Raised so far

Just a group of keen mums who loves to walk and love to raise awareness for bowel cancer


Name Amount Message
Deanne Cheesman $110 In Memory of my Dad, Maurice Nietschke. In lieu of floral donations, Thank you Owen & Elaine Schultz, David & Natalie Scholz, David Schutz, Pam Dutschke & anonymous.
Kate Griffith $50
Tiana Nairn $30 Well done Maddy and teammates
Rina Reina $40 Go you amazing woman, you!
Rina Reina $40 Wonder Woman!
Steve Blackman $120 Go The Legends
Feng Tam $1,000 Well done!
Anonymous $50 Well done Maddy.
Bianca Harms $30 Congratulations CJ - a wonderful cause and a hard trek! All the best for day 2! Bianca x
Karen Hatcher-Kerin $25 Well done ????
James Sage $50 Hey Stephanie I think our sailing days were an easier way to spend the weekend! Keep up the amazing work! Buen Camino James, Jennie Matilda and Leo
Cherie McCombe $140 You’ve got this.
Lisa Stokes $50 Go Jan-Maree x
Anonymous $50 Happy blisters for a good cause!
East Adelaide Podiatry $50 You're Amazing Nicole, keep up the great work!
Jordann Parker $25 Well Done! Hope the walk goes well! :)
Alexandra Benzan $120
Ronda Holloway $25
Martha Hill $50 Go Nic.. life has always been about the journey not the destination - enjoy every step of this amazing journey! ????
Julia Overton $40 Well done!
Jan-Maree Wauer $68
Cate Rounsefell $50 Amazing effort ladies!
Anonymous $50 Donation to The League, Deanne Cheesman
Zinta Lidums $40 go girl!!, great cause, all the best
Susan Bartel $100 Best of luck Erica, we know you can do it. Kym and Sue
Nicola Robinson $25 You’ve got this Caro! ????Nikki and Con xx
David Quodling $40 Just keep walking. We love you.
Belinda O’Callaghan $50 May the sun shine upon you, the rain fall gently on your back...and blisters and chafing be minimal.
Guidera O'Connor $300 Enjoy the walk and well done on the fundraising. Its a great cause. We will think of you on Friday and Saturday and you can think of us on the Women's Pioneer Train on Sunday. Lots of love Iain, Matilda and Charlie
Jenny Lock $50 This is a walk in the park for you. Thank you for doing this it means more than you know
Salwa Gayed $100 Good job Nicola, all the best
AGIS $50 Go Feng. Awesome effort ????
Helen Greatbatch $100 Have a great walk!
Natalie Soulsby $25 Good luck. I’m sure you can do this
Dan Sander $100 Good luck Nics and team. Proud of you all. Xx
Jacqui McLaren $25 We are another family affected by bowel cancer. Great cause, great commitment Erica x
Francoise Renaudin $120 Bonne chance ma fille!
Amdrrew Phillott $120
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,422 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,423 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,423 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,423 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,423 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Bartel & Hall $1,423 Quiz Night Proceeds 1/12 share
Yvonne Songer $25 You can do this Jan-Maree
Marijke Robinson $40 Amazing! You got this beautiful lady xx
Elizabeth Sutton $25 Love you!!
Jody Sachs $25 Onya JM
Danielle Tanti-Osborne $50
Kirsty Carter $40 Good luck JM! You’ve got this xx
Anthony Purser $120 Smash it out Feng! May you have a blister-free journey
Jackie Angus $25
Karen Rogers $120 Go girl !! Love your style. ????‍♀️????
Erica Nicholls $8 Test donation ready for the big ones!
Ian & Gina Wise $20 Well done Maddy!!!
Sarah Hall $15 You are amazing.
David Theaker $40 Good luck stephanie
Kate Greenup $25 Best wishes Stephanie!! Great cause and endeavour. ????
Talia Begley $120 Amazing work. Go Stephanie!
Helen MacLaren $60 Well done Stephanie!
Jenny Toogood $100 Go girl! So very proud of every step you take. Above all, have fun!
Branka Nizic $50 ????????
Michael Cheesman $50 Well done Erica! With your race walking heritage you will take this to the cleaners. Cheeso and Kaaren
JOHN HOCKEY $100 Well done Steph !
Stephen Pearson $50 Good Luck Stephanie!
Geoff and Lisa Stokes $100 Good Luck X
Chrissy Nind $50
Darlene Voss $20 Awesome work Maddy
Alex Prez $72 Epic effort Maddy. Here’s a dollar per km
Anonymous $100
Robyn Adler $40 Well done & Good Luck!!
Robyn Stewart $100 Great cause, good on you Stephanie!
Irene Polias $20
Mabel Lau $120 So proud of you Feng!!!! XX
J & M Tam $120 Very proud of you! Safe walking and have fun!
Anonymous $50 Well done and enjoy the challenge
Diane Wiese $25 Go Erica!
Life Personal Trainers $50
Michael Griffith $100 Go Stephanie!
Carolina Kerkhof $75 Stef here's wishing you a comfortable and safe walk for a great cause x
Ellen Slone $100 Go Stephanie. A great cause.
Todd Kelly $50 Well done Erica!
GAVIN ROBERTS $50 Good on you Erica
The Elisabrow $50
Kathy Penniment $100 Good luck on the walk girls!
Carolyn Tsakalos $200
Steve Kinnear $120 Good work Feng, I'm sure you'll smash the walk on the day !
kar woh Ng $120
Deb Sampson $100 Super Effort! Well done...
Lia Ladas $40 Well Done Feng! You are a champion!
Paul Kuo $120 Good on you Feng!
Prue Boland $100 Great job- Malcom and my Mum's have both being touched by this disease
Lindy Irwin $20 Good luck Feng
Paula Turbill $100 Not that you’ll need it - as your training schedule has been epic but - good luck x
Kim Mellor $100 Amazing work Feng!
Vicki Baum $100 Good luck Feng and team ????
Anna Ross $120
Hooi Choy $200 Go Feng!
Donna Charlton $50 Good work ????
Leonie Woods $50 Fabulous effort Erica xx
Ella Munro $25
Fiona Kelly $25 Go girl. Great cause and glutes of steel to boot ????
Vanessa Ryan $25
My DE and me $50 You are amazing ❤
leon lachal $100 thank you for a wonderful night - hope the walk goes well. Leon Lachal
Woodhams Okeeffe Lawyers $120
David Harper $120 Best of luck on the walk Stephanie!
Anonymous $100 Great cause supported by great people
Schaffer and Co Vic PL $120 From Tim one of the silly golfers Many thanks for the great night and good luck onthewalk
Anonymous $25 Good luck Beautiful x
Tomorrow Agency $120 Bob chance
loan chau $100 Cheering you on from the sidelines . Well done Stephanie! xx Loan
Gross Waddell $120 Go well
Three Construct $100
Paul Morrissy $100
David Bourne $120 Good luck on the trek. That Iain is a good man
Terry Murphy $100
Jane Leicester $100 Good luck with this Stephanie
Rina Reina $40
Kathy and Simon Pengelly $200 Great job Feng for a great cause x
Peter Rodda $200 Hi Feng, good on you! Such a worthy cause.
Patricia Melzer $50
MaryAnn King $40 Well done ladies.
Ali Richards $50 Best of luck Erica! You go girl xx
Matt Bubb $100 Good luck on the walk Erica, I know you’ll smash it!
Tania Lamerton $25 An awesome cause Feng.
Jessica Le $40 Good Luck Feng! Great cause x
Lisa Stokes $50 Good Luck :)
Profitable Channels Management $100 Good luck Feng love Pete and Fi
Chris Rayner $40 Great work for a great cause Feng!
Grant & Tamara Maddock $50 Awesome work Feng! ???? xx
Ellyanne Bradford $50 Well done Feng & team!! Top effort for a terrific cause !!
Stephen Blackman $40 We will be cheering you on all the way Feng.
Brenton Carn $75
Phuong & Trang Luu $100 Good Luck Stephanie!
Anonymous $100
Jeanine Teo $120 Good luck and well done on all the effort!
A C G T Wood $100 Time for another pair of boots!!
Matilda Renaudin $120 Good luck Maman ???? I love you SO much xxx
Tony Guidera $200
F Milne Constructions Pty Ltd $100
ROXANNE LINES $40 All the very best, what a fantastic thing to do
Guidera O'Connor $40
Wee Chan $200 Fantastic effort Feng. Great cause !
Stephen Palyga $300
Joanna Lydeamore $50 See you on the track! x
Rebecca Pit $20 Great Cause CJ. Well done on signing up enjoy the trek
Rebecca Pit $20 Great Cause Feng. Enjoy the trek
Shaw and Partners - David Dall $1,250 Feng, I have enjoyed watching all your hard work and training on Strava and FB. Keep it going for a great cause. I wish the team all the best for the day.
Dan Calder $50 Go trix.
Shaw and Partners Limited $1,250 David Dall of Shaw and Partners wishes your team all the very best for JLF Trek 2021.
Feng Tam $120 Here you go!
Nicole Tsapaliaris $40 Well done Nic! I did this a few years ago, fantastic experience and great cause. Nicxx
Ian Adam $25
Christine Walker $50
Ayeesha Kingston $25 Best of luck ????????????
Katrina Dickie $25 Good luck ????
Erica Nicholls $25
Stephanie Wood $150 You are now committed. Well done Feng to have the courage and will to do such a big walk. We will train well and you’ll be ready, no doubts about it, can’t wait to be with you on the tracks x
Patricia Melzer $50
Stephanie Wood $25
Feng Tam $100


Name Total
Stephanie Wood $7,247
Feng Tam $5,788
Erica Nicholls $2,778
Madeleine Holmes $2,749
Nicola Sander $1,812