Raised of $500 Goal

I am excited to be taking part in The JLF Trek SA 2019 as part of the Anna Roussos Recruitment + Advisory HappySeeker team!

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Derek Hough $60 Well done the cramps were worth it Dad
Jean Hough $40 Well done Richard. XMum
R.A.G. Roofing $100 Good Luck Richard
Aluco $120
Justin Payne $120 Good luck Richard
Alan Liddell $50 All the best mate well done
Anonymous $40 Have a Blistering time
SARAH $50 Good work Richard, great cause!
jack croudace $25
paul Atkinson $100 You better sort out the blister situation! good luck!
Brown Falconer $150 Good Luck Richard - from the Brown Falconer team!
Infront Electrical Pty Ltd $50 Good luck from Infront Electrical
Sarah $25 Dood Luck !
Anonymous $50
Stephen Blackmore $120 Enjoy your walk
Vandi Huynh $170 This is truly an admirable feat! All the best on your journey Richard
Michael Kokkinopoulos $40 Great cause... Good luck on the trek!
Emily Lawson $25 Good luck Richard, great cause. Hope you do not suffer too much!!
Jay Crescenzi $40 Well done mate
James Sarah $120
Anthony Carbone $50
Paul Constantine $25 Great work for a great cause Richard. All the best!
Terry Tsapaliaris $50 Good on you for getting involved Richard - Happy trails.
Tanis Wood $20
Adrian Santrac $80 Well done mate. Great cause...
Mayo Cory $50 Best of luck - Hope it goes well
Adele Munro-Chambers $30
Anonymous $100 Great Cause Richard as you know my mum has gone through Bowel Cancer but is one of the lucky ones as has been cured and has reversal to get rid of bag and reconnect her bowel in June. Be safe all the best Shane & Jen
Marek Mikucki $50 Great cause Richard, well done and good luck!
John Thomas $50 Well done Richard, hope you reach your target donation!
Rob Pongrac $50 Nice work Rich
Valtec Constructions $150 Good Luck Richard!!! Cheers Paul, Gianni, Diana
Ian McKnight $100 Good luck Richard and enjoy the time away from your busy schedule.
Michael Szaflik $50 Good stuff Richard! Do us proud
Loris Corletto $50 Break a leg. Cheers Loris.
Richard Saunders $50 Good luck Mr Hough from Mr Saunders
AMCA SA $120 Way to Richard, From all of us at AMCA SA.
Anonymous $40 Good on you Richard, a great cause. Good luck with the sore feet afterwards!
Sean Aplin $50 Best wishes - Hope it goes well & you lose a couple of pounds in the process. You might just fit into that really cool woolen vest again over the winter!
Victor Bollen $40 Good Luck on your walk for a great cause.
integrated waterproofing $50 Good Luck Richard. Cheers, Sean
geoffrey penley $40 Great initiative Richard - you should see some amazing country & all for a good cause
Sarah Constructions $30 Goodluck Richard, will be an awesome affort.
Gant & Sons Pty Ltd $200 Good luck Richard. All the best Cheers Gant & Sons Team
Sarah Constructions $20 For a good cause and a good bloke!
Anonymous $40 Hey Mate, Try not to make it look too easy. All the best with your trek, & certainly a worthy cause to support.
Zinctech Cladding $120 Hi Richard All the best for the Trek. Hope you reach your goal amount. Cheers Justin