Raised of $500 Goal

I’m taking part in this event to raise awareness about preventing bowel cancer.

This cause is extremely close to my heart as I lost my best friend, Emily, to bowel cancer just over 2 years ago. I first took the JLF Trek as a challenge 3 years ago when Emily asked me to do the trek on her behalf after her diagnosis, I now continue to do the trek in her memory.

Raise awareness, the importance of early detection and live life to the fullest. This is Emily's legacy.

Recent Donations

From Amount Message
Phyllis Zwar $50 Like a pebble thrown in a pond, the ripple of grief at the loss of Emily has spread far and wide. Alison Hollit and your team....may the awareness you raise by taking part in this campaign ripple out to many many people ....Go Team Emily
Arup $50 Thank you for spreading awareness. Well done Alison!
Anastasia Saha $20 Well done Alison - an inspiration to us all :-)
Joyce Rabbah $50 An amazing effort, Alison. Good on you!
Charlie Cudmore $50 Great work Alison!
Arup $20 Go girl... happy trekking!!????
Laura Paterson $50 very inspiring and a great cause. nice work :)
Anonymous $25
Alexandra Staak $40 Inspiring trek for a worthy cause. Good Luck Alison, and enjoy the journey.
Abbie Wright $20
Kim Hodgkinson $30
Anonymous $100
Anonymous $50
Gary and Di Wauchope $20