Raised so far

Rotarians aim to improve the world one small step at a time. Our Club has a number of Cancer Survivors and we are well aware of the importance of Early Detection and the need for more Research Funds. With a couple of Bowel Cancer Survivor amongst our numbers we are keen to further the aims of the JLF.


Name Amount Message
Terry Bennier $25 We done Steven
Chuck and Harper Bailey $40
Patricia Bennett $30
Peter Moscovita $25
Lions Club of Yankalilla and District Service Account $400
Anonymous $100
Elloise Richards $25 Enjoy the views, amazing effort!
Anonymous $150 Go you good thing!
Richrain P/L $50 You're going as well as the Dees
Nicola Bennett $25 Well done Steve ..for participating and raising money in a very challenging way ..xx
Geoffrey St Clair $25 Go Steve!
Glen Tilley $40 Great effort John!
Roger and Pam Allder $50
Kerry Scanlan $50
Reunion & Co Cafe $100
Rodney Wheeler $20 I wish you a safe journey and trust you can last the distance. I bet you did not have your undercarriage NDT inspection performed as suggested. Good Luck!
Erica and Drew Clements $100 Go for it Young Johnny
Ron Brownlees $50 Fantastic effort and support of a worthy charity
Rotary Nomads $100 Good luck Robin from the Rotary Nomads. Look forward to sharing a drink at the end.
Rotary Nomads $100 Good luck Steve.
JOANNA COWAN $50 A great cause - and John - you are an inspiration and a damn fast walker! Keep up that amazing pace - getting out there and enjoying the great outdoors.
Louise Clements $50 Go for it Bec
Phyllis Isbel $25 Good luck, take care and look after your feet!
Sue and Lee Merchant $20 Go Young Johnny
Philip Hughes $1,052
Joseph Toleman $50 Keep up the good work
Nigel McFadyen $25 Keep up the good work
Aurimas Dumcius $25 Keep on with the good job.
Steph and John Drew $25 Go for it Champ!
David Clements $25 Are you going to support Carlton this year ????
Dale Manson $25 ‘The Good Ole Boys Outback Tour’. Bowel Cancer can strike any of us at any time. Hopefully a small donation can assist researchers to find mechanisms to ease the burden.
Doug Folber $25 All the best John.
Paul & Merylyn $150 Johnny is a CHAMPION Best wishes from The Outback Good Ole Boys Tour, Merylyn, Paul and Stephen the courageous solo traveller.
private $50 Good work Johnny
Robyn Hosking $25
John and Louise Clements $500 Go for it!
Mark Colsey $50 I admire your determination and work for bowel cancer Clem.
The Bush Balladeer $25 You are a beauty John !!!
Anonymous $500 Go get fit Steven
Jayleen Alberty $20 Good luck Dad
Jeff Stringer $50
Stuart Stieler $50 You're an inspiration
Steven Bennett $100
Rotary Port Augusta $20
Lea Curtis $40 You are a true inspiration and legend John! So proud of you, as always! Enjoy yourself heaps! X
Ian Brophy $20 Keep up the good work Clem.
Jim Dollman $25 Great cause, Clem. All the best.
Doug St Clair $25 Sue and I offer our best wishes for this cause John. Doug
Garry & Gwen Murdoch $40 We admire your enduring persistence. Keep up the good work.
Margie & Ron Bland $50 Keep up the good work John
Wendy and Paul Fielding $25 A very worthy cause John. Enjoy the walk and take care.
Lorelle St Clair $40 Fantastic effort John and the other Rotary Nomad members and friends.
Kero O'Shea $25 All the best for a great trek JC.
charles jolly $50 Keep up the good work, Clem
Rosemary Crouch $100 Well done my Friend and lovely memories of your mum x
Justine Harris $25 A fine example to everyone as usual young Johnny Clem ~ good on you!
Alister Haigh $120 Go John
Tim Moffat $50 Great cause ... keep up the good work John
Graeme Byrnes $50 Keep up the great work Clem!
Pete Risby $40 With a number like 007 what cant you do with a license to thrill ???????? Good luck mate
Michael Mickan $50 Well done John. I admire your commitment.
Di McBride $25 Go Clem - you are a legend
Dianne Dickson $40 Good stuff Clem! Those legs were made for walking ????‍♂️
Anonymous $25
Anonymous $500 Good on you John!!!!!
Expanding Horizons $60 Good Luck
John Clements $50 Go get 'em mate!
John Clements $200 Go get 'em Bec
Tim Keating $100
Mitchell Heights Neighbourhood Group $220 Mitchell Heights, Normanville Neighbourhood Group
Anthony POWELL $100 One for the TEAM
Faye Powell $100 For John - for completing a second lot of 100 laps around his caravan during SA's 3 day lockdown
Louise Clements $150 Go get 'em Johnny
Annette Bailey $50 See you next year in person in SA
Anthony Powell $100 For Rebecca - Louises 100 lap challenge
Faye Powell $100 For John - having completed the challenge of 100 laps around his caravan during the SA Lockdown
John Clements $600 Champion


Name Total
John Clements $5,237
Steven Bennett $895
Rebecca Sharkey $250