Raised so far

Our group is connected to YP region in various ways, joining together to help raise awareness of bowel cancer, early detection and eventually a cure whilst celebrating & remembering loved ones enduring their own battle or lost too soon to this and other cancers.


Name Amount Message
Nicole Galliford $20 Hope it went well!
Anonymous $100 Cheque Received
Sally Burgess $50
Vicki Adams $25 Great effort for a very worthwhile cause, well done.
Mandy Neumann $25 Awesome effort for a great cause. Well done
Sandra McDonald $25 Great achievement Kylee May! Love you you are amazing
Sue Ramsey $50
Imenka Gill $50
Minnie Gobolos $25
Melinda Richardson $50 Great work Paula, god luck x
Annalise Menzel $200 Go Girl!! Proud of you and best of luck tomorrow. You'll be great.
Cathie Bammann $50 Great Job Paula & Co. Xx
Sadie Michell $200 Good luck girlies!!!! Can’t wait to have you back on the weekends!! Very proud of your efforts - all the best for your big trek xoxo
Kerryn Roberts $50 Good luck girls, hope you make it in time for paella.
Kim Lewis $50 Good luck girls you are all awesome xx
Yvette Jenkin $50 Love your energy! Go Girl xx
Michelle Vickery $20
Meg Wilksch $50 So proud of you ladies, you’ve all been in my thoughts this past week leading up to the trek! Give each other a hug, hold a hand, have a laugh (no doubt) and push on through, drawing strength from each other. You all have a personal reason for doing this and for some of you, there will be no doubt that your loved ones will be there with you in spirit - how proud they would be! Much respect and love for you for raising money and awareness for this terrible disease - FUCK YOU CANCER! Meg and Leet xx
Caroline Wicks $25 Love you! Smash it out! x
Ros Rawson $50
Kerryn and Leigh Cameron $50 Go Nene!
Nicole Pearce $50 Good luck to you and your team. So proud of you all. Donating for my mum who has battled bowel cancer 3 years ago and is now healthy she won her battle. Xxxx
Emily Tsoutouras $20 Go Tess. See you on the track! x
Kylie Johns $20
Jane Thring $25 Well done mate!
Hannah Orton $50 Good luck Banun! Hope you enjoy it!
Sally Rosewarne $50 Good luck girls.
Baden Napier Electrical $25 All the best Paula - you got this x
Elyse Atkinson $20 Goodluck Anna! You are awesome! Love the Atkinson family. :)
Megan Bettess $50 All the best for the trek and for your feet!
Desra East $50 Great funds raised. Well fone and good luck.
Ian and Gen Elsworthy $50 Enjoy all x
Leonie O'Leary $40 Good luck !
Monique Snodgrass $20 Huge respect for you girls taking on this mammoth walk for a great cause. Best of luck kylie.
Lou & Doug Jones $50 A great cause, Tess. Frank would be proud of you, as we are.
Monique Snodgrass $20 Best of luck on your journey Tess! Great work!
Di McDowell $10
Mike, Sonia, Grace & Eva Schilling $50 So incredibly proud of your determination and compassion Bense xx
Anonymous $400
Fred&Mel Taylor $100
Kadina Medical Assocaites $300 Well done - Kylie and Tessa
Natalie Schmidt $100 Best of luck to all my fellow glampers , I’ll be thinking of you all xx Nat Schmidt
Glenda Woodward $25 Well done Kylie,have a great walk!
RCP $100 Hana, Best of luck with your charity walk - from all at RCP.
Tredwell Management Services $100 Good luck Anna, we'll be thinking of you. The Tredwell Team
Mel Carley $30 Have an awesome weekend Hales xx
Simone Percy $20 Go you good thing! X
Craig & Rachael Ayles $100
Natalie Skinner $50 Good luck!
Andrew Mole $100
Katie & Jenny Richardson $100
Carolyn Bussenschutt $25
Megan Ball $30 Amazing stuff Paula, hope the walk goes well xx
Katie Priest $25 Go well. Very Inspirational action!
McKay Brothers Farming $200 Good luck, bandage those feet!
Julie Franz $25 Go Nat go! From the Darwin mob ⛰
RCP $35 Good luck Hana - it is a very long walk! Great cause.
Nadine Eli $20 Good luck Hayley!
Steve Moulds $120 Donation on behalf of Ardrossan, Minlaton and Port Victoria Police
Brooke Day $50 Go Nat!
Cadd and Thyer $50 Your a legend Anna, good on you for attempting this. I would of loved to join you xx
Nicole Chitti $10 Go Hana!
Anonymous $60 From the Egg lady at KMA!
Chloe Page $50 Sensational effort! Enjoy and hold your heads high x
Alan & Vera Frost $100 Good luck
MVPS $25 You Rock Anna Banana! Wish I could join you! Good luck Love the Ulcoqs xxxx
Anonymous $10 Good luck and have fun!
Hayden Kiss $25
Melanie Lovejoy $25 Good luck Hayley
Karina Window $50 Good luck Hayley - enjoy the gorgeous scenery
Jillian Mill $50 Admire your courage and determination Kylie. All the best to all the very inspirational YP glamping trampers! xx
Anonymous $50
Lisa Williams $100 Good luck!
Trish Neilson $50
Anonymous $25 Good luck
Lorraine Phillis $150 Enjoy the view and thanks for the effort!
Fiona Hansen $75 Awesome work Neany! Love ya heaps Fi & Dave
Meredith Phillis $50 Good luck great cause.
Adele Harrington $10 Good luck Hana! x
June Gregg $100
Deb Dalwood $50 Enjoy as much as you can ! Thanks for putting in the effort to help others
Sharyn Lamshed $100 Good luck you guys and all the best with your trek!
Daryl Abbott $100
Alison Williams $25 Good luck Anna!
Glen Carron Pty Ltd $200 Glen Carron Pty Ltd is proud to be involved with such a worthy cause, all the best Brad for a successful run and fund raiser again this year!
Ben Colmer $25
Liz Berger $25 Good luck! xx
Brad Price $50 Keep up the good work champion!
Anonymous $50 What a fantastic effort in such a great cause. Best wishes, Penny & Ian.
Miriam Weir $50 Go GJ! If anyone can do this, it’s you. ❤️
Andrea Blue $25 Good luck!
Manda Johnston $25 Good Luck
RCP $20 What a wonderful way to support a great cause!
Natalie Elgueta $25 What a great achievement and hopefully fun too
RCP $10 Good on you Hana - hope all the ladies you are walking with who have been affected by Bowel Cancer - have a really lovely day & enjoy the support surrounding them. Cathy x
Anonymous $25 Well done Nat
Emma Young $25 Well done. Good luck and have a fab walk!!
Anonymous $100 Good luck!
Tabetha Howie $20 ❤️
Ananda Giles $100 Well done beautiful. Good luck!
Ferdi Franz $20 Good Luck.
Kellie Davidson $20 Good Luck!
Bevan Macdonald $50 Give it heaps Nat
Emma Young $50 Good luck Jerry, what an awesome achievement for a great cause, Lots of love always, the Youngs xxxx
Anonymous $25
Holly Bowey $30 Wishing you all the best girls. You have been putting in the hard yards and I know you will all smash it!
Geoff & Kylie Brown $50 Go Nat, lovely gesture for Mum xox
Allan & Louise Price $50 Go Natalie!
Tanya Phillips $50 Nat, you are amazing. Wishing you all the very best, what a brilliant achievement. Love you, Tanz.
Sarah Campbell $20 Good luck ❤️
Tania Venning $20
Kai and Sam W $30 go Mum :) Never give up! You can do it.
Gavin Woods $100 Go girls!
Lyn & Dean Bensen $50 Goodluck Kylie and team, proud of you xx
Renee Hewett $100 So much admiration of you all raising money, yet again, for this great cause. Happy trekking 2018 xx
Jayne Berryman $200 A cause close to my heart. Thank you dear friend. xxxx
Kay Wuttke $50 Well done Anna!! Take care along the track.
Shaye Marshall $50 Good Luck! Great Cause! xx
Anonymous $50
Nat Bruce $50
Monique Snodgrass $20 Looks like you’re in need of some love Natalie! Best of luck to all of you girls, you’re amazing!
JH Rosewanre Pty Ltd $200 Hi Mum its time to walk
Mrs. $50 Good work, Tredders, now that i've spent about 10 minutes sobbing over all the stories, next time I poo, I'll think of you and check it. Hopefully we can soon shit all over bowel cancer. Nic xx
Anonymous $50 Go for it!
Meredith Mcintyre $100 Go you girls 4 frank
Anna Opie $50 good luck ladies!
Heather Partridge $50 You go Hana..... great cause... in memory of my Dad.
Kylie Hann $20 Good luck Hana xxx
Carol Brown $20
Sriyani Partridge $100 Great work my dear sis. X
Paul Fuller $100 Congratulations Jeannie What a fantastic fundraising initiative. Hope you raise thousands. I couldn't walk that far but my heart is with you
Michael Nikolajuk $50 Go Jeannine! cheers from Mike and Jen
Jennifer Day $50 I know you can do it Jeannine. And the money you raise will indeed save lives. A great way to honour your lovely Mum xx
Suzanne Holmes $50 All the best with the walk Jeannine xxxx
Son Vivienne $25 Very brave (and fit) of you! Good luck x
Kelly Clonan $25 Awesome effort Jeannine
Anonymous $25
Mark Oster $50 Good luck J! My dad went through all this, not fun at all. Best of luck with your trek Mark & Marcia
Michele Smith $50 Love your guts and determination! And my bum thanks you too


Name Total
Paula McKay $895
Jeannine Hansen $745
Natalie Franz $675
Anna Wuttke $660