Raised so far

Friends from Clare who have enjoyed the JLF challenge as a way to raise awareness of bowel cancer prevention in our community as well as the challenge each walk presents.

The enjoyment of personal challenge and working together towards a shared goal is our reward.


Name Amount Message
John & Ann Grbin $50 Congratulations on an inspirational effort guys!
Coralie Kappe $40
Patrick and Amanda Redden $200 Well done
Solheimar Pty Ltd $160 Well done to Team Bierwonka
Jenny Haupt $20 Hope you enjoyed the walk & conclusion.
jane & nick redden $50
Jim & Janice Reid $30 Good luck!
Frankie Sandow $25 Good luck finish strong I will be waiting with a Beer!!
Paula Clark $50 All the best! I hope the weather stays fine for you!
MONICA WILLIAMS $50 Hi Team . Positive mindset.
John Oulton $100 Good work Paul & look forward to hearing how it goes on Monday over a beer!
Coralie Kappe $20
Kristy & Matt O'Dea $50
Peter Shearer $20 Make sure you go all the way!
Sam and Renee Knight $35
Gabrielle and Nic Jones $20 Good luck Team Bierwonka! (Don't forget to use the extra hole for your shoelaces to avoid those blisters!).
Allan,Lyn,Rhiley ,Ebony Aughey $100 We're sure that you'll enjoy good food and a cold beer after the finish line! All the best for the walk.
Bertus Jacobs $100
Tom & Anna Hawker $50
Lib Connelly $20 Well done & good luck!
Mathie's Meat Shoppe $40 Good luck guys. Great effort.
Jenny Faulkner $50
Nicola Mcmurray $50
Nicole White $50
Taryn Baker $50 Happy walking!!
Elders Wetherall Real Estate $100
Matt and Karen Wetherall $50 Hey Paul - walk a km or two for my friend's fella - Tuck
Matt Hincks $50 Better you than me. Enjoy the walk......
Denby Wandel $50
Andrew Clucas $100
Adama Australia $150
Mary & Brian Wetherall $50
Eldredge Vineyards $150 Pauls not a beer wonka he's a beer skuller!! Good Luck
Stuart Deer $20 great cause - well done
Jock Leys $30 Worthy cause and well done, bowel cancer is a real shit.
Adama Australia Pty Ltd $20
Tony Wetherall $50 Big esky full of cold beer at the end will help ease the pain.
Simon Williams $50 Good on ya Borg and team! Good luck!!
Adama $10 That beer will taste extra good when you get to the end
Alistair Crawford $80 Tastes even better after a long walk
Coralie Kappe $20
Jess and Tom Redden $50 Wishing you all the best with the hike Team Bierwonka!!
Marie Meaney $50 Good luck
Bernadette Reichstein $20
Visy $50 Good on you team - a great cause (stay clear of Borg afterwards as he will have worked up one hell of a thirst !!)
Amelia and Simon Byles $80 Good on you! Such a worthy cause. We will donate $1 for each km.
Michelle Edmondson $50 Keep walking = Jennie & Barry Edmondson
Ang Meaney $100 Good on you and good luck. Crazy but well done for even attempting it!
Anthony Wachtel $40 Good on you guys, and don't worry i will have a few beers for you!
Andrew & Michelle Jaeschke $20 Great work team Bierwonka
Armagh Financial Services $20


Name Total
Team Bierwonka $2,940