Raised so far

We are three friends from the beautiful Clare Valley who are taking on The SA Hiking Challenge.
The Bierwonka family of friends are usually committed to eating, drinking and having fun when we catch up.
This is a different commitment – we will walk to help The Jodi Lee Foundation raise money and awareness for the early detection of bowel cancer.

Bowel cancer has touched all of us in different ways, some as survivor, others seeing family and friends suffer from this illness.
It will be hard work, but we are prepared to put up with the blisters and the aching muscles to get ourselves over the line.
Paul Wetherall, Michelle Edmondson and Colin Edmondson


From Amount Message
John & Ann Grbin $50 Congratulations on an inspirational effort guys!
Coralie Kappe $40
Patrick and Amanda Redden $200 Well done
Solheimar Pty Ltd $160 Well done to Team Bierwonka
Jenny Haupt $20 Hope you enjoyed the walk & conclusion.
jane & nick redden $50
Jim & Janice Reid $30 Good luck!
Frankie Sandow $25 Good luck finish strong I will be waiting with a Beer!!
Paula Clark $50 All the best! I hope the weather stays fine for you!
MONICA WILLIAMS $50 Hi Team . Positive mindset.
John Oulton $100 Good work Paul & look forward to hearing how it goes on Monday over a beer!
Coralie Kappe $20
Kristy & Matt O'Dea $50
Peter Shearer $20 Make sure you go all the way!
Sam and Renee Knight $35
Gabrielle and Nic Jones $20 Good luck Team Bierwonka! (Don't forget to use the extra hole for your shoelaces to avoid those blisters!).
Allan,Lyn,Rhiley ,Ebony Aughey $100 We're sure that you'll enjoy good food and a cold beer after the finish line! All the best for the walk.
Bertus Jacobs $100
Tom & Anna Hawker $50
Lib Connelly $20 Well done & good luck!
Mathie's Meat Shoppe $40 Good luck guys. Great effort.
Jenny Faulkner $50
Nicola Mcmurray $50
Nicole White $50
Taryn Baker $50 Happy walking!!
Elders Wetherall Real Estate $100
Matt and Karen Wetherall $50 Hey Paul - walk a km or two for my friend's fella - Tuck
Matt Hincks $50 Better you than me. Enjoy the walk......
Denby Wandel $50
Andrew Clucas $100
Adama Australia $150
Mary & Brian Wetherall $50
Eldredge Vineyards $150 Pauls not a beer wonka he's a beer skuller!! Good Luck
Stuart Deer $20 great cause - well done
Jock Leys $30 Worthy cause and well done, bowel cancer is a real shit.
Adama Australia Pty Ltd $20
Tony Wetherall $50 Big esky full of cold beer at the end will help ease the pain.
Simon Williams $50 Good on ya Borg and team! Good luck!!
Adama $10 That beer will taste extra good when you get to the end
Alistair Crawford $80 Tastes even better after a long walk
Coralie Kappe $20
Jess and Tom Redden $50 Wishing you all the best with the hike Team Bierwonka!!
Marie Meaney $50 Good luck
Bernadette Reichstein $20
Visy $50 Good on you team - a great cause (stay clear of Borg afterwards as he will have worked up one hell of a thirst !!)
Amelia and Simon Byles $80 Good on you! Such a worthy cause. We will donate $1 for each km.
Michelle Edmondson $50 Keep walking = Jennie & Barry Edmondson
Ang Meaney $100 Good on you and good luck. Crazy but well done for even attempting it!
Anthony Wachtel $40 Good on you guys, and don't worry i will have a few beers for you!
Andrew & Michelle Jaeschke $20 Great work team Bierwonka
Armagh Financial Services $20