Raised of $500 Goal

I am excited to be taking part in The JLF Trek SA 2019 as part of the Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory HappySeeker team!

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Pelboe Pty Ltd $50
Lucid Consulting Engineers (SA) $200
Dulwich Bakery $100 Im so pleased to be able to support Anthony in this fund raising effort (albeit its a bit late) Well done
Daniel DeConno $100
Zee Constructions $280 hope it all went well AC and you're not too sore......lol ZEE's
Tectvs $200
Mario Penta $200
In2 Solutions $50
Caca Nominees $200
Anonymous $100
Chitti Anthony $120 Good luck champ!
TAL GP $280 Good luck with the 80km's Anthony! Well done
C F Zollo Holdings Pty Ltd $150 Great work Anthony - all the best for the trek!
Andrew McKeegan $50 Well done mate!
Knight Frank Australia $100 Good luck from Guy Bennett and Knight Frank SA
Lachlan Perks $200
JMJ Pty Ltd $150
Hincks Partners $150 Good luck Anthony.
Martin Potter $200
Marco Iannetti $200 Good Luck and well done!
Attack Developments $120 Great effort for a great cause.
Anthony Donato Architects $100 Good luck Anthony A great cause
Abby Bowden $25 Best of luck Anthony!
adam mellow $30 Enjoy!
Chris Ikon $50 All the best mate great stuff
Exiis Group Pty Ltd $280 Great Work Carrocci!!!
Capital United $150
Build Tec Group $1,000
Daniel Young $120 All the best.
JCSM Pty Ltd $500
Rob Sinclair Equipment Finance $120 Good luck!
BUILT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD $100 A great cause Anthony; best of luck!
Renata Soave $50 A great cause and wish you all the best
Telstra Store Golden Grove $100 All the best AC
TIPS $150 Well done mate
Anonymous $100 From the Directors and staff at MasterPlan
Adam Miller $50 Go Well mate ; great cause !
Bert Farina Constructions $50 Great work AC, well done
Anonymous $50 Good on you Anthony!!
SES Industrial Services Pty Ltd $200 Better off Driving but well done
DDO - Developer Direct Online $100 Great Cause. Keep up the good work! Hope you make it to the end!
BUSINESS INSURANCE SERVICES $280 GO Anthony, Hope you have good shoes. Are you walking back too ?
Sales $25 Good luck Anthony
The K M Davis Trust $200 Anthony, supporting a great cause. Davis Family
G Fernando & Associates $40 All the best Anthony
CON MAIOS $200 Cant wait to see the support team & van
Anonymous $300 Go Forest!
Whitmore Property $100 Good work Anthony, hope the training's going well!
Brazzale Group $200
George Bouras $50 Good luck Anthony.
Anonymous $120
Pruszinski Pty Ltd $150 Good luck Anthony! Paul & Susan Pruszinski Pty Ltd
Anonymous $25
Alexander & Symonds Pty Ltd $200
McGees $50 No pain, no gain!
Concept Collections $100 Good on you Anthony, it is a great cause but make sure not to wear yourself out too much, no excuses on the tennis court on your return buddy.
Al Laycock $150 All the best for the walk Anthony
Caiazza Constructions $200 All the best.
Craig Watson $25
Michelle Fairbrother $25
Pat Gerace $50 Fai un bravo!
McGees Property $100 Wear comfortable shoes!
Commuserv $200 Great cause and a gentlemen for participating. Keep hydrated and stretch! Thanks John Caruso
LJHooker Projects $100
Michael Zaina $100 Good on you AC! Good luck. MZ
Unity Housing $50 All the best Anthony. Enjoy the trek.