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We get together for bubbles and troubles. Well meaning, fun loving and wanting to drop a few kilos . So what better way to catch up then to exercise and socialize at the same time!

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Dana Banana $50 Go Rasa Lambasa! Love dana banana
Kate Paterson $25 R U N F O R R E S T R U N ! xo
Michelle Wellman $40
Annie Carmichael $25 Go go George ...xxx
Yiota PARDOE $25 You Go Girl..We are right behind you Yiota Henri and Tane ❤????????????????
Jane Kilgariff $25 You have got this GB!
Petria Byrne $20
Sue Prinsloo $100 Go Ras ❤️
Deirdre Gleeson $100 Go Ras!!! Boo x
mardi graetz $50 Well done sister dearest
Lesley Gordon $50 Good luck Rasa - you can do it !!!!
Meredith Frearson $40 Have a great walk
Jenn Atepolikhine $100 Go Ras! Lots of love xxx
Annie & Justin Doherty $100 Best of luck ladies! We’ll be cheering you on from Singers xoxo
Tija Urmonas $50 Hi Ras and Daniele- anything for my champagne fairies
Marion Suarez $40 Good luck, Rasa! Wish I could be there to cheer you on! Love, Minnie xox


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Georgie Buenfeld $250
Rasa Buckley $140