty Ltd $50 Good luck Martha. Love Susanna. x
Anonymous $60
Giulian Balasso $50
Ahrens Group Pty Ltd $500
Donna Shiell $40 Good luck Anthony!
Eva Olak $10
Wendy Davidson $40 Go Martha!
BRENTON CARN $25 Good onya Martha
Shana Martin $40 Great Cause
Matt Holland $20
john weston $25 Good Luck
Mark Stante $100 Good luck George and team
Ms $40 Well done Martha, hope it goes well.
Nicole Ward $50 All the best George, and team.
Anonymous $80 Great Stuff Scott.
Food Service Design Australia $100
Lewis Coulls $25 Great cause and good luck!
Meld Strategies $280 Good luck George and Anna. Well done on raising money for such a worthy cause.
Valtec Constructions $150 Good Luck Richard!!! Cheers Paul, Gianni, Diana
Trevor Ford $100 Good luck good cause let me know if you need support crew with fresh socks
Elia Angel $20 Go Scotty! A great thing to do!! x
Deborah McAlpine $50 Best of luck George and Anna!
Ian McKnight $100 Good luck Richard and enjoy the time away from your busy schedule.
Tahlia Fergusson $25 Great cause - good luck!
ACUITY Property Advisory $50 Onya Scotty! Great cause mate!
Sandra Jaunkalvis $25 Great work Scott. Lost a dear friend to this horrible disease so we’re pleased to support you.
Vanessa Amodeo $40 Good luck !
AILIS COOKE $40 Happy trekking Scott!
Peter Tulla $120
Ross Wait $100 Great initiative, good luck with the Trek mate!
geoff robertson $100 Great work Scott
Mike Elgar $50
Peter Hayes $50 Great cause and best of luck mate
Andrew Simons $120 George and Anna A great cause!! Andy
Scott Brumfield $100 Brilliant! Good luck with th trek and its certainly for a good cause.
Kimberley Gillan $50 Well done George and Anna - All the best on the Trek!
DIMITRI ARETZIS $1,500 well done mate
Charter Hall $40
Pruszinski Pty Ltd $200 Good luck with the trek George and Anna.
Michael Szaflik $50 Good stuff Richard! Do us proud
Loris Corletto $50 Break a leg. Cheers Loris.
Michael Hesketh $40 good Luck Lorne, great cause.
Pixie Stardust $40 Good on you Libie! Good luck!
Anonymous $100 Good Luck with the walk doing it for a great cause
Richard Saunders $50 Good luck Mr Hough from Mr Saunders
AMCA SA $120 Way to Richard, From all of us at AMCA SA.
Anonymous $40 Good on you Richard, a great cause. Good luck with the sore feet afterwards!
Andrew Cohen $120 Well done Lorne
Michele Whitfield $50 Good Luck Jan, I hope you enjoy the challenge
Sean Aplin $50 Best wishes - Hope it goes well & you lose a couple of pounds in the process. You might just fit into that really cool woolen vest again over the winter!
PPI $120
Built Environs $25 Great work Jan!
Katnich Dodd $150
Victor Bollen $40 Good Luck on your walk for a great cause.
Lex Hanegraaf $30 Go hard mate! Good luck :)
Adam Brushe $25
Frank Schoen $100 PowerOn mate.
integrated waterproofing $50 Good Luck Richard. Cheers, Sean
geoffrey penley $40 Great initiative Richard - you should see some amazing country & all for a good cause
Romaldi Constructions $200 Well done Lorne - good luck!
Sarah Constructions $30 Goodluck Richard, will be an awesome affort.
Brown Falconer $200 Well done Lorne!
Brown Falconer $200 Well done Anna!
Moto Projects $500 All the best from the Moto team. Have fun HappySeekers.
Gant & Sons Pty Ltd $200 Good luck Richard. All the best Cheers Gant & Sons Team
Sarah Constructions $20 For a good cause and a good bloke!
Anonymous $40 Hey Mate, Try not to make it look too easy. All the best with your trek, & certainly a worthy cause to support.
Troy Harrington $120 Congrats mate and good luck
Zinctech Cladding $120 Hi Richard All the best for the Trek. Hope you reach your goal amount. Cheers Justin
Anonymous $300 Goetze family supporting JLF!!
Outside Ideas $5,000 Well done Anna
Resonate Consultants $50


Name Total
Anthony Carrocci $9,885
Anna Roussos $5,545
George Roussos $5,350
Tim Lang $5,150
Luke Steele $4,075