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Tony was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer at 42 years old.
He was healthy and he was extremely fit.
He lived with this for 9 years.
We think he was amazing.
He inspired all of us in so many ways.
To live mindfully in 'the now'. To love unconditionally. To act with kindness. To exercise. To be amongst nature. To look after ourselves. To nourish our body and soul. To always, always have hope.
And to never take our health for granted.
Sadly, he died from bowel cancer on 23rd August 2017.
We are devastated and miss him desperately.
We don’t want others to go through what Tony went through.
We want to raise awareness,
We want to make a difference.
We are doing this in honour of you Tone ❤️

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Daisy and Marshmallow The Cats $5 Meow and meow, meow meow, meow, meow.
Marisa Costanzo $25
Naomi Parry $50 Lots of love The Parry's
Kate McKeough $40 Step by step you did this trek, just as it is step by step each day without our amazing Tony! So proud of you (and Emma!) Love you, Love the Mckeough’s ( McHamdorfs ) xxx
Brenna Bence $20 Super work Jane and Emma! X
Natalie Skinner $50
Nina and Michael $50 You go Glen Coco!
Cassie Scobie $30 Happy walking today Emma! Good luck xx
Dion Costanzo $25
Erica Sandgren $70 ❤❤❤
Julie Hancock $50 Go Jane! Xx
John Hannan $40 Congratulations Jane xx
Matt Hamdorf $50 Dad would be proud. Xx
Anonymous $25
Paige North $20 Good luck Emma!
Anonymous $50 I often think of you Jane and I think you are incredibly resilient and an amazing role model for Harper. Best of luck with the trek and always x
Martine Hatzi $20 Great job Emma! Good luck on Saturday :-)
Sarah Mikelsons $25 Go Emma!
Joanne Wagner $40 All the best Jane. Xx
Kat and King Brown $40 Following on with Tones journey. You are both an inspiration, even through heart break. Love you ❤️
Karen and Michael Putnik $40 Proud of how you are making a difference for others x
Georgie Johns $25 Good luck ladies!
Pieter Van enkhuyzen $25 Woohoo, go emma.
Vince & Anna Marotti $50 Keep up the good work Emma xx
Natalie Marotti $40
Katarina Jovanovic $50
Carlo Costanzo $50 Proud of you xx
Valeria Nilova $40
Erica Sandgren $40 Such strong women supporting a great cause!
Stephannie Connor $40 What a strong, brave,inspiring woman you are Jane. Sending you strength and love
Jon Degner Personal Training $120 <3
Nathaniel Demarco $25
Penelope Bettison $50 I think Harper’s message summed it up best. Brave. Strong. Inspiring. X
sharon esplin $50 Your Dad would be so proud of you and I'm sure he will be walking right by your side xx
Harper Hamdorf $10 You are fit, You are brave, You are hard working, You are AMAZING!! You are a great Mum!! YOU CAN DO THIS TREK!!! Love Harpy❤️
trish bruhn $25 Awesome job, Jane! Hope it goes well. :)
Marian Mullen $25 Good on you Jane. Hope you enjoy the walk!
Eliz Neale $50 Enjoy the beautiful surroundings on your walk. Love to you and Harper
Kate Onofrio $25 Incredible work you are doing xx


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Jane Hamdorf $705
Emma Hamdorf $680