Raised so far

We just can't get enough! Having started out as a team of two in 2015, we grew to seven in 2016. And in a very gutsy effort...our whole team completed the full 80kms. Then a couple of the fellas joined in for the JLF Vic Trek. Now, there's no stopping us! Between us, we have lost more toe nails than kgs, but we can't wait to get back on the trail again in 2017.


Name Amount Message
Gwenda Graves $50
Michelle Stead $50 Well done!
MR Alfonsi $20
Robin Shaw $20
Georgina Leov $25 Go Bec! Lucky it was Walk to school day last week... Might be hobble to school day on Monday? Georgie x
Cindie Smart Consulting $50 What a great cause! Have a fantastic walk ladies! x
Mel Bailey $50 Here's hoping for nice weather!
Annie and John Auld $30 Travel well gals....love your work.
BDO $20 Good work ladies, all the best and have fun! :-)
Lisa Laycock $20 You are nuts, girls, but I always knew that.....
Penny Lion $50 Every great journey begins with a single step.
Shannon Turner $50 Good work girls Shannon and Jamie
Fran Clancy $30 Good luck
Kirsty Mackirdy designs.com $30 Good on you Sal and Bec.
sue anderson $30 Great to support Bec and Sally in such a worthwhile event.
Stephen Rodda $20
Catherine Murch $50 Piece of cake, Australia is FLAT remember!
Justine Smart $40 You can do it Sal & Bec. Just remember sore legs=happy hearts!
Jeff Fritsch $25
Amanda Blair $100
nick slape $50
Bob & Marj Ahrens $50
Annabel Hill Smith $50 Of course you will make the distance!
Ahrens Group $50
George Williams $75 Good luck from George, Emma, Ed and Ellie!
Tim Anderson $150 Good luck!
Kirby Cisco $25 Sound like a walk in the park!
Catherine,Ian,Jane and Emma Clutterham $50 Good luck girls.
Judy Morris $50 GO team!! (from Judy & Ian)
Suzanne Grist $25 Have fun! And may the sun shine for you.
Joana Fuller $50 make sure you take lots of toilet paper.
Mia and Zoe $25 Go Mum and Sally
Pennycuick Consulting $100
Travel Managers $50 Good luck
Simon Blewett $100 Good luck - hope you make it!
Jennifer Thomas $50 Good luck Sal & Bec, love from Wren & Craig, children, pets etc
Lucy Anderson $200 Good luck!
Brad Collings $100 With you all the way - just come back in one piece!
Nick Anderson $100 Go Bec and Sally Go! Go! Go! and I suggest you go before you go.


Name Total
Sally and Bec $2,110