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7-8 SEPTEMBER 2018

This September explore the magic of the Great Ocean Walk between Ryans Den and Apollo Bay. Experience the dramatic coastline, stunning scenery and breath-taking cliff top vistas all in the name of bowel cancer prevention.

Set yourself a personal challenge, get fit, have fun with friends and meet new people while enjoying the camaraderie and experiencing an adventure in the great outdoors. The JLF Trek ends with a celebration party at the finish line, with food, drinks and music!




72KM | 22KM | 8 KM








  • $275 
  • Hiking Friday and Saturday 
  • Includes bus transfers


  • $185
  • Includes bus transfers


  • $25
  • Includes bus transfers

* Entry permitted to ages 14 and over (participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times)

* Registrations close on Monday 6 August unless sold out prior

* Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable

* Avoid paying a late fee of 20% on your chosen distance if you request booking after the closing date!





** Amended route to 65km
** See Day 1 below for breakdown



  • Hiders Access - Johanna Beach Lookout | 8km 
  • Johanna Beach Lookout - Castle Cove Lookout | 7km
  • Castle Cove Lookout - Aire River West Campground | 7.5km
  • Aire River West Campground - Cape Otway Lightstation | 10.5km

* Management deserves the right to change the route or checkpoint locations  
* Buses will depart from Apollo Bay at 6.00am SHARP
* Final bus departure times and meeting location to be confirmed prior to the event




  • Cape Otway Lightstation - Blanket Bay Campsite | 10.5km
  • Blanket Bay Campsite - Shelly Beach Picnic Area | 13.5km
  • Shelly Beach Picnic Area - Apollo Bay | 8km

* Buses will depart from Apollo Bay at 6.45am SHARP
* Final bus departure times and meeting location to be confirmed prior to the event
* Management deserves the right to change the route or checkpoint locations  
* All changes will be communicated to participants prior to the event 







  • Blanket Visitor area – Shelly Beach| 13.5km
  • Shelly Beach Visitor Area - Apollo Bay | 8km

* Buses will depart from Apollo Bay at 9.15am SHARP
* Final bus departure times and location will be communicated prior to event
* Safety briefing prior to departure







  • Shelly Beach Visitor Area - Apollo Bay

* Buses will depart from Apollo Bay at 12.15pm SHARP
* Final bus departure times and location will be communicated prior to event
* Safety briefing prior to departure
* Car parking NOT available at Shelly Beach Visitor area





Safety throughout The JLF Trek is our number one priority. At the event briefing you will be told everything you need to know about safety including all the emergency and checkpoint procedures and any last-minute changes to the route and bus departure details. 

Your Event Pack will be distributed prior to the briefing. These will contain your Jodi Lee Foundation cap, hike guide and your bib. You will not be permitted to take part in The JLF Trek without your trek bib. 

Date: Thursday 6 September 2018

Location: Great Ocean Road Brewhouse (29-35 Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay)

Event Pack collection 5.00pm – 6.00pm

Event Briefing 6.00pm – 7.00pm

* If you are hiking the shorter distances on the Saturday and won't be in Apollo Bay on the Thursday night you will be briefed at the bus departure location on the Saturday morning. 



On event days, coaches will transport you to the starting line. Car parking will be available at the bus departure locations. 

Location and times will be advised in the coming months.



You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements. We recommend you stay in or near Apollo Bay for the duration of the event.

For accommodation and tourist information check out Visit Apollo Bay and Great Ocean Walk.




Raised of $100,000 Goal


Fundraising is an essential element of The JLF Trek and you each have the following individual fundraising goals:

  • Participants taking part in the 72km and 22km distances have an individual fundraising goal of $500
  • Participants taking part in the 8km distance have an individual fundraising goal of $100

If you are taking part in a team, you still have the minimum individual goal as listed above.

And you can always set your target higher! We ask you to aim high because every dollar helps prevent bowel cancer and allows us to continue the important work we do to save lives. 

Your registration fee does not contribute to your fundraising goal.

You can kick off your own fundraising with a tax deductible donation at the time of your registration or anytime!



We’re making your job easier! Please click here for The JLF Trek Resources including awesome posters, Facebook banners and Instagram tiles.

Reach your fundraising goal by letting your friends, family and colleagues far and wide know that you are taking part in The JLF Trek… your efforts will have a long lasting impact! 



We rely on fundraising and the generosity of donors to support our initiatives that raise awareness about bowel cancer and the importance of early detection. 

A small portion of all donations covers our administration costs. For more information, please refer to our Annual Review published on our website. 

View the Fundraising Guidelines here


Am I fit enough to do The JLF Trek? 

Our signature 2-day JLF Trek is an endurance event that is not for the faint-hearted. It will challenge you physically and mentally.

We have created a high-intensity 8-week training guide to get you trek ready! Keep an eye on your inbox, as we will email this to you. You can also join our Facebook Training Community Group to stay up to date with news, training tips, progress from your fellow trekkers and more. 

We have introduced two new distances for those wanting to try trekking for the first time (8km) or those more advanced (22km) but not ready for the full 2-day experience.

Whatever distance you choose, please make sure you prepare well in advance and get your body used to long distance walking on varying elevations and surfaces. If you have a pre-existing injury or illness, you should seek medical advice before commencing registering. 


Compulsory items you need to carry:

• Your Jodi Lee Foundation cap and trek bib (fixed to outer clothing or backpack) 

• The hike guide provided in your Event Pack 

• Comfortable bladder pack or small day pack

• Water bottle

• Basic First Aid (e.g. blister pads, Band-Aids, sunscreen, compression, bandage, strapping tape, pain relief, insect repellent etc) 

• Emergency space blanket (available from St John) in the case of injury 

• Wet weather gear (light weight rain coat or poncho) 

• Personal medication eg EpiPen, Ventolin etc 

• High carbohydrate, high GI and/or salty snacks


What we recommend: 

Please work out what’s best for you and make sure you are comfortable – it’s a long way! 

• Walking shoes, trainers or hiking boots with grip that are worn in 

• Cotton t-shirts or singlet 

• Warm woollen jumper or polar fleece 

• Wet weather gear (light weight rain coat or poncho) 

• Spare socks and shoes if conditions are wet 

• Trekking poles 

• Vaseline / Body Glide for your feet 

• Small hand towel for any creek crossings 

• Plastic bag for wet clothing

• Small torch, compass, matches and whistle

• Groovy Gaitors, cuffs or gaiters to keep stones and debris out


Who can enter? 

The JLF Trek is open to anyone over the age of 14, however children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. 


How do I register? 

Every participant needs to register and set up an individual fundraising page. In this process, you will be asked to create a username and password so you can login to your profile and make changes to your fundraising page, set up a team, join a team or leave a team you have joined. 


How do I login to my profile? 

1. Go to https://app.jodileefoundation.org.au/login

2. Enter your username and password and select ‘sign in’ 


How do I start a team? 

You can start a team throughout the registration process OR you can do this at a later date by logging into your profile.


Steps to set up your team after registering:

1. Nominate yourself as the Team Manager and tell your friends you are setting up the team and inform them of the name of the team. 

2. Login to your profile 

3. Under the ‘registration field’ select ‘start team’ 

4. Enter the team name, upload a team photo and words for the team fundraising page 


How can I join a team? 

If the team you want to join has been created by the Team Manager, you can login to your profile using the steps above and under the ‘registration’ field, select ‘join team’. From here, select the team you would like to join from the drop down list.


Can I get a refund or is the registration fee transferrable? 

No. The Registration Fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and not tax deductible. 


What can I expect at the checkpoints? 

You will be greeted by our friendly event staff and volunteers where you will be required to sign in before moving through the checkpoint. 

Morning tea: Fruit, coffee & tea, cake, water

Lunch: Simple sandwiches, Vita-Weat’s, Rice Cakes, fruit, water (Gluten Free options available)

Afternoon tea: Something sweet, fruit and Go Natural protein bars water

• St John will be on hand to assist with First Aid 

• While we do the utmost to cater to a wider variety of tastes and dietary requirements, the checkpoints are run by volunteers and designed to be a quick stop! 

• A number of portable toilets will be at each checkpoint. Please be patient while you wait your turn as due to the locations of the checkpoints we can be limited to the number we can have at each site.


Do I have to complete the whole distance? 

During the event, if you are unable to complete the distance for any reason, speak to event officials at a checkpoint and you will be transported to the finish line. 

Do not continue past a checkpoint if you have any fitness or health concerns or are worried about your ability to continue to the next checkpoint. 


Are there time restrictions? 

For safety reasons, all participants must finish the day’s hike in daylight hours, therefore must pass through the third checkpoint by approximately 3.00pm each day. You will be advised of the precise cut-off times prior to the event. Once this checkpoint is closed you will not be permitted to continue. 


Where do I find the latest weather conditions? 

Please be prepared to hike in sunshine and rain. It can be very cold in the morning and during the day if it has been raining. Keep an eye on local weather forecasts on www.bom.gov.au


What about meals? 

You will need to make arrangements for dinners and breakfast each morning. Please note that buses can leave very early in the mornings so make sure you eat before you leave or take something for breakfast to eat on the bus. 


What happens at the finish line on the last day?

You will be treated to a catered celebration at the finish line on Saturday. This runs from early afternoon once you cross the finish line and closes by 7.00pm.

Your family and friends are welcome to attend and celebrate your achievement and will be able to purchase drinks and food at the venue.


What if I have dietary requirements? 

Please let us know when you register if you have dietary requirements and we will try to accommodate where possible.  


Will my mobile phone work? 

Mobile coverage is not always reliable due to some remote locations we visit. We ask you to download the Emergency+ app, which will provide your GPS location in an emergency. 


What do I do if I need help? 

For your safety, we ask that you always hike with at least one other person. Our support crew will be able to assist at the checkpoints and will also act as sweep walkers to assist anyone in need along the trail. We also have a command centre that can be contacted in the event of an emergency. 


What facilities are on the trail? 

Facilities on the trail are basic at best. There are very few campsites or rest spots along the way that have toilets or water tanks. 


What about insurance? 

While we undertake all measures possible to ensure your safety, you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing in the lead up to and during the event. Make sure you have relevant health insurance and ambulance cover. 


Is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is not permitted on the trail or bus transport.


What happens if you need to make changes to the route?

The Jodi Lee Foundation reserves the right to change or amend the route for the safety of participants. This may be due to extreme weather conditions, changes to the trail or track we are accessing and/or other factors outside of our control.

Our goal is to find you the best route along some of Australia’s finest hiking trails and get your finished in daylight hours. However, locations that suit our start and finish lines or checkpoints may be affected or altered due to local authorities and again, circumstances outside of our control.

While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of distances and maps, Jodi Lee Foundation accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions nor for any loss or damage alleged to be suffered by anyone as a result of the publication of this map or our Hike Guide, or as a result of the user or misuse of the information provided herein. Feedback and recommended corrections are welcomed.

The actual JLF Trek route may vary, but it will marked accordingly and our volunteers will direct you to follow the route as marked.



Recent Donations

From Amount Message
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Jo Manderson $50 So proud of you all, sending lots of love always. Sorry this is so late, but I was with you in spirit when you did the walk and will always, always be by your sides. xxx
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Thatcher Finance $50 Inspirational girls!
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carissa bright $50
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Jennifer Aitchison $990 Pembroke Finish Line Party
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John Head $20
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Cookie fundraiser $170 All the best for the walk Judy.
Fiona Smith $100
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Katie & Cal Hart $50 Go you good things! Well done Sedgie & Macca x
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Natalie Castle $120 Great work ladies and especially you Leah! You’ve definitely earned a champagne or 5
Kath Bentley $25
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David ONeill $100 I’m cooking you dinner tomorrow night
Steph Slade $20 Well done ladies!!
Kim Annesley $50
Dillon mckenna $2
Two Buoys $100 Great job guys, sorry we are still carrying injuries from last year and cannot join you! The scenery looks amazing. So proud of you two. Love you guys, Jodi & Josh xxx
0428385895 $40 Watch out for Koalas!
Josie Davids $40 Good on you girls! Hope you’re blister free xx
AJF Partnershio $25 Bring it home Rhyen.
AJF Partnership $25 Bring it home.
Nathan Williams $50 You will need a cushioned sole. You already have a cushioned soul.
Vicki Brown $25 Great effort Danni! From VB
Olivia Bremner $40 Go ladies, you’ll smash it! Nic always spoke about how brave & courageous you were Leah, so donating money is the least I can do to help make a difference to the lives of people going through the bowel cancer journey. X
Anonymous $25 Whoooo!! You can do it
Claudia Bate $40 Well done Dee and you lovely ladies!! Supporting a great foundation.
Peter Vakkas $100
Katrina Macdonald $25 Wooo go hame
Emilee South $50 I’m so proud of you, bish!! ❤️
Annabelle Hayes $20 Good luck Tarsh.
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Cate Thomson $25 Have fun girls x
1961 $100 Well done Katie. A cause very close to my heart. Xx
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Kate Murphy $20 Kick ass!
Karen Thomson $20 Enjoy every step, especially the last one, knowing what an incredible thing you’ve done for your mate Dave xo
Yeomans rentals $20 Good luck Katie
Helen Bannister $22 Good luck
Medical Action Bag $50 8km is a breeze to endure compared to the grit needed to battle bowel cancer - so proud of you Leah xxx love you forever x
Heather Webster $100 Proud of your girls
Wet n Jet High Pressure Cleaning $120 AWESOME GIRLS !!!!!!
Lachlan Stuart $40 Great cause. It’s affected both our families. Good luck to you both. From GPH and Lach.
Catherine Nolan $25 Shoey! Well done x
AJF PARTNERSHIP $25 Go jilly bean!!!
1961 $40 Thinking of you, Jodi and your family. What an amazing effort for a great cause xo
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Sarah Shinkfield $40 Go Katie Jonx
Chrissie Miller $25 So proud of you Nene. Enjoy your day xxx
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Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Go George!
Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Go Tom!
Grain direct $120 Good luck
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Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Go Phoebe!
Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Go Luce!
Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 You are amazing!
Shannon Stankovich $500 Go Jess and team !
Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Proud of you Claudie
Devilee’s Air Conditioning $120 Go Chops!
Xavier Shiels $50 Your go girl!
Jane Sandow $50 Go you good thing! Jodes will be watching, (and having a little giggle!) xxx
Anna Young $25 Go you good thing Tarshie.
Lucy Race $40
James Diery $50 Bloody legend
Penny Gretton-Watson $50 Blisters for a very worthy cause! Xx
Georgina Douglas $25 Walk well girls! A good cause.
Joshua Stephens $200 Go team AJF! Well done crew. Very proud.
Terri Troup $25 Terrific effort. Good on you x
Terri Troup $25 Go girl! X
Tania Nathanielsz $50 A great cause. Hope the weather is kind!
AJF Partnership $25 Well done Meg! So proud of you and the girls!
Lucy Gubbins $120
Anonymous $50 Keep Walking all the way! I know you can do it.! Jenny.
Healey Investment Trust $20
Robert Caflisch $40 Nice work James - enjoy the scenery. Cheers Rob
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $500
Jennifer Gubbins $50
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ANKY Australia $50
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Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Company Pty Ltd $20 GO DIZ .....
Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Company Pty Ltd $25 GO YOU GOOD THING .............
Dowling Keri Keri Pastoral Company Pty Ltd $25 Thought Keri-Keri should cough up a starter .............
Steph Connell $50 All the best for the walk and hope the weather is kind!
Sarah Ordonez $40
Kate Wardle $25 Go Jane x
Handling Matters $120 Well Done ladies!
Tralee Reeves $25 Get em Kirbs xx
Kimberley Rice $25 Wishing you all the best!!
Anne Fairbairn $25 Go Charlie
Helen & James Still $150 Have a great day trekking ladies, its a fabulous cause
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Rhyen!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, PP!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Megan!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Lucy!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Kate!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Jill!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good luck, Dillon!
Andrew Fabbro $50 Good Luck, Crystal!
Katrina Cornelius $50 Go Girls
Catherine McCorkell $25 Have a great time Nat x
Tri Nguyen $40 Yay planning!!!
Mr & Mrs $40 Have a great morning Ladies - for a great cause! Enjoy
Alex Boyle $40 Good luck walking 34km today after 1-thousand beers! Good job, great cause. Well done. Boyley.
Carolyne Bird $40 Enjoy the trekking!
Ella Doonan $25 Good on you Meegs!
Emily Spencer $50 You got this! Very proud of you xxx
Indi Haintz $25
Cynthia Watson $40 Go Megan x
Michelle Malone-Cohen $10 Love your work! Enjoy the views!
REBECCA Grant $30 Pretend theres cake at the end
Susan Gair $40 Good luck Jules - Don't come home with too many blisters
shane McKenna $50 Good on you Bro!
Heilam Choy $50 All the best Emmsie!!!!!
Maddelen Fowkes $25 Good luck beautiful girl


Name Total
Research4Riney $42,236
Team Gallagher 2018 $13,090
Kicking Butt $8,205
AJF4JLF $6,452
Calvert Clan $6,150
Name Total
Catherine Ross $6,125
James McHarg $5,765
Eddie Lim $4,765
Claudia Calvert $4,002
John Clements $3,305
Name Total
Research4Riney $42,236
Team Gallagher 2018 $13,090
Kicking Butt $8,205
AJF4JLF $6,452
Calvert Clan $6,150