Raised of $700 Goal

Currently I am not as fit as I should be! The Jodi Lee trek gives me the goal I need to do something for others and raise awareness of bowel cancer prevention among my family, friends and acquaintances and maybe save a life. As an added bonus, I now have to get off my backside and do some more exercise!! 80 km in 2 days! Boy have I got some training to do!!

There are enough hurdles in life as it is without bowel cancer. The sad fact is that this cancer can catch you out with no obvious symptoms until to late. However it is a cancer that can be prevented with awareness, screening and early detection. This awareness and screening does save lives and I ask that you join me by way of a donation to help the Jodi Lee Foundation in their mission to help prevent bowel cancer.

4 years ago at 61 ( A bit late!) I discovered the delights of long distance walking having completed the 800 kilometre Camino de Santiago pilgrimage across Spain and 1000km along the Le Puy route in France. Months of walking gives you a lot of time to contemplate and think about life and also to share experiences and thoughts with other Pilgrims. One common theme was how blessed we all were to be able to physically do this walk. There were many pilgrims walking after overcoming cancer or to deal with other life changing events. Around 30% who complete these long distance pilgrimage are over 60!

I have always been keen to support the initiatives of the JLF to prevent bowel cancer. My wish - perhaps on my next Camino listening to a fellow pilgrim sharing their experience of surviving bowel cancer through awareness and early intervention.

Please click the donate button. Thank You!!


From Amount Message
Terry Bennier $25 We done Steven
Patricia Bennett $30
Peter Moscovita $25
Nicola Bennett $25 Well done Steve ..for participating and raising money in a very challenging way ..xx
Geoffrey St Clair $25 Go Steve!
Rodney Wheeler $20 I wish you a safe journey and trust you can last the distance. I bet you did not have your undercarriage NDT inspection performed as suggested. Good Luck!
Rotary Nomads $100 Good luck Steve.
Phyllis Isbel $25 Good luck, take care and look after your feet!
Anonymous $500 Go get fit Steven
Jayleen Alberty $20 Good luck Dad
Steven Bennett $100